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Official Sojitz corporate presentation describing the Machinery Division’s investment focus, especially in photovoltaic plants and technology start-ups. Updated: Dec. 2011

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Sojitz Presentation General & Pv

  1. 1. Sojitz Group Profile Presentation December 2011 Copyright © Sojitz Corporation 2009 1
  2. 2. □ About the Sojitz Group Group Management Vision The position the Sojitz Group seeks to achieve Unrelentingly enhance the Groups trading company functions, as demanded by clients, by fully grasping and anticipating clients diverse needs (Function-oriented trading company) Take advantage of changes and continuously develop new business fields (Innovating trading company) Become a company in which each and every employee can work with pride and pursue challenges and explore opportunities to realize his or her own personal goals and ambitions (Open and flexible company) Seek to harmonize the Groups corporate activities with the society and the environment by consistently putting the Groups statement into practice (Socially contributive company) Copyright © Sojitz Corporation 2009 2
  3. 3. □ History Copyright © Sojitz Corporation 2009 3
  4. 4. □ Corporate Data (As of March 31, 2011)Company Name Sojitz Corporation Consolidated Financial Highlights Year ended March 31 Billions of yenEstablished April 1, 2003 Net sales 4,014.6Capitalization 160,339 million yen (As of March 31, 2010) Ordinary income 45.3President & CEO Yutaka Kase Net income 16.0Head Office 1-20 Akasaka 6-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-8655 Japan As of March 31 Billions of yenTEL +81-3-5520-5000 Total assets 2,117.0FAX +81-3-5520-2390 Net assets 355.5URL Equity ratio 15.6%Corporate governance model Board of Corporate Auditors Net interest-bearing debt 700.6Stock Exchange Listings Tokyo, Osaka Net DER 2.1 times Copyright © Sojitz Corporation 2009 4
  5. 5. □ Sojitz Groups Global NetworkThe Sojitz Group is a functionally oriented general trading company with a worldwide networkcomprising over 500 group companies and operations in some 50 countries. ■Group Company ■Branch ■Office Number of Branches & Offices Domestic: 7 Overseas: 91 Number of Subsidiaries & Affiliates Domestic: 147 Overseas: 375 Number of Employees Non-consolidated: 2,295 Consolidated: 17,331 As of July 1, 2010 Copyright © Sojitz Corporation 2009 5
  6. 6. Overview of Operations
  7. 7. □ Sojitz Group: four divisions & five overseas geographic segmentsWith a matrix organizational structure interlacing four divisions and five overseas geographicsegments, the Sojitz Group is pursuing a business strategy that integrates the parentcompanys business divisions with overseas operations. Four Divisions Machinery Energy & Metal Chemical & Consumer Lifestyle Division Division Functional Materials Business Division Division The Americas geographic segments Europe, Russia & NIS Five overseas China Asia & Oceania Middle East & Africa Copyright © Sojitz Corporation 2009 7
  8. 8. □ Machinery Division -Businesses-■ Automotive Unit ■ IT Business Unit ■ Marine & Aerospace Unit・Completely built-up(CBU)vehicle export business;local vehicle assembly, ・Sales and maintenance of communication and IT equipment ・ Newbuilding, second-hand ships, ship chartering, ship equipment salesmanufacturing and sales business; wholesale and retail business; component and ・Software development and sales business and ship-owning business; commercial aircraft sales representative fortire sales; ・Data centers and managed services The Boeing Company, Bombardier Inc., etc.; defense equipment agency andautomotive equipment and engineering business; industrial complex operation ・Business process outsourcing(BPO) sales business; business-jet business and integration ■ Environment & Infrastructure Unit ・ Plants (steel, fertilizer,chemical);infrastructure (power, transportation, environment) ・ Industrial machinery and production systems (surface mounters, bearings, equipment related to the environment and new energy, etc.) □ Energy & Metal Division -Products handled- ■ Energy & Nuclear Unit ■ Coal & Non-Ferrous Metals Unit ■ Ferrous Materials & Steel Products Unit ・ Oil, natural gas, LNG, gasoline, light oil, heavy oil, jet fuel, nuclear fuel ・ Coal (thermal coal, PCI coal, coking coal) ・ Rare metals (molybdenum, vanadium, niobium,tungsten, etc.) cycle services, nuclear equipment, etc. ・ Non-ferrous metals (alumina, aluminum, copper, etc.) ・ Iron ore, iron ore pellets, hot briquetted iron ・ Other ・ Industrial minerals (fluorite, zircon, etc.) ・ Other ■ New Energy & Environmental Business Department ・ Biofuels (bioethanol, bio-ETBE, etc.) ・ High-purity silicon metal and polysilicon for solar battery manufacturing ・ Other □ Chemicals & Functional Materials Division -Businesses- ■ Chemicals Unit ■ Functional Materials Unit ・ Chemical resources: Import and overseas sales of industrial salt; import and sales of rare earths and lithium; sales of aluminum ・ Fine chemicals: Planning, development and sale of cosmetics; export of raw materials for health foods; hydroxide import of raw materials for crop protection chemicals; export of catalysts; import of high-performance resin ・ Organic chemicals: Production and sales of methanol and high-performance resin monomers; import and domestic sales of raw monomers materials for paints ・ Functional materials: Export and import of carbon fiber and cellulose ・ Advanced electronic materials: Sales of flat-panel displays (FPD); sales of printed circuit boards; sales of raw materials for solar power generators □ Consumer Lifestyle Business Division -Businesses and Products handled- ■ Foods Resources Unit ■ General Commodities & Textile Unit ・ Grains and feed materials: Wheat, barley, soybeans, corn, rice, sugar, coffee, oils and fats, pasture, flour, ・ General commodities: Import and sales of sundries confectioneries and ingredients for confectioneries and bread including tobacco and shoes; retail business with JALUX Inc. ・ Marine products: Tuna, shrimp, processed seafood ・ Textiles: Apparel OEM business; “McGREGOR” brand business ・ Agribusiness: Chemical fertilizer, food raw materials, food, livestock raw materials, livestock products ■ Forest Products & Real Estate Development Unit ・ Forest products: Import and sales in Japan of timber, lumber, plywood, building materials, 8 etc.; overseas afforestation business, production, import, and sales of woodchips ・ Real estate: Condominium development business; retail property development business Copyright © Sojitz Corporation 2009 8
  9. 9. □ Machinery Division■Automotive Unit ■Marine & Aerospace UnitThe Automotive Unit serves a In the marine business, Sojitz is an industrybroad range of customers, from leader in terms of competitiveness and all-automakers to consumers. It has around capabilities by virtue of wide-rangingbuilt a value chain encompassing alliances in the new building, used ship,upstream (e.g., auto production chartered ship, and marine equipmentequipment, engineering, parts markets. Sojitz also operates its own fleet ofmanufacturing, logistics), ships. In the aerospace business, Sojitzmidstream (e.g., vehicle exports, serves as a sales agent for Boeing andknockdown-kit assembly, other overseas aircraft manufacturers. Inwholesaling), and downstream other aircraft businesses (e.g., business jets,(e.g., retail sales of new/used defense contracting), Sojitz aims tovehicles, aftermarket service) strengthen its operations and deepen itsoperations. collaborative ties. ■Plant, Industrial Machinery & IT Business Unit In the large-scale plant business (steel, fertilizer and electric power plants, etc.), Sojitz aims to further expand its operations by capitalizing on its strengths in Asia, Russia/NIS, and Africa. In the IT business, Sojitz has teamed up with Sakura Internet and NetEnrich to provide a full range of services from IT system development and installation to maintenance and system operation, mainly through subsidiary Nissho Electronics. Copyright © Sojitz Corporation 2009 9
  10. 10. □ Energy & Metal Division■Energy & Nuclear Unit ■Steel Business UnitSojitz is engaged in multiple In the steel business, a basicenergy-related businesses, industry, Sojitz aims to acquireincluding nuclear power, additional interests in iron orepetroleum product sales and mines, increase iron ore trading,trading, clean energy, and LNG and expand steel and relatedthrough a 50% equity stake in operations through its 40%-LNG Japan Corporation. owned affiliate Metal One ■Mineral Resources Unit Corporation. Sojitz supplies metallic resources and minerals, including coal, rare metals, and nonferrous and precious metals. It also supplies ceramics and, through its wholly owned subsidiary Sojitz Ject Corporation, carbon raw materials and products. Sojitz aims to strengthen its operations as a general trading company that both acquires resources through ownership of mining rights and trades mineral resources. ■New Energy & Environmental Business Development Office Sojitz is pursuing sustained growth by strengthening its clean energy and environmental operations, including solar power generation, emission rights trading, and development of clean coal technologies. Copyright © Sojitz Corporation 2009 10
  11. 11. □ Chemicals & Functional Materials Division■Chemicals UnitThe Chemicals Units operations mainly involve upstreamtrading of resources and basic feedstocks, and securingstable feedstock supply sources.In April 2009, the Chemicals Units reorganized into fourdepartments: the Chemical Resources Dept., OrganicChemicals Dept., Basic Chemicals Dept., and OsakaChemicals Dept. The first two are pursuing growth primarilythrough investment in commodity businesses, a Sojitz forte.The latter two conduct functionally delineated sales activities.The new organizational structure will enable the ChemicalsUnit to better serve its customers. ■Functional Materials Unit In April 2009, Sojitz consolidated its fine chemicals and functional materials businesses into the newly established Fine Chemicals & Functional Materials Dept., together with its existing compound business operated by core subsidiary Sojitz Pla-Net Corporation and synthetic resin, packaging film and materials, and electronic materials (e.g., liquid crystal) operations. The Functional Materials Unit will expand the scope of its operations dealing with technologies, patents, and other intellectual property related to downstream functional materials. Copyright © Sojitz Corporation 2009 11
  12. 12. □ Consumer Lifestyle Business Division■Foods Resources Unit ■General Commodities & Textile UnitThe Foods Resources Unit deals in a The General Commodities & Textile Unitfull range of foodstuffs, including raw operates apparel and wholesaling businesses,and processed agricultural, marine, capitalizing on a strong supply chain. Its otherand livestock products. Encompassing operations include a global textile business thatnumerous allied plants and JV integrates raw material sourcing and spinning,companies in Japan and overseas, it is weaving, and dying processes; a lifestylestrategically building a value chain business that supplies merchandise tointegrating sourcing, processing, nationwide specialty store chains and majordistribution, and sales in accord with its general merchandisers; and generalvision of building a safe, value-creative merchandise and retail businesses that dealfood supply chain seamlessly largely in consumer goods.extending from the farm to theconsumer. ■Forest Products & Real Estate Development Unit In the forest products business, Sojitz has wide-ranging operations based on sustainable and renewable timber resources expected to play an increasingly important role as CO2 sinks. Specifically, Sojitz grows trees and produces timber products overseas; and imports, re- exports, and domestically distributes pulp, woodchips, and lumber from around the world. Sojitz is able to secure stable supplies of timber resources largely by virtue of its efficient logistics operations and purchasing power that leverages economies of scale. In the real estate business, Sojitz is a general developer with strong planning and development capabilities that take advantage of its network and information gathering capabilities as a general trading company. Its core real estate businesses are condominium development and development and operation of commercial properties. As a real estate developer, Sojitz accurately ascertains market trends and societal needs and capitalizes on its strong product planning and business development capabilities. Copyright © Sojitz Corporation 2009 12
  13. 13. □ Sojitz Groups CSR Activities Sojitz Group CSR Policy We will strive to do business in harmony with society and the environment, consistently honoring the Sojitz Group Statement.■ Contribution to Society through business ■ Social Contribution Initiatives activities ●Support of the Sojitz Foundation ●Support of the Nagaoka Zen Training Center Through its business activities, Sojitz helps resolve social issues around the world. ●Grassroots initiatives (For example, participation in community cleanups,●Operation of environmentally friendly businesses donation of Japanese language books to universities●Contributing to the development of local economies in Vietnam and collection of used postage stamps) 1963 Nagaoka Zen Training Center Solar Power Generation Afforestation and Woodchip Meeting of students with scholarships funded as part established to develop and educate humanBioenergy Business Business Manufacturing Business of Sojitz Foundations support and funding activities resources through Zen.■ CSR Management ●CSR Committee ●Adequate information disclosure and communication with ●Corporate governance shareholders and investors ●Risk management ●HR management (HR development, promotion of diversity) ●Compliance ●Environmental management (ISO 14001 certified) Copyright © Sojitz Corporation 2009 13
  14. 14. □ Helping resolve societal problems through business activitiesSojitz business activities that contribute to society include the following examples. Solar Power Generation Afforestation and Bioenergy Business Woodchip Manufacturing Business BusinessWith global warming becoming Solar power generation, which taps into As paper demand has grown,increasingly severe, bioethanol (a fuel the enormous energy of the sunlight progressive deforestation has beenmade from plants) is gaining that bathes the Earths surface, has blamed for severe environmentalprominence as an alternative to been called an essentially inexhaustible damage in developing countries.gasoline, but rapid growth in energy source. Widespread adoption of Sojitz operates sustainable forestrybioethanol demand has been cited as solar power is highly desirable from the and woodchip production businessesa factor behind sharp increases in standpoint of environmental in Vietnam and elsewhere. Sojitz isgrain prices and other adverse preservation. Leveraging its strengths committed to preserving therepercussions. as a general trading company, Sojitz is environment by replanting trees in building a broad-based solar power parallel with production of woodchips,In response to such problems, Sojitz generation value chain on a global a papermaking raw material. Theoperates an ethanol and sugar business also contributes to localproduction business to minimize the scale by establishing generation sites in Europe, the Americas, Japan, and economic development by hiring localimpact on cultivation of other grains farmers to plant and care for the Brazil. elsewhere in Asia. Copyright © Sojitz Corporation 2009 14
  15. 15. Sojitz Europe plc Copyright © Sojitz Corporation 2009 15
  16. 16. □ Branches & Offices in Europe= Regional HeadquarterLondon/UK= Branch-Düsseldorf-Istanbul-Paris-Milan-Madrid= Office-Budapest-Hamburg-Warsaw-Prague-Moscow-St.Petersburg-Kiev-Khabarovsk (Far-East)-Irkutsk(Far-East) 15 Copyright © Sojitz Corporation 2009 16
  17. 17. Sojitz in IPP Copyright © Sojitz Corporation 2009 17
  18. 18. Sojitz in IPP (including Conventional Power) Mixdorf Solar 24MW (100%) Betzweiler Solar 3MW(100%) Tianshi 50MW Sawada 13.8MW (12%) (98.14%) Eco Energy Japan 1.25MW (75.5%) Baja California 498MW Riyadh PP11 1,720MW Shajiao C 1,980MW(15%) (12%) Hirokawa Wind 16MW (50%) (49%) Merida 484MW Hayama Wind 20MW (25%) Sohar 2 744MW (51%) Nuevo Leon 437MW (11%) (50%) Barka3 744MW Trinity Power 255MW (11%) Phu My-3 BOT 720MW (18%) (6.7%) Asia Power 51MW (48.5%) ETH Bioenergia 600MW+Steam (25%) Thermal PV Bioma ss Wind Thermal Recycle As of Aug 31, 18 2010 Copyright © Sojitz Corporation 2009 18
  19. 19. Photovoltaic Business
  20. 20. □ Sojitz Value Chain-1From Up stream to Down Stream Stable & Competitive Material Supply Up-stream Investment to secure raw materials (Target :SOG-Si 10,000 Mt/a by 2012) Development of Strong Market Channels Mid-stream Win-Win solution such as materials supply and products off- take with effective utilization of Sojitz business network Solar Park & Roof Top Business Down-stream Power Generation & Development with our Partners Commercialization of Innovative technologies Technology Funding for R&D in the fields of SOG-Si, Energy Storage, Next Generation PV technologies and so on Copyright © Sojitz Corporation 2009 20
  21. 21. □ Sojitz Value Chain-2Value Chain Integration & Business Development with Strategic Business Partners Up-stream Mid-stream Down-stream System M-Si SOG-Si Wafer Cell Module PV-IPP Integrator Investment ● ● ● ● Distribution ● ● ● ● ● Production Development Distribution Operation Business Fields Investment Collaboration Development with Partners Finance ■Up-Stream EPC Contract Metal Silicon: Sojitz is the number 1 trader in Japan (approx. 30,000MT in 2008e) ■Down stream (Machinery dept.) Developer of Solar Parks SOG Silicon: Direct investment into projects Sojitz has made a investment in ■Mid-stream (Functional Materials dept.) pilot prod. investment (J Yen 300 Raw materials: Various kinds of characteristic raw materials. mil in 2008) Substrate: Fluoride film such as PCTFE, ETFE film alternative for glass substrate. Back Sheet: Non Tedler back sheet for crystal and thin-film type PV module. Hot Zone Parts: Encapsulation: EVA and PVB for crystal and thin-film type PV module. More than 20 companies in carbon Inter connector: for thinner cell less than 180micron. materials Module/Equipment: Mitsubishi Heavy Industry, Sharp, Yingli, Sansha-Denki etc. Copyright © Sojitz Corporation 2009 21
  22. 22. □ Sojitz’s unique functions (in the Down Stream)Sojitz will add value on your business by acting as your partner and enabling: 1) Equity Investments for Projects 2) Project development / introduction 3) Arrange Loan for Projects - International reach 4) Supply of Solar Modules 5) Roof Top Commercial Sales Activities 6) Trade Financing 7) Access to the World - Sojitz’s World-wide Network 8) Introduction of New Business Opportunities Copyright © Sojitz Corporation 2009 22
  23. 23. □ Solar ParkActual achievement on Solar Park Business Sojitz Solar Betzweiler GmbH ○ Location: Betzweiler, Germany (Baden-Wurttemberg state) ○ Start of Operation: December 2009. ○ Performance Capacity: 2.981 MW (Energy Production: 3MWh p.a) ○ Shareholder : Sojitz Europe plc. 100% ○ Power Purchase Agreement: EnBW (20 years) ○ No. of Modules: 16,848 modules ○ Area: 12ha Copyright © Sojitz Corporation 2009 23
  24. 24. □ Solar ParkSolarpark Mixdorf ○ Location: Mixdorf, Germany (Brandenburg state)Actual achievement on Solar Park Business ○ Start of Operation: July 2011. ○ Performance Capacity: 24.164 MW (Energy Production: 24,8MWh p.a) Sojitz Solar Betzweiler GmbH ○ Shareholder : Sojitz Europe plc. 100% ○ Power Purchase Agreement: E.ON edis (20 years) ○ Location: ○ No. of Modules: 99,792 modules Betzweiler, Germany (Baden-Wurttemberg state) ○ Start of Operation: ○ Area: 81ha January 2010. ○ Performance Capacity: 2.981 MW (Energy Production: 3MWh p.a) ○ Shareholder : Sojitz Europe plc. 100% ○ Power Purchase Agreement: EnBW (20 years) ○ No. of Modules: 16,848 modules ○ Area: 12ha Copyright © Sojitz Corporation 2009 24
  25. 25. □ Trade Finance / Bridge FinanceVarious kind of finance will support your business Trade Finance to the Partner System Component manufacturer Partner 60days after delivery (System Integrator etc) Finance more than 90- 360 days Instead of above short term credit Bridge Finance to the Customer (for industrial roof top) Industrial Roof-Top Local Bank ③Long term loan- ①Bridge Finance agreement more than 10 years Max 360days L/C ②Local Bank can confirm appropriate power generating of the system Copyright © Sojitz Corporation 2009 25
  26. 26. □ New Business DirectionSojitz Invests in ACT, Manufacturer of Lithium-Ion Capacitors -Tie-Up to Manufacture and Sell Environmentally-friendly Premlis® Lithium-Ion Capacitors- Advanced Capacitor Technologies, Inc. (ACT) and Sojitz will tie-up in manufacturing and selling Premlis® lithium ion capacitors. Demand for such capacitors is expected to increase for use in photovoltaic pow er (Solar street lights) generation and as a replacement for lead batteries. Premlis® is a new type of electrical storage device that offe r s the a dva nta ges of sec ondar y ba tte r i es s uc h as lithi um-i on and l ead batteries and of electrical double layer capacitors, w hich can charge and discharge very rapidly.------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Solar street lights Features of Premlis® Lithium-Ion Capacitors Cycle life Long (approximately 100,000 cycles or 10 years) Charging and discharging time Extremely short (several seconds to tens of minutes) Charging and discharging efficiency High (can be charged even with extremely weak current) Safety High (no risk of fire or explosion) High (no risk of fire or explosion) Operating temperature range Wide (-30° - 60° capacitors withstand even harsh use environments) C C; Environmental affect Excellent (no hazardous materials such as heavy metals or performance acids) Maintenance No maintenance is needed for extended periods Premlis® Copyright © Sojitz Corporation 2009 26
  27. 27. Thank you for your attention.