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  • Malala yousafzai

    1. 1. By Sierra
    2. 2.      Was born on July 12 1997 Was partly educated by her father who was a teacher and partly educated by a school Her father is a poet, school owner, and an educational activist Malala and her father talked about politics She spoke at a press club
    3. 3.     BBC contacted Malala’s father asking if he could find a student to write a blog for them He could not find a student to do it because it is to dangerous so he suggested Malala Around the time she started her blog her school shut down On January 15th 2009 the Taliban made a law that girls cannot go to school
    4. 4.      On January 15th 2009 the Taliban made a law that girls cannot go to school The Taliban destroyed many schools in the area Some private schools for boys opened in February Malala’s house was burgled and her television was stolen There was gun battles in the village between the government and the Taliban
    5. 5.    Girls were aloud to go to school again but they had to wear burqas but the school will close on March 17th when the exams are held The Taliban were still in the area and shelling was still happening Her blog ended on March 12th
    6. 6.     When her blog ended BBC came and shot a documentary about her She got more publicity and was interviewed on television She was nominated for two awards and won Pakistan's first National Youth Piece Prize Malala started planning to make the Malala education foundation
    7. 7.      When Malala became more recognized some people became angry She received many death threats On the summer of 2012 the Taliban agreed to kill her On October 9th 2012 a Taliban shot at her as she was taking the bus home from school The bullet went through her head, neck and shoulder
    8. 8.    After she was shot many people donated money to the Malala fund, signed petitions, and wrote articles about her Once recovered the UN started a petition to by 2015 there will be no child that wont go to school in Malala’s name Steven Harper (the Canadian Prim Minister) was the first to sign the petition asking for Malala to win the Nobel Peace Prize
    9. 9. I believe I achieved my learning objective which is to explain in a power point about Malala’s life, her achievements, and about the children in the world who do not have opportunity for an education. I found this information by reading her book and looking at websites. I learned that despite how daunting a cause might be, even children can make a difference.
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