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Work with secondary students to help them find books to extend their readng interest. Develop vocabulary for talking about books with students and giving them tools for expressing themselves. A reading interest survey is included. Based on readers' advisory appeal factors, an example of a personal recommendation page is also included. Links to Developing Readers blog which has many more ideas, tools and reference points. Presentation from ASLA 2011 Conference, October 2-5 2011 at Riverview College in Sydney.

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Thomson - Reader development in secondary school

  1. 1. Marita Thomson T he King's School Parramatta m m [email_address] Reader Development in the Secondary School
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  3. 3. Why be concerned about reading? Challenges for Australian Education: Results from PISA 2009 (ACER, 2011) Australia & Reading Literacy: Pe rformance has declined compared to other countries and on average. Significant decline between 2000 and 2009 primarily among high-achieving students. Proportion of males and females in the highest two proficiency levels declined significantly and substantially. Proportion of males in the lowest proficiency levels increased. Enjoyment has strong relationship with performance. One-third reported that they did not read for enjoyment. Students who reported reading frequently showed no significant gender differences.
  4. 4. What worries Peter Carey? ( Last few mins of Part 1) Inspiring reluctant readers - Rick Riordan & James Patterson
  5. 5. Tips from Riordan & Patterson · Reading valued and modelled at home ·An enabling adult (8th Grade teacher) ·Finding what you like (Greek myths) ·Free choice ·Dyslexia & other learning difficulties not necessarily barriers Note: Fast pace of contemporary media
  6. 6. Reader Development (UK) Readers' Advisory (US) Both library and classroom offer opportunities for an 'enabling adult' (Chambers; La Marca) not Prescriptive not Group not Telling or Directing Developmental Personal Listening & Questioning
  7. 7. Photo: July 7 2009 Extravaganza – Prediction = True by Pilottage on Flickr If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people together to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea. ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
  8. 8. "Altogether, I think we ought to read only books that bite and sting us . If the book we are reading doesn’t shake us awake like a blow on the skull , why bother reading it in the first place? ... What we need are books that hit us like a most painful misfortune , like the death of someone we loved more than we love ourselves , that make us feel as though we had been banished to the woods , far from any human presence, like a suicide. A book must be the axe for the frozen sea within us . That is what I believe." . ― Franz Kafka in 1904 to his friend Oskar Pollak. The Nightmare of Reason: A Life of Franz Kafka by Ernst Pawel Photo: Orage 1er julliet by Matthieu Luna on Flickr
  9. 9. Ways and Means... Appeal factors, or doorways
  10. 17. Ways and Means... Use appeal terms for - ·RA interviews ·Clarifying what appeals about a book ·Writing reviews & annotations ·Finding reviews which use terms to help in readers' advisory ·Identifying readalikes
  11. 18. Case in Point: &quot;If you liked The Recruit (CHERUB 1) by Robert Muchamore then you'll like...&quot; Haven't read it? Ask the reader; ask other readers; check reviews; examine the book; read the book! ·Find appropriate appeal terms. ·Which aspect of appeal was relevant for the reader? ·Web2 tools - LibraryThing - Your Next Read - Book Chooser - Which Book? <- Robert Muchamore reads from The Recruit
  12. 19. Reading interest surveys based on appeal factors
  13. 20. Page 2
  14. 21. Reader recommendations sheet Personal, based on form, interview or other knowledge
  15. 22. BookMatch is an online readers' advisory service. Fill in a form and RA staff contribute to a customised recommendation list. Very replicable/customisable with tools such as Google Forms.
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  17. 24. Marita Thomson T eacher Librarian Senior Library The King's School PO Box 1 Parramatta [email_address] @marita_t