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Agile Value Pro Karma


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A quick pamphlet I created for a large client. Needed to be delivered the next morning.

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Agile Value Pro Karma

  1. 1. “ProKarma has managed multiple, highly successful mobile application projects that have enabled large banks to; 1, conduct and track account transactions across the country, and; 2, develop ATM and gas station locators that contribute to the continued success of their client-centric banking programs.” -Large scale national banking program ProKarma is a Leader in AGILE Methodology Applications ProKarma AGILE Whether you own a small business or international experts help corporation, ProKarma’s expertise in project management companies transition and implementation will maximize your investment and to AGILE development from add value to every phase of your project. Using a proven traditional software right-sourcing approach and our unique technology and development methodology, ProKarma works onsite, offsite, or offshore methods. to streamline your business processes. Your agility, time, budget, and overall objectives are always top-of-mind. AGILE is a much Higher Value approach to Software Development. -Jim vanEttinger, VP Global Services
  2. 2. Make Development AGILE As Well as Relationships We work with our clients as a partner, not a vendor. The professionals at ProKarma offer strategic guidance by learning your business as if it were our own. Think of ProKarma as an extension of your organization — we bring our tested best practices to your business so you can more effectively achieve your goals. Start With the Best Tools ProKarma has a dedicated AGILE representative at the Executive level. Utilizing highly experienced Scrum Masters, Formal Training, and Portfolio Managers, ProKarma can provide a beginning to end approach to AGILE development. From bringing in a certified Scrum Master for team leadership, to providing a full software factory onsite, onshore, or offshore; AGILE development from ProKarma is your best bet for quality custom software delivery.
  3. 3. How ProKarma Can Help You Succeed With AGILE • People • Training • Teams • Development • Factory • Quality • Effectiveness • Efficiency Caption describing picture or graphic.