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Ceramics vocabulary

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Ceramics vocabulary

  1. 1. ceramic vocabulary
  2. 2. ceramic history The use of ceramics is ce ee Gr worldwide and dates as far back as 11th millenium B.C. Japan Early uses of ceramics were to: • Carry water • Store food and seeds • Cook food • Create urns and Egypt sculptures to bury in tombs Iran Turk & • Jewelry eyCheck it out:•• Art of Asia: Ceramics - Innovations in Clayat m
  3. 3. ceramic vocabulary Kiln: Oven for baking clay Clay: Feldspar found in the ground, mixes with water that becomes kaolin=clay Cone: Temperature of kiln Pyrometric cone: Piece of clay in the kiln that is designed to melt when kiln reaches desired temperature.
  4. 4. ceramic vocabulary Greenware: Totally air dried clay, unfired Leatherware: Clay that is slightly rigid but is still workable Bisque: Clay that has been fired once
  5. 5. ceramic vocabularyPinch:Clay squeezedbetween fingersto form pot Slab:Coil: Clay rolled flatClay rolled intosnake-like pieces m
  6. 6. ceramic vocabulary Slip ScoreLiquid clay in the consistency Roughen upof heavy cream, used to surface of rawcreate a bond between clay so two claytwo pieces of clay pieces adhere to each other Glaze Liquid glass that is used to paint bisque pieces
  7. 7. ceramic vocabulary Scraiffito: Etch into clay to make design Underglaze: Glaze that stays where putOverglaze:Glaze over the pieceMatte glaze:Dull (not shiny) glaze Crystaltex: Glaze withGloss glaze: large piecesShiny glaze of glassTexture glaze:Glaze that looks like it has a textureStonewash glaze:Glaze that looks like stone
  8. 8. ceramic vocabulary sponge steel scraper loop tool ribbon tool needle tool wood modeling tool wire clay cutter wood potters rib
  9. 9. ceramic vocabulary Potter’s Wheel: Machine which spins clay as potter works to make a potClay gun:Clay extruderthat createsspaghetti likestrands of clay Turntable:Potter’s Tool toPallette: spin potsClay tool
  10. 10. Sculpture occupies realspace like we walk around it andrelate to it almost asanother person oranother object. — Chuck Close