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Future of TV


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Future of TV

  1. The Future of Television Mark Suster PaidContent – November 2011 @msuster
  2. So Interactive, Digital TV is Right Around the Corner?
  3. Nobody Believes it Because We’ve Cried Wolf for 20 Years
  4. This Has Led Our Industry to Become Frogs Boiling in Water Metaphor: put a frog into boiling water and it jumps out, put it in cold water & slowly turn up temperature and it boils to death
  5. “We Overestimate the Impact of Tech on 3-year Horizon & Underestimate on 10-year” - Bill Gates
  6. I Would Argue That the Massive Change in Television Will Accelerate in 2012 1. Massive decrease in costs of capturing & processing video 2. Significant penetration in broadband, increases in Wi-Fi 3. Huge advances in compression 4. Massively distributed advertising market 5. Decreasing traditional paychecks to creative talent 6. Consumer behavior has made Internet video a reality
  7. Bundled TV Will be the Album of the Future
  8. And The Same Forces that Killed the Album Will Kill “The Bundle” 1. Disruptive technology that breaks the distribution strangle hold of content 2. Massive costs reductions in capture, process & distribute 3. Consumer choice
  9. YouTube is the New Comcast … And Notice the Change in Branding
  10. And My Bet is that The Future Distributors Are Not Who Most TV Execs Think
  11. So Why Now?
  12. Americans watch 5.3 hours of TV / Day TVReading < 1 Hour 5.3 Hours Media Patterns Online 3 Hours
  13. It’s Not Just Dogs on Skateboards Anymore
  14. A Disruptive Breed of Digital Content Producer Has Emerged UGC Network TVYouTube TV Production Costs/Minute $100-400 $6,000-8,000 $50-100k
  15. These 4 Companies Alone Doing > 3 Billion Video Views / Month YouTube TV Costs/ Minute
  16. With YouTube Content Distribution is Much More Predictable and Content Producers Have a Direct Relationship with Viewers ViewerViewer  Subscribers  Email Lists  Facebook Connect YouTubeYouTubeProducerProducer
  17. Youth Demo Already 1/3rd of Time Online Watching Video Streaming Video Other Surfing
  18. And Revenue Becoming Substantive
  19. How Mainstream? 86% of All Internet Watch Online Video
  20. Aug 11 42 billion views 185 million viewers 228 videos / person 17 hours
  21. 91% of Households Still Pay for TV (91%)
  22. This Market Disruption Will Be Enormous – And It’s Accelerating Now
  23. Don’t Be a Frog. Get Ahead of the Curve.
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