100% Won Transaction - Unconventional Forex Trading


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Managed Forex Account and a book that will make you a secure and professional FX specialist!

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100% Won Transaction - Unconventional Forex Trading

  1. 1. ACH15® Forex Discovery Always 100%Won Transactions in Forex Market
  2. 2. Why should you invest in ACH15®? Currency market normally evolves by increases, decreases and oscillations. Investors and Traders can benefit from these oscillations.
  3. 3. The ACH15 ® strategy is patented The ACH15® book is registered at ORDA with the # RGII/4007/April 27, 2012 and at copyright France.
  4. 4. Specific competences of the trader (capital/risk manager) The author combines discovering skills with financial ones of the trading, thus the success chances are increased. In FOREX trader he has 4 years experience and over 9000 unconventional consecutively WON transactions.
  5. 5. Clients have equal chances The clients/traders have equal chances (the same strategy is applied to all). The only differences between clients are the size of invested capital and the duration of the cycle.
  6. 6. ACH15 ® creates revenues At each cycle (the cycles are variable, 1 cycle is between 4-7 months in average, but it may be shorter/longer) and the gains are variable.
  7. 7. ACH15 ® has positive balance sheets Each cycle is finished with variable gain, thus the total annual balance of ACH15® is positive. Also from the start of the cycle to the end, the balance continually increasing (it NEVER decreases).
  8. 8. ACH15® model is easily scalableThrough trader’s performance (statements) which shows at large trading accounts the same behavior like in small trading accounts.
  9. 9. The subscription model The procedure is the same as in any Managed Account (Power of Attorney + an account opened by the client with the broker). For those who buy the book we offer support for 6 months.
  10. 10. The expected exit-period The exit is flexible, it may be occur at the end of each cycle (1 cycle = 4-7 months in average) or on longer term (if the client/trader wishes to reinvest in several cycles). It is recommended that the investor/trader recoups (by consecutive withdrawals of gain) the main deposit and then to reinvest the gain, thus minimizing risk.
  11. 11. The existing players in the market that the ACH15® could disturb Only brokers could be disturbed by the profitability of the ACH15®; keeping in mind the fact that successful traders represent only 5%, then for brokers remains the rest of 95% (unsuccessful) plus the spread.
  12. 12. Why the ACH15 ® has success?Because it is a tested/proven, profitable, safe discovery and it has 5 safety mechanisms for minimizing risk and preservation of the capital.
  13. 13. The competitive advantages of the ACH15 ® ? ACH15® solves the issue of an additional constant revenue (a second wage, a reserve) for the client/trader. Competitors use classic FOREX (which is risky), ACH15® is Unconventional FOREX (a niche type discovery, sure, modern, scientific).
  14. 14. What is unique about ACH15? Minimizing of the risk. Each unconventional transaction is designed to be a winner. The safety of the discovery is assured by the unique mechanism obtained by combining 4 great pillars (arbitrage, correlation, hedging and 15 original principles).
  15. 15. The capital need for investing For managed account: Variant A = minimum $25,000 (dedicated account). Variant B = minimum $2,000 (common account). For those who trade on their own (helped by ACH15® book) it is a minimum of $500 recommended at a volume of 0.01 lot (micro lot).
  16. 16. The capital will be invested in international currencies (majors).£ € ¥ $
  17. 17. The business model of ACH15®:The trader’s gains: Direct gains from unconventional transactions of the own capital (investments). Indirect gains from management commission for trading clients’ capital.
  18. 18. Two income sources from ACH15® Trade your own account (the 1st income source). Trade managed accounts for other clients and take them 30% commission (the 2nd income source). After you will easily learn ACH15® you will be able to have both SAFE incomes!
  19. 19. Efficiency of the ACH15 ® discovery  The annual efficiency of the ACH15® system is between 80% and 200%
  20. 20. ACH15® Discovery: always 100% won* transactions in FOREX market!* minus broker spreadTo whom the book is mainly addressed and at which level? All levels of FOREX trading: Beginner (must have FOREX basics already learned). Intermediary student in FOREX market (junior trader). Advanced student in FOREX market (senior trader).
  21. 21. Flashes of ACH15® Discovery THE FIRST AND SINGLE FOREX STRATEGY in the world which has 100% won* transactions. * minus broker spread A revolutionary method which will change for ever the way of trading in FOREX market. Scientific strategy based on original and unconventional principles belonging to discovery side.
  22. 22. The discrepancy (arbitrage) between 2 currency pairs 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 currency currency pair 1 pair 2
  23. 23. Example of a sure won of an unconventional transactionWe close an unconventional transaction only on profit: Currency pair 1 = $ 114. Currency pair 2 = $ -34.---------------------------------------------------------The difference (the arbitrage/discrepancy) = $80.
  24. 24. Unconventional trading in packages of trades We ONLY trade in bulks/combinations of orders (many positions/tickets/orders at one time). We ONLY close an unconventional transaction (a combination of trades) when it is positive as a total sum of simple trades. We ONLY have just won closed transactions.
  25. 25. Money/risk management The strategy includes money/risk management. No need to use any indicators. No need to use stop loss (5 safety mechanisms replaced SL). No need to worry about the outcome (it is 100% won*). * minus broker spread No need to stay glued of monitor (check 2-3 times/day).
  26. 26. The ACH15 ® site offer http://www.forexmanager.eu/ Paid seminars with book included: $349. The book only: $150. Private Forum for support: only for paid members. Managed accounts with POA (for those who don’t want to trade by themselves): 30% commission.
  27. 27. Subscribe to ACH15® services & products You are welcomed to visit:http://www.forexmanager.eu/ skype: austrocasa