Structures and housing


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Structures and housing

  1. 1. By Sierra
  2. 2.  At first the architects didn't know how to make a big building stay up if it was hollow inside, so the first big buildings were solid  Most buildings were built of clay or mud bricks  Some people lived in simple reed houses  They built many mud brick staircases called ziggurats
  3. 3.  The kings, their family, and their slaves lived in palaces where they would live, the palaces were also used to store things such as barley  Most towns had brick walls around them to block out intruders
  4. 4.  The Ancient Egyptian people lived in houses made of bricks that are made of mud and chopped straw.  The houses for the rich had around 10 rooms and the poor had one room.  The rich had painted walls and tile floors while the poor had the earth as their floor and the bricks as the walls  The windows of the buildings were little square holes that were high up
  5. 5.  Most of the houses needed to be repaired when the Nile river flooded but some houses were built on platforms to keep the water out  All rich people had gardens that were peaceful and had high walls to keep out intruders  The roof was made out of wood covered with thatch and matting and then topped with a thick layer of mud plaster
  6. 6.  The buildings in ancient Greece were made of marble, wood, stone, mud bricks, clay, wood and had thatch roofs  Often buildings would have column made out of woods and possibly covered in stone  The houses were usually made of mud brick or stone and had packed earth floors
  7. 7.  Each house was built around an open courtyard  Some larger homes might have had several bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathing room, a woman's sitting area, a men's dining room, and one or two rooms for storage.  The windows were small with wooden shutters to keep out the hot sun
  8. 8.  All houses in modern Canada are made of wood, concrete, bricks, rock, glass and steal.  Most houses have large windows, decks, and two or three floors  Many houses have pools, gardens and lawns
  9. 9.  The buildings in modern Canada are usually rectangular columns that are made of concrete and glass  Many business buildings are at least fifteen floors high, they are called skyscrapers
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