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Marriage PowerPoint


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Published in: Self Improvement, Education
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Marriage PowerPoint

  1. 1. MarriageWeddings in Ancient Civilizationsand modern Canada
  2. 2. MesopotamiaThe Beginning of a Relationship• Men proposed to women then a marriage contract wassigned• The bride would have been proposed to just after pubertythe groom a little older• The groom and father of the bride agreed on a contract• A price was paid to the father of the bride, the dowry forthe future wife• Then the wedding occurred
  3. 3. MesopotamiaWedding Ceremony• The bride was delivered to the groom• The groom took of her veil• Then he would say “ she is my wife”• Then groom would then pour a perfume overhis new wife
  4. 4. MesopotamiaBabies• If the couple did not create children and thewife passed away the father of the deceasedreturn the husbands gifts• The amount of children was determined by thearea that the couple lived in• The father had total authority over the children
  5. 5. MesopotamiaDivorce• If the wife did not produce children then thehusband could divorce her and take anotherwife and his gifts back• Although some husbands had other women inthe house who did produce children• The ex-wife kept one gift
  6. 6. MesopotamiaWidows• If the husband died the money given to his wifebefore house maintenance was for her own use• Since the wife was part of the family she wouldre-marry her husbands brother or near relative• If the wife didn’t remarry into the family shewould return her gifts to her sons (if any) or herhusband brothers
  7. 7. EGYPTBride and Groom• The bride is between the ages of 14and 15 at the oldest• The groom is between 17 and 20 atthe oldest• They were usually in love, theywould hope their parents could agreeon a contract• The husband would only be marriedto one woman at a time
  8. 8. EGYPTWedding Day• Bride would take her things to her fiancéshouse• The bride would usually wear a long linentunic or dress with as much jewelry as sheowned• Their was no official ceremony aspect, justfood, dancing and celebration
  9. 9. EGYPTContract• It was the father of the bride and thehusband’s job to discuss and agree on acontract• The poorer couples didn’t create acontract because the cost of a scribe wasto expensive• Contents of an average contract: couple’snames, the date, names ofparents, witnesses, name of the scribewho wrote it
  10. 10. EGYPTContract Cont.• Originally the husband would pay about the worthof a slave to the father of the bride• Then years later the father would pay to thehusband• If a divorce occurred the ex-husband would stillpay to support his ex• A divorce might have occurred if the bride did notproduce children
  11. 11. GREECEMarriage Arrangements• an agreement was formed between the parents ofthe couple• The dowry was decided upon as part of theagreement• The bride would be of ages 14-18 the groom 20-30• If the brides family could not provide a dowrythey would give her to the groom as aconcubine, some men might have multiple
  12. 12. GREECEWedding Day• There was a set of customs that needed to befollowed, priests did not attend• Both the bride and groom went to the baths• Then the groom would go to the bride’s home fora feast• The couple would then go to the groomshome, taken to the fire showered with nuts by thegrooms parents
  13. 13. GREECECeremony and Rituals• The bride would take her clothes and toys fromchildhood and sacrifice them to the goddessVenus• A pig would also be offered on the day of thewedding, along with prayers to Juno• The wedding contract would be signed by thefather of the bride, the gifts would be given• The groom would then take the bride away fromher mother ( in a pretending kind of way)
  14. 14. GREECEDivorce• The husband would give back the dowry (orwhats left of it) to his wife’s parents• Divorces were caused for many reasons• one reason would be if the wife hadn’tproduced offspring and she had reachedadulthood
  15. 15. ROMEGeneral Info• Most marriages were arranged by the couplesparents• The bride would usually be about 13 thegroom a few years older• No man or woman could marry more thanperson at any time
  16. 16. ROMECeremony• The couple would say their wedding vows, aroman quote• Then they would make sacrifices to various godsand goddesses• Then the whole wedding prossession would returnto the father of the brides house for a feast• The happy couple would then return to thehusbands home to be united
  17. 17. ROMEBrides• When roman woman were married they didwhat their mothers in law told them to• After the birth of a first child especially a boythe wife gained more power• If a divorce occurred children would stay withtheir father and no their mother• The bride would wear a veil
  18. 18. CANADAMarriage Laws• Anyone above the age of 19 is allowed to bemarried• Anyone between the ages of 17 and 19 must haveboth parents agree• People 16 and younger have to permission fromsupreme court• One half of the couple has to apply for a marriagelicense
  19. 19. CANADABrides• Usually between the ages of 19 and 50 someexceptions• Wear any type of dress really but mostly long andwhite• Are proposed to by their boyfriend or spouse• Has a bachelorette party the night before theceremony• Has a maid of honor and bridesmaids
  20. 20. CANADAGrooms• Usually wear tuxedos or suits• Similar ages to brides• Buy engagement rings and propose togirlfriend or spouse• Has a bachelor party the night beforeceremony• has best men
  21. 21. CANADACeremony• Sometimes in a church, but other locations too• The couple say their vows sometime self-written• A priest usually present• The bride will walk up the isle led my herbridesmaids, guided by her father• The groom waiting at the alter
  22. 22. CANADAReception• Usually held at a restaurant• Dinner and beverages are served• The new couple with share a first dance• Then the guests will dance too• The cake is brought out, new trend cupcakes!
  23. 23. CANADADivorce• The custody of children is decided in court• Sometimes children spend all the time withone parent, sometimes parents get equalamounts of time, rarely are the children splitup some with each parent• All these decisions are based on the bestinterest of the child or children
  24. 24. CANADADivorce Cont.• The value of the couples properties are divided• If a divorce is not agreed upon in court it’scalled a seperation agreement• Divorce is only official according to thegovernment if it’s taken care of in court
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