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ITNovation, Next Door Development Center


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Published in: Technology, Business
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ITNovation, Next Door Development Center

  1. 1. Next DoorSoftware Development Centre
  2. 2. About UsITNnovation Mexico is the merge of companies that offer Technology & Consulting integral solutions, plus Software Development ServicesOur approach is for performance improvement in companies recognizes the existing interrelationship between Technology, Processes and People by offering Services & Business Oriented global integrated solutionsThese three (Elements, mentioned above) are the key components of an organizations management structure. It’s a critical point in the evolution and transformation that will be faced in our development process.In ITNnovation we design the processes, certify the people and contribute with the most accurate technology for every business and we work with the most innovative technology for business today
  3. 3. ValuesITNnovation values and “savoir-faire” at all times is focused on long-term relationships with our clients Commitment Quality Knowledge Teamwork We solve problems. Through Innovation
  4. 4. Locations
  5. 5. Why Torreon?• Located in the Northeastern state of Coahuila, Torreon is only a short flight away from mayor US cities.• Torreon with a GDP of $10.5 billion, it is one of the major industrial center in Coahuila.• The state of Coahuila is home to 44 higher education institutions that teach to more than 60,000 undergraduate students and over 5,000 other graduates. Due to its close proximity to the United States, there is a large number of fluent English speakers.• Graduates from IT Careers: reach around 2300 per year• Cutting edge IT Infrastructure: High bandwidth Internet Access, highly secure communication networks, government sponsored R&D and Technology parks.• Coahuila is the home to some of the largest Manufacturing companies. Recently it has become one of the preferred locations for companies .• Some of the IT services offered by the local companies include custom software development and deployment, IT consulting, and ITO , development as well as all kinds of support centers• Coahuila is the most stable state economy in Mexico.
  6. 6. ITNnovation and the UniversitiesMost prestigious Universities in Latin America. ITNnovation have established agreements with ITESM , UIA, UVM and ITL which will become an important talent provider for ITNnovation.The Strategic Research and Product Design Center, of ITNnovation is located 2 miles away from Torreons International Airport, hotels, restaurants, malls and services, hosts ITNnovation headquarters in Mexico.
  7. 7. What do we do ? ITNnovation specializes in the consultancy, implementation, customization and SW development, Q&A of the Microsoft and Java platforms. As well as SW Development products and Outsourcing & Nearshoring services.In ITNnovation we focus alarge part of our businessin the SoftwareDevelopment Products. Asa result, we have developeda vast experience on areasThe group of persons thatintegrate ITNnovation, addover 10 years of experiencein different areas such asindustry, services andgovernment
  8. 8. What do we do ? ITNnovation specializes in the consultancy, implementation, customization and SW development, Q&A of the Microsoft and Java platforms. As well as SW Development products and Outsourcing & Nearshoring services. • Charging SystemsIn ITNnovation we focus a • OSSlarge part of our business • VMS Voice Mail • Fault Manager Expertin the SoftwareDevelopment Products. As Expertise • Location Based Services • HP OpenViewa result, we have developed • Revenue Assurancea vast experience on areas • AXEThe group of persons thatintegrate ITNnovation, add • Java , C/C++/C#, Perl, Visual Basicover 10 years of experience • eBD , PHP, HTML, Shell scriptin different areas such as Technical • Oracle Sybase MySQLindustry, services and • Network Management, Business Objectsgovernment knowledge • Mobile applications, Blackberry RIM applications • Solaris Linux
  9. 9. Sector ViewBusiness sectors where we guarantee experience and the ability to offer high value- added solutions. Distribution Services Industry Finance Automotive Telecom 9
  10. 10. Methodology & Life CycleITNnovation has already implemented and established our methodology and Software Life Cycle SLC in order to work with local and remote teams and a high level of Software Quality Assurance SQA, in product deliveries Acceptance Project Definition
  11. 11. Career Development PlanITNnovation establised a Career development plan for each of the employees, looking forward for professional growth and the employee retention Business processes Principal SW integration Design Engineer Master SW End-to-End integration Design Engineer CDP Process Integration to other Senior SW systems Design Engineer Product JR SW Implementation Design Engineer Newcommers
  12. 12. Why ITNnovation
  13. 13. Ready For the Next Step
  14. 14. Q&A Thanks Marlon Fuentes Consultant and Service Director Mob : +52 1 (871) 145 5467 DID : +52 (871)182 0467 Skype: marlon-fuentes