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Letting Go of Waiver Forms When Loaning Equipment                                                                         ...
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VLA poster 2011 VCU M T Doherty


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Letting Go of Waiver Forms When Loaning Equipment
This poster was presented at the Virginia Library Association annual conference, October 27, 2011, in Portsmouth, VA. It details how VCU Libraries gradually eliminated the use of required equipment loan agreement forms when loaning laptops to students, saving the time of the user and the staff.

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VLA poster 2011 VCU M T Doherty

  1. 1. Letting Go of Waiver Forms When Loaning Equipment M. Teresa DohertyProblem statement: How can we improve the equipment loan transaction VCU Libraries :: mtdohert@vcu.eduprocess at the Circulation service desk for patrons and staff alike? March 2008-September 2009 SLOW Equipment loan agreement forms required for each transaction • Average transaction time: 2 minutes per loan • Number of loans: 8652 September 2009-May 2010 FASTER Loan agreement form required for first loan only • Average transaction time: 1 minute per loan • Number of loans: 17,307 June 2010-October 2011 SPEEDY No loan agreement required • Average transaction time: 15 seconds per loan • Number of loans: 42,848 Solution: Treat laptops like other expensive library materials (such as STEM and art monographs) and eliminate the need for additional loan agreement forms. Check equipment out to the patron. If it is returned late or damaged, assess fines and fees like all other loans. Laptop Loans @ Cabell Library: by the numbers Lesson Learned March 2008-October 2011 Total number of laptop loans: 68,807 How much staff and patron time has been saved at VCU Libraries by eliminating Number… paperwork? …returned late: 683 (0.99%) 1,720 hours over 3½ years …damaged by patrons: 3 (0.04%) …stolen while on loan to patrons: 1 (0.01%)