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Business Planning HQ Sample Investor Presentation


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Sample Investor Presenation created as a result of Business Planning HQ consulting services. See,, or

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Business Planning HQ Sample Investor Presentation

  1. 1. Sample Investor Ready Presentation Designed for Capital Raising 200k-2m
  2. 2. A BURGER WORLD We provide quick service in making and serving hamburgers, salads and drinks as well as offering a drive-thru service. A
  3. 3. A A private company with the following shareholders: 25% Andrew Samson 25% Remolan Jistu 25% Simon Raymond 25% Mohammed Risujutan Founded: July 2014 Current funding round: $900,000 Operating niche: Burger Shops in Australia Welcome to BURGER WORLD
  4. 4. A 2.1 million year five net cash flow 1.2 million current valuation 10.8 Million year five projected valuation $16 billion p/a market $4 billion p/a niche Average annual return 135% Keynote statistics
  5. 5. A “We offer wholesome and affordable burgers, salads and sides for every meal occasion and "it will finally be a menu worthy of your hunger"!” Unique value proposition
  6. 6. A A real opportunity to act now RIGHT PLACE RIGHT TIME MARKET ADVANTAGE Burger World will offer more value for money with our meals We will have a new menu that's not offered by our competitors, featuring a unique Mexican option Our customers are becoming more conscious of healthy eating, parents are now looking for wholesome meals for the family rather than cheap fast cheap food
  7. 7. A Our team  Andrew James, Managing Director  John Westaway, Shift Manager  James Samuel, Operations Director  Andrew Bourne, HR Director
  8. 8. A provide quick service in making and serving hamburgers, salads and drinks as well as offering a drive-thru service. What we do
  9. 9. A The customer problem They are cost-conscious yet seek good quality quick service food at an affordable price Competitors offer a range of quick options which do not have authentic flame grilled flavours. Customers are seeking a healthy alternative to traditonal burger offerings, with a little more variety and spice.
  10. 10. A Our solution PRODUCTS AND SERVICES MARKET ADVANTAGE CHANNELS burgers, salads, sides, desserts, beverages, burritos all made on site. Over the counter and drive- thru service offered. directly to consumers via our stores and drive thru facilities depth of experience in establishing and operating a chain of quick service restaurants
  11. 11. A Competitors Our advantages  we offer a wider range of menu options  our Mexican menu offer new flavours for customers to enjoy McDonalds Burger King Subway Hungry Jacks Our competitors are part of a large global chain and are unable to customise their menu to local tastes quickly.
  12. 12. A Sources of revenue  Over the counter sales of food and beverages  Drive-through sales of food and beverages  Sale of gift vouchers  Sale of discount coupon schemes
  13. 13. A Financial highlights =1.2 millioncurrent valuation $15m year five revenue $8m year five costs $7m year five profit Burger World
  14. 14. A Next steps STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 2 Meet additional directors Detailed due diligence and preparation of a term sheet. Review detailed business plan, assumption and valuation prior to detailed due diligence
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