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Wood Based Industries - Jagath Sawmill , Handapangoda


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Wood Based Industries - Jagath Sawmill , Handapangoda

  1. 1. Jagath SawmillArakawila,Handapangoda.
  2. 2. Jagath Sawmill• Arakawila, Handapangoda.• Kaluthara District• Estd. 1987
  3. 3. Workers• 20 Workers• Working Hours 7.30am to 5.00pm• No Prior Training, Training by Experience
  4. 4. Management• Manager – Mr. M. Vimal Wasantha• From 2006• A/L in Commerce Stream• No Professional Qualifications• 6 Year Experience
  5. 5. Economy• Growth in Bank• Hesitate to tell the Profit
  6. 6. Technology• No New Technology (Older than 15 Years)• Just Using the Traditional Methods• Main Species Used • Rubber
  7. 7. Product• Main Product • Board• Sub Product • Wood
  8. 8. Waste Control• Reusing the mixing agents used• For the treatment.• Saw dust is reused to dry boards
  9. 9. Communication• Telephone • 011-2759942• No Fax, Email or Web Site
  10. 10. SWOT Analysis (Internal Env.)• Strengths • Experienced Workers • Minimal Environmental Pollution as saw dust is reused• Weaknesses • No Advanced Technologies • No any Professionally qualified worked
  11. 11. SWOT Analysis (External Env.)• Opportunities • Rubber Estates are abundant in this area• Threats • Logs are purchased by “MERBOC” so Difficulty in finding rubber logs
  12. 12. Technology Level• Medium Machinery• Wood Seasoning• Mixing agent are Used for Preservation Process.Saw dusts are collected manually
  13. 13. ProcessLogs are carried into Woods are sold to Logs are sawed , inthe factory by the Kelaniya CEAT tyre the factory premisesDealers, and Measure Factorythe Logs Then Boards are Boards are allowed transferred to to mix with BoricTreated Boards are another tank to Acid & Borax in toallowed to dry in absorb the mixing 6:9 ratio plus waterthe presence of agents in a separate tanksmoke in a separateshaded house Timbering is taken Product is sold to place to remove Harris Ceylon Pvt Ltd roughness And Arpico