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Korea the forgotten war 2014


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Korea the forgotten war 2014

  1. 1. The Korean War The Forgotten War
  2. 2. CONTEXT Iron curtain Containment Truman Doctrine Marshall Plan China becomes communist
  3. 3. Korea is a unified kingdom … since the 7th century
  4. 4. Korea is a taken over by Japan in 1910
  5. 5. Japan loses WWII Korea divided at 38th parallel USSR in north and US in south Division is not meant to be permanent 38th Parallel
  6. 6. 38th Parallel Two nations developed Democratic People's Republic of North Korea (Kim Il Sung) Republic of South Korea (Syngman Ree)
  7. 7. 38th Parallel June, 1950 North Korea invades South Korea
  8. 8. North Korea attacks June 1950
  9. 9. The US provided 50% of the ground forces, 86% of the naval forces and 93% of the air power for the U.N. forces. (South Korea provided most of the rest)
  10. 10. SK and UN forces (mostly Americans) pushed to Pusan perimeter July -September1950
  11. 11. Close to the Yalu River October 1950
  12. 12. China joins, the North pushes back November – December 1950
  13. 13. The Meat Grinder January 1951 - June 1953
  15. 15. Korea is a unified peninsula Japan takes over Korea Japan surrenders to US and USSR Korea is divided at 38th parallel - Two nations created North Korea invades South Korea UN/US sends troops SK and US/UN pushed back to the Pusan Perimeter Inchon and counter offensive push NK over 38th parallel SK and US/UN moves up to Chinese border Chinese forces enter war SK and UN/US back past 38th Truman fires MacArthur SK UN/US push back to near 38th Meat-grinder around the 38th parallel Armistice agreed – but tension still exists
  16. 16. POW CAMPS
  17. 17. IMPACT
  18. 18. AFTERMATHHuman cost Economic cost Communism vs. Democracy Winner? US becomes conservative Red Scare Arms Race UN Role
  20. 20. A B C D E F