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Term Paper: American International Bank Proposal


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GGU MBA Information Technology Management Final Project Term Paper

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Term Paper: American International Bank Proposal

  1. 1. IT SOLUTIONS PROPOSAL FOR AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL BANK 1Overview, Critical Analysis, and IT Product Specificity Resolution Proposal for Uniformity and Conformity Control Interface and Integration of Client’s Globalization Network for New Configuration in Infrastructural Design and Processes: Presented and Submitted To American International Bank [Client] by Mercury Strategic Globalization, Ltd. [Consultant] – A Subsidiary of MSG International, Ltd. [Parent Company] Marvin Scott Green Golden Gate University, 2012 MBA Candidate In Partial Fulfillment to Meet the Requirements for the Master of Business Administration Degree in Finance Information Technology Management 225, 10SU.SF1 Professor Howard Bernstein Friday, December 30, 2011
  4. 4. IT SOLUTIONS PROPOSAL FOR AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL BANK 4Consultancy IntroductionConsultancy Firm: Mercury Strategic Globalization, Ltd. (MSG, Ltd.) Conceptualized and founded in 1986 by current Chairman and CEO, M. S. Green, whowas awarded a PhD in 1979 in electrical and civil engineering at the Tesla/Marconi School ofEngineering at Georgia Tech University, Mercury Strategic Globalization is a first-moverconsultancy, specializing in the provision of advanced state-of-the-art IT business solutionproducts in inventive and innovative design and utility, focused specifically on serving aboutique of Fortune 500 clients in both commercial and investment wholesale banking. During the inception of the company’s emerging prominence in the use of EnterpriseResource Planning (ERP), or IT Enterprise Solutions systems, during the mid to late ‘80s, toenhance and improve standard operating procedures (SOPs) and enhance the effectiveness ofExecutive Support Systems (ESS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - Operationaland Analytical systems for companies, generating a new touchstone evolutionary brand of ITsolutions products and creating an indelibly fresh and nascent paradigm in business intelligence,each year MSG’s academically- and professionally-trained IT team of researchers anddevelopers consultants have created a new brand of IT solutions systems to cater precisely to theextraordinary, critical needs of our clients and customers through our unique licensed pilotproduct evaluation and testing program - a venerable and proven research program that is anofficial trademark of the company and the industry’s standard bearer. Our company stands firmon its excellent performance record that is irrefutable and supported by a rich history, clearlydemonstrating our eagerness to remain several years ahead of the curb in information technologysolutions. In today’s global economy, our brand name stands out as the premier leader in ITsolutions product and IT infrastructure re-engineering and migration, restoration and synergy,and redevelopment and enhancement of high quality, efficient and low-cost enterprise businesssolutions. Fortunately for us, due to an increasingly growing global demand for our productservices, we have further expanded operations worldwide to provide our quality customized ITsolutions products and services to a wide range of other leading companies in various industries,who seek our expertise to help improve an evolving but yet full and completely compatibleintegration of business model – including operational processes, support administration, andoverall organization culture – domestic and international strategic planning, marketing, andcustomer relationship management, and company vision into a more complex and sophisticatedIT global environment. Therefore, we take much pride in our ability to maintain a center ofdirectedness and purpose based on simple fundamental principles that are concentric in the scopeand breadth of our company’s core philosophy and business model of designing, developing,manufacturing, servicing, and modifying an IT solutions product of the highest order in quality,speed, efficiency, and flexibility to satisfy the needs of each and every one of our clients todayand well into the future.
  5. 5. IT SOLUTIONS PROPOSAL FOR AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL BANK 5PHASE I: Client’s Legacy IT System Overview and Formal Problem Analysis a) Preliminary assessment and evaluation of current IT After an intensive assessment of your current IT infrastructure system model and overall analysis of operational system integrity and integration competency, aside from a host of technical issues which proved to be insufficient to handle the daily complexities of your global network system needs for banking and financial-related services, the one pending and most pressing issue to address and resolve completely involving your current IT infrastructure model concerns the absence of a consistently clear and concise IT corporate policy that is standard operating procedures (SOPs) for parent company and all of its regional and local branch subsidiaries. A well-designed, published business plan and policy should decisively and uniformly be streamlined in accordance and in conformity to a modernized global IT Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system network and be flexible enough for full integration within the breadth and scope of the company’s Executive Support System (ESS), Decision Support System (DSS), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) models, as well. Throughout the course of our investigation, evaluation, and analysis of your current legacy model at your New York and London offices along with all of the other various forms of IT operational equipment and electronic and digital electronic devices to run your business operations, we concluded that a high degree of operational (and technical, which will be later discussed) inefficiencies that placed routine daily business processes and activities at extreme risk, which was reflected in your inability to detect fallacies in your lending practices that led to $75 million of unauthorized loans to a sole client. A comprehensive companywide policy interwoven in an effective IT infrastructure that is consistent and details every type of process, protocol, and procedure for every employee from the upper tier of the executive management team to retail bank support staff to outside vendors would have been the proper first-line of defense and would protected your company from that eventful crisis and any other such-related ones, as well. Extenuating from and ancillary to our firm-wide policy recommendation, a designated public relations unit in collaboration with newly coordinated designed information technology and risk management departments must be established as part of pre-emptive measures to anticipate unforeseen economic changes in the global marketplace where business is impacted. These and all other departments of the business will intertwined and interfaced into the entire web of our new IT infrastructure framework and grid, using all electronic and computerized applications and tools capabilities to ensure full disclosure of data and information content and material and maintain open source accessibility to all lines of communications on every level, in strict adherence to new directives and instructions stipulated under new policy governance and procedure codes. In general, the core fundamentals of your current system are adequately strong to managed mid-to-medium level banking activities, but as we have come to realize, the company’s current IT infrastructure model and framework is incapable of evolving technologically to transition and migrate effectively to meet increasing customer demands globally, placing irresistible pressure points on on- and offsite business operations and processes.
  6. 6. IT SOLUTIONS PROPOSAL FOR AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL BANK 6 In regard to the technological problems, preliminary analysis indicates that theoverall physical structure and grid of your IT infrastructure is too decentralized and manyof the your branch subsidiaries not only have outmoded and outdated systems but they useindependent central processing units (CPUs) and onsite servers that are connected to aentire corporate network and a local area network (LAN) telecommunication networksystem, utilizing remote and largely inadequate backup systems which can exacerbateimpromptu moments in crisis and delay or stymie reconciliatory actions in the process.Due to your global expansion over the past few years, storage capacity for all networksystems is insufficient and not malleable to meet interconnectivity broad-basedoperational and analytical customer relationship management (CRM), ESS, and DSSdemands for parent and all of its subsidiaries. To further iterate and emphasize our point,here is where any frail IT infrastructure is most vulnerable and at great risk. It is at thisparticular juncture where we, MSG, Ltd consultancy, will provide you with the bestavailable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERM) solutions product and services that will notonly address your present needs today but also well into the future. We are your first andlast line of defense, reducing unnecessary cost burdens in all aspects of operational chainmanagement and finally, but yet more importantly, safely monitoring and eliminatingpotential security threats and concerns associated with storing, managing, and transmittingyour data and information, substantially decreasing business object-oriented IT taskresponsibilities and correlating risks that are associated with them, to allow you toconcentrate and focus more on what you do best: increase profit and marketability andexpand your business safely and effectively on the global stage.b) Organizational Hierarchy and Communication Structural Design and Outlay ORGANIZATIONAL CHART Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Chief Chief Chief Financial CGO & Vice President Operating Information Officer Corporate & Corporate Officer Officer Secretary Counsel Director of SVP & Director Director of US Director of VP & Treasurer VP, Policy, Director ofGlobal Banking of Security and Banking Information Government Human (Former Dir. Facility Technology and Corporate ResourceTamara Long) Services Affairs Management International Director of VP & Director SVP of Director of Risk Regional Data IT Security Corporate Management Branch Offices Processing Services Accounting (11) (Pamela Lawrence)
  7. 7. IT SOLUTIONS PROPOSAL FOR AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL BANK 7 Authorization synchronicity and synergy protocols diagramed betweenmanagement organization structure and its standard operation procedures for electroniccommunication is ineffectual and must be restructured to optimize new IT infrastructureand communication network. We proposed under the new SOP policy that all lines ofelectronic communication between headquarters, regional headquarters, and branchoffices be reconfigured and interfaced to provide immediate, real-time interconnectivityand open line availability, in accordance to new business model plan and ITinfrastructure. Currently, there is substantial fragmentation and segregation of IT system directlinkage of computer network and electronic system that does not meet current globalrequirements and demands. The problem will be easily modified and resolved with anew enterprise resource management (ERM) system and business intelligence (BI) designthat will combine every multitask operation and function for intranet and extranet linkageof all electronic communication and computerized system networks, connectingexecutive support systems (ESS), customer relationship management systems (CRM),and Decision Support Systems (DSS) structures for upper, middle, and lowermanagement teams, administrative staff support services, vendor services, and clients andcustomers. A technical description and layout will be offered during the consultant’s newIT infrastructure presentation.c) Corporate Affairs and Public Relations SOP structure within the construct of IT infrastructure and business model In accordance to new standard operating procedure (SOP) policy, as an extension to section B an executive support system (ESS) will be assimilated and interfaced directly into the newly created organizational IT infrastructure for the company’s Corporate Affairs and Public Relations departments in New York and London offices and will serve as an exclusive interdependent liaison and a monitoring, control, and coordinating vehicle between executive leaders and their upper-level managers and regional governmental agencies. Electronic and computerized network systems will be fully linked and securely integrated, satisfactorily and in full compliance with local, state or province, and nationwide government ordinances and in strict accordance to regional office bylaws and company policy.d) Chain of Command and Authorization Protocol and Procedures in Current IT infrastructural environment To further elaborate on the topic regarding the chain of command andauthorization protocol and procedure matrix, the current business model isdiscombobulated and does not clearly distinguish clear communication lines of authoritywithin the entire organizational management structure. Approval and authorizationautonomy and independence among rank and file is too decentralized and fractured andneeds new close proximity structural base and centralization. No evidence of electronicand computerized system encryption uniformity and approval and authorization rulesconformity that is consistently integrated within the existing IT infrastructure, includingcritical path security matters regarding maintenance and records applicability and rulesprocedure for IT and digital electronic device usernames and passwords. New rules ofengagement integrating SOP authorization and approval protocol and procedures and thenew IT network will be created to ameliorate overall efficiency and performance of new
  8. 8. IT SOLUTIONS PROPOSAL FOR AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL BANK 8IT infrastructure and business intelligence model for all matters relating to authorizationprotocol, procedure, and policy.e) Corporate and regional branch office electronic communications and computer system interface and integration diagram US Corporate Headquarters International Branch Offices EC EC Network Network Current Databases Legacy IT Databases New York Network London Office Linkage Office Office Office Office Office CPUs Servers CPUs Servers Current IT Network Linkage Disconnected and Fragmented Database and EC IT Global Network and Non- Network - Portugal Uniformed Policy, Procedure, Office and System Protocol Controls Database and EC Network - Other Ten International Officesf) IT infrastructure communications design, integration, and compatibility methodology for Customers, Clients, and Vendors The current IT infrastructure intranet and extranet and Internet communication grid, ancillary and under the auspices of intra- and interdepartmental governing policy and procedures for headquarters in New York and London and all regional offices, is too ambiguous and insufficient to meet Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)/Internet Protocol (IP) and Transaction Processing Systems (TPS) requirements and demands for all internal and external employees, clients/customers, and vendors. Both enterprise applications and enterprise content management systems for business-to-business (B2B) and customer relationship management models and methodologies for business-to- customer (B2C) are highly incompatible and nonconforming to handle and support a global information technology operations network.
  9. 9. IT SOLUTIONS PROPOSAL FOR AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL BANK 9 The third/fourth generation IBM 4300 Series model mainframes in both NewYork and London offices and all other legacy computer systems in Portugal and the 10other regional branch offices are outdated, obsolete, and unfit to handle and incompatiblefor a contemporary global IT network system that encompasses any number of rapidlychanging global marketplace variables and fluctuations. Lead times needed to adequatelyrespond and immediately resolve any pending issue are exacerbated by the delays causedby current antiquated electronic and IT systems, consequently compounded by a weak,porous, and incongruous, and, at times, undesirable enterprise resource planning (ERP) orbusiness model. The newly proposed IT Infrastructure will not only significantly reducelead time for the routine and non-routine processing of daily transactions effectively butlessen the amount of time needed to fully reconcile any number of employee relationshipmanagement (ERM), management-level system management, and customer relationshipmanagement (CRM) issues, as well.g) Reviewing IT model type and its utility within company’s business model Although the current legacy mainframe IBM 4300 Series computer’s limited dataadministration and management system capabilities - providing a scarcity of open sourceaccessibility that is antithetical of today’s version of storage area network (SAN) forretrieval of data information for various decision-support systems (DSS) manipulationsthat are commonly used in data mining modeling and sophisticated information analyticalprocesses - have served the company’s past intimated customer relationship managementarchitecture with reasonable success, the proliferation of advanced technology in aconvergence of a new globalization business norm is now demanding a reassessment ofyour current legacy IBM 4300 Series model migration capability and adaptability forstandardized full integration and conformity with a new breed of enterprise managementsystems which are wielding paradoxically a simplistic and more sophisticated presence intoday’s IT infrastructural design for a new global IT network system paradigm Furthermore, the absence of an IT network system backward chaining capabilityfor necessary upgrades is highly inflexible and nonmalleable, having an extremely costnegative impact on return on investment. This is largely due to the global ITrequirements for a more robust internal and external IT structural framework forstructured query language (SQL), transaction processing systems (TPS), and transmissioncontrol protocol/Internet protocol (TCP/IP) compliance rules and conversion interfacesneeded to alleviate high total cost of ownership (TCO), optimize total qualitymanagement (TQM), and, of course, maximize ROI. Moreover, the regional standalonecomputer systems are incompatible to the legacy IBM 4300 computers and too outmodedfor conversion upgrades to be integrated into a modernized companywide ITinfrastructure. Unfortunately, these systems fail to meet today’s global ERP/EMSstandards and requirements; thus, ultimately will result in compromissorial outcomes andcould jeopardize the financial position of the organization, resulting in decreased marketshare in the interim.h) IT application types, i.e. security, firewalls, admin. processing tools, etc. All security protection hardware and software applications and systems aredecentralized and are absent of risk adverse sophistication and evasive protocol policyand procedure that are commonly and notably found in secure hypertext transfer protocol(S-HTTP), secure sockets layer (SSL) with an enhanced security policy that is clearly
  10. 10. IT SOLUTIONS PROPOSAL FOR AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL BANK 10distinct and stipulates appropriate user authorization protocol and procedure forcompanywide intra- and extranet services and transactions for support administrationstaff, company decision makers, and in web-base internet services for clients/customersand company vendors. Referential integrity of current physical and intellectual property security systemsare suspect and open to high risk threat exposure, both internally and externally, and mustacquire drastic overhaul and upgrades to guard entire organization IT network systemagainst malicious intrusions, computer hacking, and viral invasion to intranet, extranet,internet-based transaction processes, capital assets, internal and external IT systems Due to the historically autonomous and independent IT system construct andpolicy pretext of the company’s IT management system, sitting within context andconfines of a more diversified, complex, and sophisticated global IT landscape, securityparameters and measures must include the latest firewall protection schemes, encryptedlanguage models, and alarms systems for both intellectual and physical properties, allintegrated, monitored, and controlled on a centralized IT infrastructure platform andwithin a management control program (MCP) module, utilizing the coordinating facilityof both on- and offsite central computer processing units (CPUs), servers, databases,database centers and warehouses, and internet and internet-based servers and modems.i) Centralized and decentralized internal and external IT database and application structures for computers and telecommunications Both intra- and interdepartmental computer and telecommunication databases and applications utility for all employees on every level of the organization structure is not properly interlinked nor interfaced for open communication, transmission of content and material, cross-functional integration of workflow activity, report analysis, and data and information reporting between offices and departments. The IT infrastructure is too abstract and lack in system automation and continuity to perform various non- collaborative and collaborative task assignments under SOPs in real-time. The omission of companywide encryption protocol and procedure, particularly in the situation where two separate binary computer operating systems are used to run the entire IT network, is dysfunctional and very undesirable. Although system designers and programmers are centralized in the two primary regional locations, New York and London and where primary technical assistance teams and help desks are housed, creating new software and hardware, programmable language in the form of structured query language, providing system conflict resolution for the company IT entire network, the systemic nature of this process that precipitated circumstances involving the loan crisis fails to meet modern and standardized computing requirements and functionality for the global marketplace.j) Electronic device operational systems and full integration patterns and grid  Outdated electronic devices and connectivity support structure and system interface  No evidence of single source relationships, functionalities or connections from a primary communications service provider  Lack of IT grid continuity in system pattern and connectivity
  11. 11. IT SOLUTIONS PROPOSAL FOR AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL BANK 11 k) Foreign entity system compatibility model and integration grid design and security model  Poorly design and nonfunctional, incompatible for internal and external IT security system matrix and infrastructure  Security system integrity is at high risk and susceptible and compromit to illegal activities from internal and foreign intrusion such malicious viral attacks, hacking, employee errors and omissions, internal and external property abuse and thief, etc  Insufficient compliance agreement stipulating preventive measures to deter and fort improper action, abuse, and utility of company IT resources, equipment, and facility l) IT educational training and professional development programs for all users insufficiencies  Human resource management model is not comprehensive enough and too outdated to properly facilitate and conform to contemporary and modern educational and training needs in a global context  No clear evidence of an updated version of a companywide employee conduct policy and instructional manual that is either written, established, or in place and for which is also consistent across the board to inform employees of IT office etiquette, procedure, and protocol on all three levels of management hierarchy – Executive (Top), Middle, Lower – and to which is accessible to support staff from a reference point that is an uniformed, centralized, and mobile helpdesk facility. Moreover, there is no evidence of incentive-driven performance programs and a clear outline illustrating the various metrics and benchmarks required to improve IT skill-set and overall job performance nor are there outside educational resources to enhance and improve IT knowledge base and skill-setsPHASE II: Consultant’s IT Solutions Network System Presentation a) Brief Product Overview and Description The main operating enterprise management operating system (ERM) will be provided Picom Software Solutions Systems, Ltd. of Toronto, Canada (, a private software solutions company who specializes in providing to leading banking and financial institutions worldwide quality and secure state-of-the-art IT enterprise resource solutions and software-as-a-service (SaaS) enterprise systems. With regional headquarters stationed in Ontario, Canada and Herzeliya, Israel, serving both North America, Europe, and the Middle East, this small but highly reputable international private firm has for several years offered their expertise in Enterprise Resource/Record Management (ERM) and Customer/Content Relationship Management (CRM), providing the best in customized ERM process systems that are exclusively designed from their own research and development facility. Because of their unique position of offering customized and specialized IT products and services to a select group of high-profile clients in two primary industrial sectors, insurance and banking, this professional disposition gives the company the type of ERM and CRM leverage necessary for providing IT solutions systems that are flexible and conversion-oriented enough for full IT integration conformity, interface compatibility, and fixed implementation or complimentary component scalability for both
  12. 12. IT SOLUTIONS PROPOSAL FOR AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL BANK 12backward and forward chaining processes and protocols for all of their clients existinglegacy computer systems, electronic communication and telecommunication systemdevice, and IT application needs. In addition, this personalized client strategy is performance-focused andcustomer-centric in every way, creating a climate that is suitable and very agreeable forbusinesses who treasure a more professionally intimate level of service (LOS)relationship with their valued customers and clients. Picom solutions systemsconsolidates logistically and systematically data and information from every multiplesource application and database of a company’s entire existing legacy and limitedmodernized IT network into a user-friendly and efficient operational workflow toolconducive to the symbiotic relationship demands of an employee relationshipmanagement (ERM) and an enterprise application framework for support servicesadministration and staff, a functionally reliable and secured, effective access-integratedplatform for clients and vendors in a customer-decision-support systems (CDSS)environment, and a highly competent decision-making support model and methodologyfor Executive Support System (ESS) utility for forward-progressive facilitation andcritical path content analysis, vision and goal assessment, re-assessment, and evaluationdiscussion, interaction, project plan development and execution for a contemporaryglobal IT network. Although there are a small but influential number of stakeholders invested in thesuccess of Picom, the company nonetheless has a very impressive list of sustainingbusiness and technology partnership relationships with the following internationalorganizations: Hewlett-Packard (, Oracle (,BEA, Sun Microsystems, Red Hat. Each of these partnerships provide the financialsupport and IT database, application, security, and electronic communication tools anddevices to effectively meet the intense and increasing demands of a global IT community.The following sections (b-g) contain our IT proposal in design, components, andimplementation:b) Information Technology Computer Systems, Applications, and Tools Consultant’s Proposal for IT Integrated Computer and Electronic Communication Infrastructure Network Vendor Diagram For New York and London Offices (
  13. 13. IT SOLUTIONS PROPOSAL FOR AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL BANK 13 Diagram and logo provided by Picom Software Systems, Ltd., Copyright Reserved Regional and Local Offices Hardware Systems: Central Databases, Database Warehouses, Servers, Binary Central Processing Units (CPUs), Modems and Transistors, and Other Microprocessors The company is in an excellent logistical global position with two main officehubs located in New York and London, and due to this geographical outlay, werecommend, in accordance to the diagram indicated above, that our proposed IT Oracledatabase grid should be replicated from the New York office design and provided in asimilar format for the London office. The technical term to describe this type ofstructure is called “Distributed Databases.” All configurations, functionalities, features,and processes are essentially the same and will follow a uniformed standard operationprocedure policy (SOP) and protocol. The Oracle distributed databases are designed anddeveloped into two segmented identical IT DB systems: One is called a ‘Partitioneddatabase” and the other is labeled “duplicate database.” Each of the unit systems isconfigured with identical central database warehouses, designed and developedexclusively by Oracle, capturing and storing the same exact historical and current rawdata and information for the entire company and all of its activities. Each repository(Oracle’s central database) containing your company’s raw data and information,indicated in the Picom diagram illustration above, feeds into a centralize client/end-userPicom Extensible Markup Language (XML) server with American Standard Code forInformation Interchange (ASCII), Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), and otherlanguage conversion capabilities that are constructed on various multinational corporateplatform agents for Hewlett Packard UX 11i, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, MicrosoftWindows, and Linux, and external task agents and Application Programming Interfaces(API) such as Oracle reports, business objects (or object-oriented programming) notablyfound in BusinessObjects’ Crystal reports, and external portal servers like MicrosoftSharePoint, which processes and transmits raw data and information to points of entryfor each and every network user of your company.
  14. 14. IT SOLUTIONS PROPOSAL FOR AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL BANK 14 In addition to Oracle’s mainframe databases, all offices - both regional and branch - will use a single relationship database management resource for desktop systems called Microsoft Access that will address and resolve current primary concerns regarding sufficient data storage capacity and transmission speed, easy accessible entry points for the retrieval of data information, user-friendly tools and applications to permit historical and real-time manipulative actions to create table charts, graphs, and reports to the user’s specification such as sorting tables according to multiple key signatures and identifiers like account name or number, locations such as city, region, state, country, continent, region, headquarters, and branch offices, and other similarly-related locales, and import and export compatibility mode for the entire network operating system (NOS) in the form of standard intra- and extranet e-mail, e-faxes, or PDF formats and for smooth integration to other desktop applications like Excel spreadsheets, all centralized and interconnected companywide into your newly-constructed enterprise solutions systems network. A Diagram Example of Distributed Databases Concept and Design [Hart, 2010] Diagram provided by Christopher Hart, Copyright Reserved © 2010c) IT System Communication Service Providers  The company’s sole provider of both hard-line and wireless network communications will be Verizon Communications, Inc (, serving New York and London regional offices, Portugal, and the 10 other branch offices, due in large part to the telecommunication company enormous global coverage, particularly in the United States, Europe, Middle East, and Asia  Minor broadband providers will include Portugal Telecommunications ( and T-Mobile (, servicing Portugal, London, and parts of Europe, Middle East, and Asia  To maintain continuity between companywide issued electronic handheld mobile devices and laptops, we recommend Windows Mobile (, using Access Netfront IP Phone
  15. 15. IT SOLUTIONS PROPOSAL FOR AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL BANK 15 ( technology on an Access Linux Platform, as the standard mobile phone equipmentd) Exterior and Interior Computer and Electronic Communication Grid Realignment of Structural Materials for all Corporate Offices and all Branch Subsidiaries Desktops and Workstation Equipment, Applications, Electronic Communication and Electronic Digital Devices, and PrintersExecutives and Top-Tiered Managers Desktop Servers, Monitors, and Keyboards Regional offices in New York and London will use a computer and electroniccommunication floor plan and office grid design that are more conducive to managementsupport structures for both Executive Support (ESS) and Decision-Making Support (DSS)workstation systems. Each executive workstation/portal will house and be supported by aHewlett Packard (Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM) Parallel Workstation 4.0Extreme, offering first-mover innovative Intel 3D virtualization support technology toassist management executives, mid to lower-level managers, and information technologyend-users to create virtual 3D multi-task modeling platforms in Linux to aid them withtheir decision-making processes and an assortment of business and workflow-relatedactivities. Every individual ESS workstation will be set up to provide dashboards,menus, communications, and graphics to be used for internal data like TPS/MIS data,financial data, office systems, modeling and analysis and external data such as DowJones, Standard & Poor, and Internet news feeds, viewed on high-performance HPLP2475w 24-inch Widescreeen LCD Monitor and typed and clicked on HP USBKeyboard and Mouse Bundle. A virtual machine (VM) technology will enable the user to create various user-specific virtual environments; using direct connections to Nvidia technology cards tobetter enhance single use or facilitate simultaneous collaborative efforts internally withinthe management structure and to seamlessly transpose 3D graphical data from internaland external sources into virtual reality formats. Some of the key features that willaccelerate and optimize work performance are Parallel Fastlane Architecture with supportfor Intel VT-d for direct access to graphic and network cards for virtual environments,Adaptive Hypervisor, up to 16-way virtual symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) - a scalablecabinet design containing multiple CPUs sharing the same memory, up to 64GB RAMfor each VM, up to 2TB of virtual hard disk, Display Manager with Multi-Monitorsupport, Parallel Tools with support for selected Nvidia Quadro graphic cards, ScalableLink Interface Multi-Operating Systems (SLI-MOS), Support 64-bit Guest OSs andPrimary OSs. Portable connections are also provided for mobile units such as handhelddevices and laptops. Another unique feature of the Extreme workstation is what’s termedthe “Parallel Transporter Migration Tool,” an application that duplicate VM data to createa clone VM which can be use for other Parallels desktops. As you can clearly see the HP Parallel Workstation 4.0 Extreme is ideal andoffers many utilities and functionalities for decision-makers. In addition, with a well-
  16. 16. IT SOLUTIONS PROPOSAL FOR AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL BANK 16established operating systems support structure consisting of Windows XP SP2 64-bitand Windows Vista SP1 64-bit for both primary and guest OSs, Linux RHEL 5.3 64-bitfor Primary OSs and Linux RHEL 4.7 & 5.3 64-bit and Fedora 10 64-bit for Guest OSs,the Portugal office and all other 10 international branches will have a similar, but yet,scaled-down version of Extreme 4.0 facility and capability. This IT OS is a keycomponent that is missing from the current IT architectural design model, aninfrastructural plan for which lacked consistency in connectivity, accessibility, practicalfunctionality, and speed. For some lower-level managers and all administrative support staff employees atall locations will be provided with the latest in computer, electronic, and electronic digitalequipment to be freely integrated into the new IT infrastructure. Since Picom IT bankingsolutions products and services are designed and run by two of the world’s foremost andleading OEM companies, HP and Oracle, who are well-regarded as purveyors of the mostadvanced and flexible IT operating systems in the global marketplace today, werecommend their line of desktop hardware, tools and applications for lower-levelmanagers and administrative staff support groups. The following is a breakdown ofenterprise service (ESM) and customer relationship management (CRM) desktopsystems/user interface pairings for all non-executives, some upper-, middle-, and lower-level managers, and all exempt and non-exempt support staff employees:Employee Desktop Servers, Monitors, and Keyboards1. For all non-exempt administrative staff members, the Hewlett Packard’s Compaq 500B Microtower PC, housing an Intel® Pentium® Dual-Core processor that includes Windows XP Professional OS, is a low cost workhorse among the banking industry for day-to-day routine activities like quick, accessible retrieval of customer standard data and information for verification and confirmation purposes, data entry using simple desktop applications and databases like Microsoft Excel, Word, Office Communicator integrated with Outlook e-mail app with VoIP, SharePoint, light, Access, and Oracle, just to name a few2. The HP Pro 3005 Microtower PC, with an AMD Anthlon X2 Processor that contains a 320GB hard drive along with 2GB of standard memory (SDRAM) and includes Windows 7 Professional 64 OS, is a more than reputable and reliable PC to handle low-level management demands and all of the various multi-purpose functions performed by upper-tiered administrative support. In addition to the standard OS features found in the Compaq 500B Microtower PC, the HP Pro 2005 also includes Backup and Recovery Manager plus Redundancy Array of Independent (or Inexpensive) Disks (RAID) 1.0 data mirroring capability as well for users who are processing complex and sensitive tasks3. Employees will be able to view their work on HP LE1901w 19-inch Widescreen LCD Monitors4. All employees will use HP USB Keyboard and Mouse Bundle
  17. 17. IT SOLUTIONS PROPOSAL FOR AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL BANK 17Information Technology Department Servers, Applications, and Tools1. Both New York and London offices will have regional on-site IT departments using Oracle’s Sun Blade T6340 Servers2. For each of the 11 branches, including Portugal’s, a licensed, certified IT professional will be assigned an on-site workstation for problem solving and maintaining technical management collaboration with both main regional offices in New York and London. These branches will run on Oracle’s Sun x86 Servers with optimal scalability and certified to run on Oracle Enterprise, Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise, Windows Servers, and VMware3. IT applications and tools used by all IT professionals for regional and branch offices to help executives, managers, and employees improve workflow efficiency and overall job performance and to address risk exposure and threat intrusion are Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management and Business Intelligence, Reveleus Corporate Credit Risk, and CRM On Demand, all under the complete applications design model and integrated IT management strategy of Oracle’s Enterprise Manager 11g Solutions systemsCustomer Branch Self-Service Workstation Customers who are performing a number of in-person point-of -transaction and account enquiry banking activities at self-service stations that are located in all 11 branch offices will be able to do so easily by using the latest advancement in touch- screen technology and application that is found in HP Compaq 5009tm 15-inch LCD Touchscreen Monitor.e) Service-Oriented Security (SOS) Implementation and Integration Strategy for Complete Design Interface and Connectivity to Existing Business System ModelDatabase Security Architecture and Design Solution Systems Built on Oracle’s service-oriented-architecture (SOA) security system called Oracle Database 11g Security and Compliance, Picom Solutions Systems gives you security protection for all of your database needs via transparent data encryption, for effective monitoring and control of data information and activity, and for securitized configurations. The system also conforms and uses secure sockets layer (SSL) cryptographic technology to allow safe transmission of data and information and other forms of communication over the Internet. Each regional and branch office local area network (LAN) system will be provided with additional IT infrastructure security support using HP’s low-cost, high-performance security solutions product called ProCurve Adaptive Network Solutions, comprising Power over the Ethernet (PoE) security and convergence capability switches – ProCurve 5412zl in a redundant configuration, ProCurve 5406zl, and ProCurve 3500yl series – to meet uniformity requirements of VoIP and to establish data recovery warehousing. A secondary premier SOA security system application, specifically designed to detect fraudulent
  18. 18. IT SOLUTIONS PROPOSAL FOR AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL BANK 18 activities via the Internet, included in the overall security scheme of the company’s IT network community, that will be provided by Detica NetReveal ( is called Detica TxtReveal technology, utilizing Java Platform to Enterprise Edition (J2EE) open architecture solution web-based technology, a product standard pioneered by Sun Microsystems, for easy application developing and deployment, primarily via application programming interfaces (APIs).Desktop, Server, and Mobile Security Architecture and Design Solution SystemsUnder the OS framework of Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Management Edition,Oracle® Advanced Security is the best security solutions system for all of yourcompany’s IT security needs. Furthermore, all desktop computer systems will be greatlyprotected by Oracle’s Sun Secure Desktop Global Software that is currently the leadingglobal security software application in the banking, financial services industry.f) New Product IT infrastructural Design Model Overview Recapitulation All of the components of the new IT enterprise system aforementioned in Phase II of this section will address critical IT infrastructural issues and resolutions accordingly:1. The lack of oversight and foresight in corporate affairs, or public relations, internally and with the various governmental agencies, information technology, and risk management expose the weaknesses in the company’s overall IT infrastructure network, which resulted in the company’s failure to adequately and successfully monitor its lending practices in a real-time environment. Our IT system framework not only will ensure consistency in connectivity among all offices in real time, but will also serve more than a comprehensively sufficient platform for all key parties involved with any issue to access and retrieve the required data and information for report analysis, discussion, and conferencing among distant parties in real time and in accordance to user preference, i.e. alphabetical recordkeeping according to regional office, client, or a combination of both or other input variations, to manipulate the desired data and information in a virtual environment through ESS dashboard technology, creating the scenarios that will help aid and facilitate effective decision making, and allow that data and information to be safely transmitted to any office quickly in protected formats in the form of SQL, VoIP, TCP/IP, TPS through a wide selections of unified communication vehicles and telecommunication systems like T- lines, Wi-Fi, Internet, etc., that is replicated and reciprocated in original form to mitigate confusion and help render expedient resolve.2. Because of interlinked database, server, and telecommunication connections with all offices, using uniformed and real-time protocols and procedures, lending practices and procedures can now be protected better against redundancy and activity abuses from clients, providing workable cross-reference interlocking networks between all offices to ensure the solid system integrity of all internal and external activities of the business operation. Each office can quickly verify and confirm any number of business processes and customer activities at the touch of a button or click of a mouse.
  19. 19. IT SOLUTIONS PROPOSAL FOR AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL BANK 193. The task of scheduling managers and executives to meet at designated locations on a weekly, monthly, semi-annual, or yearly basis for the various business conferences and inter-office prove to be one of the more difficult activities incurred by your company. The Oracle Beehive videoconferencing solution system will provide a live person-to-person, location-to-location broadcast connectivity that will significantly reduce cost effectively and be a substantial beneficial asset for your company decision makers to quickly address non-routine strategic planning concerns or more pressing issues of daily activities comparable to the one experienced during the lending crisis. In consideration of the disproportional financial position of each branch location, those offices who may find this investment to be rather substantial to meet their particular need, another option that will provide live, real-time connectivity through videoconferencing for those branch offices can be attained by way of mounted desktop cameras that are installed and embedded on the bezel of each employee’s monitor (included as part of the workstation package) or the provision of HP L3065 30-inch Widescreen LCD monitor unit that is ideal and can be configured for videoconferencing for peer-to-peer or small to medium group activity meeting settings.g) Human Resource Management: New IT Educational Training and Development Because our new IT infrastructure, once fully installed and activated for operational use, will easily automate your business processes and thus requiring less raw programming and application design, the majority of the maintenance and upgrades for the proposed enterprise IT solution system will still need onsite qualified and certified DB, server, application, and security IT programmers, analysts, and technicians to ensure sustaining servicing and periodic testing of equipment, hardware and software programs and applications, and all electrical components and correlating interface connections to maintain a positive perpetual flow of business operations at all times. These individuals, along with all other end-users, i.e. executives, managers, support staff administrators, etc., will be taught and trained in IT and network operating systems (NOS) policy, procedure, and systems protocols for LAN, MAN, WAN, and universal telecommunications and wireless communications under common and ubiquitous domestic and foreign governing rules, standards, and regulations like Internet address identifiers such as transmission control protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and IPv6 (an addendum to TCP/IP), Internet messaging services (i.e. e-mail, text messaging, discussion and chat rooms, etc.) provided by standard Telnet, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), and the World Wide Web, packet switching technology such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), secure and encrypted communication networks like virtual private networks (VPNs), access webpage and interface points like Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), uniform resource locator (URL), and web-based content and context formatting interfaces such as Hypertext Mark-up Language (HTML) and Extensible Mark-up Language (XML), and finally, wireless communication standardized technology such as third-generation or 3G networks, wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi), 802.15 wireless standard in the form of Bluetooth technology, using personal-area networks (PANs), Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) wireless communication standard known as 802.16 Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMax), all of these governing
  20. 20. IT SOLUTIONS PROPOSAL FOR AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL BANK 20 knowledge utilities learned in accordance to their specific job specification and current IT acumen. The director of human resource, AIB’s CFO, CIO, DOI, key personnel within each regional and branch information technology department via teleconferencing, a service for which we will provide links that will become a part of the test pilot program and final implementation, will team together with MSG and Picom’s consultants and professionals to create an agenda to discuss initiatives and informally draft an outline to set user interface policy, protocol, and procedure in place for the entire new IT network infrastructure, later create the necessary action plans for educational and operational training of new systems and future modifications and upgrades, and to draft a cost assessment outline that is associated with new training and educational procedures. Once these crucial areas have been determined, they will be recorded, written, and distributed by Dir. of HR and his or her managerial staff in a living IT systems manual for each office resource center or onsite library in book form and digital format. As mentioned before in section 2 under Information Technology Department Servers, Applications, and Tools, each office will have one designated IT systems professional and a team of system administrators and technicians (proportionate to size of office) to be on-hand IT facilitators and crisis resolution experts and response team, providing a quick and immediate reference point for all employees with various IT concerns and needs, utilizing direct and open lines of communication via Internet, wireless communication, etc. to the designated onsite IT professional at every other location. This internal IT function and service will be ancillary to the overall restructuring effort for the new IT network in functionality and operational processes to better solidify continuity and consistency throughout the new framework that will undoubtedly improve workflow efficiency, create a more reliable and credible sense of transparent uniformity in open source communication mediums, crisis resolution discussions, and data and information integrity when data and information is being retrieved and reported from, manipulated and analyzed by, and disseminated and distributed to various interdepartmental sources on a companywide basis. This automation and connectivity is the most obvious contentious concern for your company decision makers and the major difference in proper IT functionality and efficiency between the existing IT infrastructural model and our proposed one.PHASE III: Project Management Workflow Schedule for Pilot Test Program and FullSystem Activation and Pre- and Post-Op ServicesPlease refer to appendage no. 1 for detailed sample description of Resource Input.Please refer to appendage no. 1A for detailed sample description of Workflow Schedule.Please refer to appendage no. 2 for detailed sample description of 2011-2012 Activity Schedule.PHASE IV: Final Contract and Service Level Agreement (SLA) DiscussionPlease refer to appendage no. 2A for detailed sample description of Service Level Agreement(SLA) Outline provided by KnowledgeLeader ( V: Final Wrap-Up Q & A Session and Closing Comments
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  22. 22. IT SOLUTIONS PROPOSAL FOR AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL BANK 22 Appendages: 1. (Tardugno, 2000) Consultants 2010 Proposal Resource and Workflow Schedule for Installation and Pre- and Post-Service Sche dule or On Dem Offer Skill UO Service and ed Set Freq M Cost management S Level of service management S Project management O/D 1A. (Tardugno, 2000) T Cle o Sche rk Mgr t dule SA OSA Eff Ntwk Effo a or Effor Effor DBA ort Spec rt l On Freq t t Effort Hrs Effort Total Hrs/ M Dem (per Hrs/ Total Hrs/ Total Hrs/U Total /UO Total Hrs/U Ntwk UO g Service and Yr) UOM UOM SA UOM OSA OM DBA M Clerk OM Spec M r Server monitoring and corrective action O/D 365 Days 1.5 547.5 0 0 0 0 0 Connectivity from outside servers alive and well Disk Drive capacity with defined limits Network connectivity alive and well Paging software active No runaway processes Memory utilization within defined limits Ensure all databases active after backup process Detect problems or bottlenecks Analyze performance compared to capacity Provide tier II level service support Troubleshoot database problems Software Event Monitoring.
  23. 23. IT SOLUTIONS PROPOSAL FOR AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL BANK 23 System Default Detection Disk Fault Detection Print Services O/D 260 Days 2 520 0 0 0 0 0 Troubleshooting in the decentralized environment Black box hookups Software installation/configurat ion on new printers File server management of print queues Provide spooling services (software configuration, re- ordering queues to print more critical jobs first) Provide secured printing capability where needed for confidential printing Resolve printing problems Network Management S 260 Days 0 0 0 0 1 260 0 Analysis of network impacts based on new adds and changes O/D 21 server 0 0 0 0 24 504 0 Maintain a network topology drawing Manage new installations/connects to network Control the granting and revoking of modern access from outside Provide naming services resolution Add, remove, update a domain Total Effort Hours 1068 0 0 0 764 0 2. (Tardugno, 2000) Consultants 2011-2012 Proposal Activity Schedule for Installation and Pre- and Post-Service 2011 2012 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Project Activity Planning Management Requirements.
  24. 24. IT SOLUTIONS PROPOSAL FOR AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL BANK 24 Prototyping Conference Management Functional Design Design Review 1 Detail Design Design Review 2 Quality Assurance Coding Reuse Acquisition Code Inspection Unit Test Functional Test System Test Pilot Field Test (New York and London) User Document Document review Pilot Test, Review, and Acceptance Ticket for Go Live Installation 2A. Service Level Agreement (SLA) Sample TemplateVersion X.0(insert date)(Insert language specifying the appropriate use and distribution of the document.)Document Revision History Date Author Revision Description.
  25. 25. IT SOLUTIONS PROPOSAL FOR AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL BANK 25Approvals Date Name Title Embedded signature/emailTable of Contents1.1 Audience 251.2 Purpose 251.3 Assumptions 251.4 Contacts 252.1 File Formats 252.2 File Delivery Expectations 252.3 Escalation Actions 262.4 <Application> Escalation Resources 262.5 Service Hours for Problem Resolution 262.6 <Application> File Development 26Appendix A. <Application> Contact Information 26Appendix B. Definitions 26Scope(insert information describing the scope of the document) Audience(insert information describing the appropriate audience for the document) Purpose(insert information describing the purpose of the document) Assumptions(insert information describing the assumptions associated with the document) Contacts(insert information describing the contacts associated with the document). See Appendix A foradditional contact details.Service Details File Formats(insert information describing the file formats required by the document) File Delivery Expectations(<Application> agrees to meet the delivery standards listed here) Arrives at Expected Transport Method CompanyFile Type Frequency/Minimum (FTP/ X no later Frequency Manual File Drop) than:.
  26. 26. IT SOLUTIONS PROPOSAL FOR AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL BANK 26 Arrives at Expected Transport Method CompanyFile Type Frequency/Minimum (FTP/ X no later Frequency Manual File Drop) than: Escalation Actions(insert information describing the escalation actions required by this document) <Application> Escalation Resources(insert information describing the escalation resources required by this document) Service Hours for Problem Resolution(insert information describing the service hours available to resolve problems)<Application> File Development(insert information describing the file development process required by this document)Contact InformationName Role Office Phone Mobile PhoneDefinitionsTerm Acronym Definition.