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Firesheep & HTTPS, Explained!


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Simple & thorough explanation of the concept behind Firesheep & HTTPS enhanced with pictures.
-The core problem with HTTP
-What HTTPS offers instead
-The real solution
-Why not everyone embracing that solution
-Example to well known website that embraced HTTPS "Gmail by Google"

Published in: Technology
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Firesheep & HTTPS, Explained!

  1. Firesheep & HTTPS<br />Only 90% of internet websites are unsecure!<br />Presenter/ Mahmoud Tantawy<br />
  2. WHOIS?!<br />Mahmoud Tantawy<br />Ain Shams University, Faculty of Engineering<br />Junior Student @ Communication Systems Dept.<br />Currently: DEVIGN Workshop Moderator <br />
  3. What makes the internet<br />
  4. What makes the internet<br />Internet is about global interconnected computer networks<br />It has Servers & Clients<br />Clients request a service/content from the Servers<br />Servers are special computers powerful enough to serve the Clients<br />
  5. Protocols<br />Servers & Clients need some rules to control how they deal with each other, a “Protocol”<br />Protocol in general is; a set of rules governing communications between two parties<br />HTTP: Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol, is the most widely used Protocolover the internet, between Servers & Clients<br />
  6. Protocols<br />
  7. HTTP<br />HTTP<br />HTTP<br />Client<br />Server<br />
  8. HTTP Header<br />Servers & Clientscommunicate using HTTP Requests & Responses<br />Each HTTP Request & Response has a “Header”<br />HTTPHeader carries data similar to what you would write on a letter’s envelope<br />
  9. HTTP Header<br />
  10. HTTP Header<br />HTTP Header also carry sufficient information about you & yourbrowser, so that the Server can do its job<br />Here lies the Problem, these information about you are sent as PlainText<br />If anyone can Sniff these information, he can deceive the Server and makes it think the “he” is “you”!!<br />
  11. HTTP Header<br />
  12. Sniffing<br />If you are using unsecured Wi-Fi, all your data sent between your PC & Router are available to anyone to read!!<br />So if any attacker could Sniff these data, he’ll be able to read the HTTP requests & responses<br />Thus, he can deceive the Server to identify “him” as “you”<br />
  13. Sniffing<br />HTTP<br />Client<br />Server<br />
  14. Sniffing<br />So if the attacker can read the ID that is uniquely given to each Client<br />He can fake an HTTP request & manually put your ID & request pages from the Server<br />The Server will identify “him” as “you” without the need to re-sign in, because the requests carry your unique ID<br />
  15. Firesheep<br />
  16. Firesheep<br />Firesheep is a Mozilla Firefox’s Add-on<br />It enables anyone to Sniff HTTP Headers on unsecured Wi-Fi& makes one able to access websites using others’ identities<br />It was downloaded more than 400,000 times in 5 days<br />Google got 1million searches about it in 10 days<br />
  17. Google Trends For “Firesheep”<br />
  18. Google Trends For “Firesheep”<br />
  19. How to defend oneself<br />Once the add-on was released by “Eric Butler”, many wrote that the solution is avoidingunsecured Wi-Fi<br />But Eric responded by making the reason behind releasing such add-on clear<br />Which is ringingthebell about that issue with HTTP, and letting users know that the websites are NOTprotecting them enough<br />
  20. "Websites have a responsibility to protect the people who depend on their services.<br />They've been ignoring this responsibility for too long, and it's time for everyone to demand a more secure web.<br />My hope is that Firesheepwill help the users win!" Eric Butler<br />
  21. Live Demo!<br />Firesheep in Action<br />
  22. The Real Solution!<br />The core problem is that HTTP exchanges requests & responses in plain text<br />So, the solution is to encrypt these requests & responses, as simple as that!<br />By using HTTPS, a much more secured version of the famous Protocol<br />Now all exchanged data will be secured from eavesdropping & Sniffers<br />
  23. HTTPS<br />
  24. HTTPS<br />HTTPS<br />Client<br />Server<br />
  25. What’s stopping HTTPS<br />The question in your head now is; Why haven’t the websites protected their users by utilizing HTTPS & making it default?<br />2 main problems:<br />Encryption adds an intermediate step, which adds time & more processing power needed<br />To use HTTPS websites’ owners must purchase certificates to be marked globally as secure<br />
  26. What’s stopping HTTPS<br />These all add costs to services that are provided for free to users<br />So it is more of a trade-off between security & cost<br />It is worth mentioning that Google started using HTTPS with many of its products, specially Gmail<br />
  27. Why not everyone using HTTPS?<br />
  28. Why not everyone using HTTPS?<br />
  29. Thank you, I Hope you enjoyed the session!<br /><br /><br />