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P3 project

  1. 1. Swimming By Lucas.H
  2. 2. Introduction I have chosen for my passion to write about swimming. because next to eating and sleeping it is the most enjoyable thing I do. I have been swimming for 4 years and I belong to a competitive swim club called West Vancouver Otters. My ambition in swimming is to win a scholarship to an American University and maybe belong to the Canadian Olympic swim team.
  3. 3. Training It is very difficult to become a superior swimmer; it takes determination, patience, dedication and hard physical work. For example, two or three times a week I have to wake up at five or six in the morning to go to practice for one to two hours. Then five times a week I have to go to afternoon practice. In addition I also have one to two swim meets a month which mean I have to spend the whole weekend at the pool. So you see, it isn’t easy.
  4. 4. Breaststroke Me in the black cap.
  5. 5. How to swim Breaststroke Breaststroke is my fastest stroke I am ranked 6th in Canada for 200m. The key points of swimming fast breaststroke is: Core tight efficient kick wide pull 1. 2. 3. Push off in the water with streamline and core tight. Push your arms apart so that they create a V shape in front of you. Make sure your palms are facing out and your elbows are straight. Pull your elbows into the sides of your body, but not too far back. Now simply push your hands forward but at the same time do a breaststroke kick so your body return to a streamline.
  6. 6. Freestyle
  7. 7. How to swim freestyle Personally I am not a very fast freestyler but here are some tips. Core tight Continuous kicking when breathing, “one goggle in one goggle out” rotating and extending arm when pulling finishing stroke all the way 1. 2. 3. 4. pushing off the wall in a streamline head centered to the bottom of the pool one arm in one arm out kicking continuous with each stroke
  8. 8. Backstroke
  9. 9. How to swim backstroke Backstroke is one of my favorite out of the four because you can breath as long as you want. Body on surface Continuous kicking reaching and rotation no head movement 1. 2. 3. off on your back streamline begin your body rotated to the right side one arm up one arm down, as hand enters the water turn hand to thumb up pinky down at the same time keep the momentum of the stroke by kicking continuously.
  10. 10. Butterfly
  11. 11. How to swim butterfly Butterfly is one of my least favorite strokes because it uses up a lot to energy to perfect it. Core tight use hip to kick not knees stay low on surface when breathing Same rhythm the whole time Head down 1. Push off on your front, tight streamline 2. Pulling simultaneously starting with a diamond shape, then finish all the way to the back. 3. The first kick comes in at the start of the pull the second kick come in when you breath. 4. Head down after starting a new stroke
  12. 12. Thank you for watching.
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