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Compliance Ready Packages - getting approvers to yes


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Creating a business plan for visa's, certification, licensing and grants

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Compliance Ready Packages - getting approvers to yes

  1. 1. Getting Approvers to
  2. 2. • Our planning methodology was developed by an ex Tier One Strategy Consultant, to meet approval requirements • We train our consultants in financial techniques that reduce inconsistency and approval delays • Our experience in completing over 1,100 business plans ensures we can meet the banks strict ratios based on similar businesses Benefit from our 25 Yrs experience in developing professional documentation to secure approvals, visa’s and licenses
  3. 3. • Be clear • Meet stated approval requirements • Explain your business to someone who knows nothing about your business model • Ensure risk is effectively managed • Analyse different financial scenarios • Address underlying drivers of approval which are not always stated. Your Compliance Ready Business Plan needs to: “A weak business is common where it has been prepared without an expert challenging ingrained thoughts and beliefs. Our business planning sessions act much like a dry run for a grilling with approver.” Marcus Tarrant, Managing Director, Business Planning HQ
  4. 4. • Templates and software only help you put the mess that’s in your head down on paper, faster. • Only a proven planning process can help you create clear logic and a rationale to explain your projected financial outcomes. • By using an expert in planning you will not only create a clearer more workable plan, but one that communicates highly targeted information to an approver. Why is this so hard to do? “About 1 in 5 of our clients have already spent weeks trying to put together a business plan, some have even already finished it. These are often our best clients as they respect the value of a clear planning process and our expert consultants who bring it to life.” Marcus Tarrant, Managing Director, Business Planning HQ
  5. 5. • We work with you through a proven planning process rather than just taking a brief. • Experience in developing business plans for numerous clients in your industry. • Your plan incorporates 7years of feedback from past approval submissions. Why purchase a Compliance Ready business plan?