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Women's suffrage


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Women's suffrage

  1. 1. Women’s Suffrage By Jackie White
  2. 2. Women’s Suffrage• Main Idea: As a result of social and economic change, many women entered public life as workers and reformers.• Why It Matters Now: Women won new opportunities in labor, education, and voting that are enjoyed today.
  3. 3. Objective• Identify the leaders of the woman suffrage movement and be able to give three examples of strategies they used to earn passage of the Nineteenth Amendment.
  4. 4. Key People Susan B. AnthonySusan B. Anthony: leading proponent of woman suffrage who founded NWSA in 1869 with Elizabeth Cady Stanton (became NAWSA in 1890)Carrie Chapman Catt: became Anthony’s successor in 1900 (1900-1904; 1915) Carrie Chapman Catt Alice Paul and Lucy Burns: founders of the Congressional Union, and its successor the National Woman’s Party who pressured the federal government to pass a suffrage amendment
  5. 5. Key Terms• Reform: the process of making changes to a social, economic or political institution or practice in order to improve it.• Progressivism (progressive movement): movement favoring changes or reform through governmental actions• Suffrage: the right to vote• NACW: National Association of Colored Women• NAWSA: National American Women Suffrage Association• NWP: National Woman’s Party• Nineteenth Amendment: granted women the right to vote
  6. 6. Bellwork:Have you ever taken a stand for something you truly believed in butthat was not so popular? If so, what was the issue, your actions, andthe results?
  7. 7. Iron Jawed Angels • Selected scenes • Constitutional amendment • No votes for women • White house picketing • Why vote • Woman arrested • Women march • Women recruiting
  8. 8. List the reasons in yourown words, why theauthors of the leafletbelieve women should beable to vote?
  9. 9. In your own words whydo the people who madethis flier not approve ofwoman suffrage?
  10. 10. What, Dinner Not Ready Yet! What Have You Been Doing? A Picture of the future by our much married artist
  11. 11. What does it say on theman’s cuff?What might this man beagainst?According to this cartoon,what organization is fuelingopposition to suffrage inNebraska?Why would liquor interest byopposed to woman suffrage? BackboneDoes the cartoonist support or Who & What were backoppose woman suffrage? of the opposition inExplain. Nebraska?