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The constitutional challenge


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The constitutional challenge

  1. 1. ARE YOU READY?
  4. 4. SHORT ANSWER FUN Each group gets three questions You have 30 seconds toanswer the question – think out loud! 100 points possible per question
  5. 5. SHORT ANSWER FUNWhat goals are expressed inthe Preamble?
  6. 6. SHORT ANSWER FUNIdentify, describe, and give examples of three of the roles or “hats” of the President
  7. 7. SHORT ANSWER FUNCompletely define “implied powers”, using examples.
  8. 8. SHORT ANSWER FUNWhat is the difference between the Establishment Clause and the Free Exercise Clause?
  9. 9. SHORT ANSWER FUN Define “the Bill of Rights”, and explain two reasons for the addition of the Bill of Rights to the Constitution in 1791.
  10. 10. SHORT ANSWER FUNWhat is a legislativecommittee, and whyis it essential to the federal lawmaking process?
  11. 11. SHORT ANSWER FUNDefine “the Cabinet”,and describe the two roles of its members.
  12. 12. SHORT ANSWER FUNDefine “jurisdiction”, and describe the jurisdiction of thefederal court system.
  13. 13. SHORT ANSWER FUNIf I were accused of a crime, what rights would I have?
  14. 14. SHORT ANSWER FUNIdentify two ways in which a student’s rights are protected and two ways in which a student’s rights are limited in public schools.
  15. 15. SHORT ANSWER FUN What is the CommerceClause, and why is it so important?
  16. 16. SHORT ANSWER FUN How is the Constitutionamended, and why is this process important?
  17. 17. PART 1 ISOVER!
  19. 19. CHECKS AND BALANCES How does each branch check the other? One at a time, each group can state how one branch checks another. Once you make a repeat, your group is done! You must begin your statement by stating which branch is checking which branch. 100 points each
  20. 20. CHECKS AND BALANCES For example …The legislative checks the executive by Congress impeaching the President
  21. 21. PART 2 ISOVER!
  22. 22. PART 3ODD ONE OUT
  23. 23. ODD ONE OUTYou will see a set of four termsOne term does not fit with the other three Identify the term and why it doesn’t fit with the others 200 points each
  24. 24. ODD ONE OUT Speech Religion Choice Assembly
  25. 25. ODD ONE OUT SenatorSecretary of Defense Vice President The CIA
  26. 26. ODD ONE OUT Tax Welfare Enforce Laws Coin money
  27. 27. ODD ONE OUT Herb Kohl Ron JohnsonJim Sensenbrenner Scott Walker
  28. 28. ODD ONE OUT Majority Opinion Chief Justice District CourtsSpeaker of the House
  29. 29. ODD ONE OUT Enumerated Reserved Implied Nonlegislative
  30. 30. ODD ONE OUT judicial review pocket veto lobbyist filibuster
  31. 31. ODD ONE OUT pardon impeach appoint veto
  32. 32. PART 3 ISOVER!
  34. 34. IS ITCONSTITUTIONAL?For each situation, determineif it is constitutional and state what part of the Constitution applies 200 points possible One chance per group
  35. 35. IS ITCONSTITUTIONAL?Congress passes an amendment to the Constitution without allowing the states to have a say. NO - V States must ratify amendments – either ¾ legislatures of ¾ ratifying conventions
  36. 36. IS ITCONSTITUTIONAL? Congress adds money to the budget for NASA without passing a law. NO - I, 9, 7No money can be taken from the government unless Congress passes a law
  37. 37. IS ITCONSTITUTIONAL? The President calls out National Guard troops to go to Sudan and help stop rebellion. YES - II, 2, 1 President is Commander in Chief
  38. 38. IS ITCONSTITUTIONAL? A Wisconsin state law overrules a federal law passed by Congress. NO - VI, 2 Federal law is supreme
  39. 39. IS ITCONSTITUTIONAL? The Senate impeaches a Supreme Court justice and removes him from office, even though the House of Representatives doesn’t agree. NO - I, 2, 5 The House has the sole power of impeachment
  40. 40. IS ITCONSTITUTIONAL?The federal courts hear a case about a student’s rights being violated in a public school. YES - III, 2, 1 The jusrisdiction of the federal courts includes the Constitution
  41. 41. PART 4 ISOVER!
  42. 42. PART 5
  43. 43. PART 5 ISOVER!
  44. 44. THEWINNER S
  45. 45. THE TEST Multiple Choice Fill in the BlankTrue False Make It True Odd One Out Headlines Is it Constitutional? Short Answer