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My passion project by john


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My passion project by john

  1. 1. My passion project Futuristic alternative energy John
  2. 2. toc Into: - What is alterative energy Why it is my passion Why we need alternative energy - Why do we need alternative energy What will happen if we keep using fossil fuels Alternative energy now Alternative futuristic energy - - safe fossil fuel burning Futuristic wind turbines Algae biofuel Peltire generatorcooler Fuel cells Hydrogen fission
  3. 3. What is alternative energy Alterative energy is an energy source that could replace the normal form of energy production. Alterative energy Is Usually Green and produces non or little environmental impact. Although alterative energy Not used that much because most of the time it is less efficient then the current ways of getting energy like fossil fuels.
  4. 4. Why is it my passion Futuristic energy is my passion because a have always being astonished by it. And I what to learn more about it . And maybe when I am older help solve the world energy problem and find an alterative to fossil fuels. Lastly I Am passionate about science and this is a very scientific
  5. 5. Why do we need Alterative energy Right now we get most of our energy from fossil fuels which is ok but the will eventually run out. Burning them causes huge amounts of co2 and sulfur die oxide into the atmosphere. Which will gradually destroy the ozone. Layer. Are only hope is new means to generate energy
  6. 6. What will happen if we keep using fossil fuels If we keep using fossil fuels many horrible things will happen. Firstly If we use up all our fossil fuels which will happen in 70 years. If we uses it the way we do now. Tis would cause a huge wave of power lose that would then lead to the destruction of all humanity. Lastly there might be so much co2 and sulfur in the atmosphere that all animals including homes have perished
  7. 7. Alterative energy now right now we have many alterative energy sources besides fossil fuels like wind hydro, and tidal power but we do not use these types frequently because the all have huge cons and a low energy output compared to fossil fuels
  8. 8. Safe fossil fuel burning Burning fossils on earth is not safe for the environment but burning fossil fuels on other planets especially ones that are not capable of sustaining life might be an option. The only problem is you need oxygen to burn fossil fuels and if we did find a planet with oxygen, we would be more interested in living there then burning fossil fuel there Or we could rocket harmful gasses to space at huge expense
  9. 9. Safe fossil fuel burning 2 New technology can allow fossil fuels to be burnt without emitting tons of co2 and sulfur. These new methods uses special filters to capture harmful gasses. The harmful gases can then be disposed of or sold to people who have use for them. Finally the co2 can be put back into the ground and help new fossil fuels develop
  10. 10. Burning garbage for energy Most garbage waste can be burnt for power creating a winwin situation creating energy and reducing waste. The only problem is that burning most garbage especially plastic releases many harmful chemicals into the air. Luckily these harmful chemicals do have some safe uses and can be filtered from the smoke
  11. 11. Next gen wind turbines Lets face it standard wind turbines are not very effective - They take up lots of space - You need lots to be effective - There expensive - They have a low power output - They interfere with radar - They need to constantly rotate their terbines to face the wind - For those paranoid people, they do hit a couple of birds New thing like of shore wind farms have come out but a better design is needed
  12. 12. Next gen wind turbines This new wind turbine Is suspended high in the sky because wind is stronger there plus it’s a cheaper then mounting a turbine on a tower
  13. 13. Next gen wind turbines This wind turbine can be driven by wind from all angles. Removing the need to angle the turbine blades. And it does not need to be mounted on a super tall tower
  14. 14. Next gen wind turbines This wind turbine has a circular disk around it for better efficiency. The disk forces more air into the blades and the disks reduce wing tip vortexes and drag.
  15. 15. Algae biofuel Oils in algae the bacteria like micro organism plant. can be used as gas in most vehicles today without alterations. Algae unlike most biofuel plants requires little car and grows like a weed. Finally the exes algae from the oil extraction can be used as high grade fish food for farmers. Finally algae absorbs huge amounts of co2 from fossil fuels burned in the past and reuses them again, and absorbs more co2 then most plants and it is cheap to grow, as all you need is water and co2 and a tiny bit of food Although Algae does eat other dead algae cells for food.
  16. 16. Note: this slide is for my presentation co2 sulfur animals
  17. 17. Hydrogen fusion Hydrogen fusion is the process that goes on inside a star that creates energy in the form of heat and light. This process is similar to the process nuclear power plants use. But with some changes. Firstly hydrogen fission creates helium as a by product instead of toxic waste which is a by product of uranium. And secondly it creates huge amounts of light which can be transferred to electricity via solar panels. And thirdly its very easy to turn heat to electricity. Finally its self sustaining and can run for years without new fuel
  18. 18. helium The two hydrogen atoms combine under the huge gravitational pressure creating helium The process gravity h
  19. 19. Energy transferring The heat from the fission can then be transfer to electricity via steam turbines or using the Pelteir cooler. Although the amount of energy generated might be to much for our energy transfer systems to take. Scientists are also looking for more complex ways to transfer energy so less energy is transferred into unwanted stuff and all the energy goes to the purpose it is used for.
  20. 20. The problem Hydrogen fission is almost impossible to pull off with the tech we have today. And if we could pull it of it would by too dangerous. And finally gravity is the only way to create hydrogen fission that we no of and again there is no way we can control gravy to reliably and safely create a star. The amount of light and heat put out by a sun would be to much for modern tech to handle at short distances. And finally if a hydrogen fusion reactor wear to run out of hydrogen it might explode with the force of a nuclear bomb. If a grain of sand in Italy was heated to the temp of the suns core it would fry every person in Europe. And in a month the heat would make earth too hot for humans to live
  21. 21. fuel cells A fuel cell is like a battery but it has huge differences. Firstly it needs a constant flow of fuel. And secondly its used fuel can be reused again and again with the proper machinery. And thirdly they uses no harmful acids like batters do and they are lighter h ox
  22. 22. Also hydrogen can be collected from the atmosphere and oxygen can be found anywhere Firstly to make the fuel Firstly to make the fuel And electric current is run through water with and electrolyte like salt added to it to split water molecules into separate atoms. Storage tank battery
  23. 23. What is happening The electricity causes the water molecule to break up by increasing the number of electrons the molecule has until there is an amount capable to break the molecule apart. During the process the oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms turn into a gas and leave the rest of the water as the form of hydrogen and oxygen gas into a storage tank with no impurities reed for use o
  24. 24. Making electricity oxygen Ions electrolyte o h h hydrogen Storage or exhaust
  25. 25. WHAT are these USED FOR Fuel cells have mostly been used in electric cars to replace their batteries. The reason that fuel cells are going to replace batteries is that they have many benefits. They take up less space and are lighter then batteries. Their fuel can be more easily reused. And they don’t use any harmful acids like batteries use. Fuel cells use very common elements like oxygen and carbon making them practical plus the by product is clean h2o plus this by product can be reused. More uses for these fuel cells will come out in the future but now fuel cell will be used mostly just for cars
  26. 26. Pelteir cooler Inside this device there are negatively charged metal cells that can remove heat from air and generate electricity The peltire cooler was designed as a unmechanical cooler in complex machinery where vibrations of mechanical coolers with fans could damage something. This cooler takes in hot air and emits cold air from the other side. This device has an useful by-product of generating electricity
  27. 27. Bibliography Most of my images are from these web sites although 4 are from google images "Alternative Energy." Wikipedia. N.p.: n.p., 2014. Alternative Energy. Web. 16 Jan. 2014. "Fuel Cell." Wikipedia. N.p.: n.p., 2014. Fuel Cell. Web. 16 Jan. 2014. "Alternative Energy." Alternative Energy. N.p., 14 Jan. 2007. Web. 25 Jan. 2014. <>. "Fuel Cell Vehicles." Us Department of Energy. N.p., 24 Jan. 2014. Web. 25 Jan. 2014. <>.
  28. 28. glossary Wing tip vortex: is a vortex created at the tip of a wing or blade by varying air pressures on the top and bottom of a wing. This vortex creates turbulence and high amounts of drag IONS: is an element or molecule that is willing to ether give its electrons to other atoms or take electrons from atoms. Or is an element that is not stable with an equal amount of protons and electrons. Fusion: a process of adding protons to and element to make an unstable element and a whole lot of energy.
  29. 29. Self refection On this p3 I tried to show of all the skills learnt in term one grade 7 combined with previous knowledge to make this project the best it could possibly be. During the project I worked hard in class overcoming distractions and many school nights making sure That this project was something I was proud of. I used many sights to find info on my topic and I used so many that I could not keep track of all the sits I used and had to exclude some from the bibliography. I tried to make this slide show as info packed as possible and I put in many cool animations to better express my project. The pictures were also chosen to be understandable and helped clearly show the ideas that I was projecting. One thing that I could have worked on is descriptive writing to better depict in words what I am saying. There were a few things in my project that I could of made better if I had a bit more time but these tweaks would have only made a small impact on my presentation. Overall I am proud of my efforts on this project and will present on Monday with no hesitation as I did memorize what I have to say. This project has actually been fun and I look forward to the second one coming up in a few weeks.
  30. 30. The end Yes its just a slide that says the end