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Week 2 2012 suggested answers_week 1


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Week 2 2012 suggested answers_week 1

  1. 1. Suggested answers Summary Week 1 Academic Literacy MPharmacy  Semester week 2 2012
  2. 2. Positive pointsSuggested core vocabulary in bold• helps to develop of health care infrastructure in poor countries, as part of philanthropic contributions to UN Millennium Developments Goals• research and development of new remedies/drugs
  3. 3. Negative pointsSuggested core vocabulary in bold• accusations of overpricing• taking out patents on traditional medicines• not researching cures for diseases in the developing world• mis-selling drugs• misrepresenting clinical trial results
  4. 4. Ways of assessing ethicalbehaviour of pharmaceuticalcompaniesSuggested core vocabulary in bold• Covalence Ethical Rankings/index of multinationals published by company based in Geneva• Access to Medicine Index 2008/ published by charity based in Netherlands/assesses performance in equitable pricing/licensing of drugs in the developing world to allow cheap copies to be made• Drawbacks are that both sources rely in part on self- reporting from companies and media reports