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COS, Xerox National Capabilities

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Global Companies National Capabilities 2

  1. 1. GL BAL Imaging Systems, Inc. A Xerox CompanyNational Capabilities
  2. 2. Welcome toGlobal Imaging Systems, Inc. A Xerox CompanyThe Partner for Regional Companies with aNational presence.The Challenge National and Regional Companies Face…Major regional and national companies face a dilemma when it comes to choosing a documenttechnology partner:Do we go with a national manufacturer program too big to care about our needs or do we settle for alocal dealer that is too small?Option 1: Use a Fortune 1000 VendorOne option is the large national companies and OEM’s that focus on the Fortune 1000. Thesecompanies lack the agility and accountability you demand. While they may bring you the fullportfolio of office and production systems, programs customized for mega-corporations often lack theflexibility you require. Decision-making authority resides at the OEM’s national headquarters, creatingpotential frustrations in resolving billing or service issues.Option 2: Use a Local DealershipThen, you have they myriad of small, local dealerships. While these small businesses are great atproviding service to other local companies, they are not set up to deliver regional or national service.Sure, they can cobble together national account pricing and programs through their equipmentmanufacturers. However, the same challenges of agility and accountability remain. You end up witha local small business trying to work with other independent small businesses in other states who maynot care about your company.Option 3: A Partner Optimized for YouWhat if there was a partner that combined local accountability and decision making? What if thispartner owned a united national network of responsive service providers? What if this company wasbacked by the industry’s leading technology innovator?There is a partner ready to serve your unique needs: Global Imaging Systems, Inc. A Xerox Company
  3. 3. Together, the Global Companies, along with Xerox 17Billion dollar support, form the Global ImagingNational Account Program.Your Local Global Companies:Amcom Office SystemsArizona Office TechnologyBerney GroupCalifornia Central ValleyCapitol Office SolutionsCarolina Office SystemsCarr Business SystemsChicago Office TechnologyConnecticut GroupConway GroupCopyCoDahill GroupDenitech GroupEastern Copy ProductsElectronic Systems, Inc.ImageQuestImageTechInland Business SystemsLewan and AssociatesMichigan Office SolutionsMWB Business SystemsThe Northwest GroupSaxon Business SystemsSouthern Business CommunicationsStewart Business SystemsOur decentralized philosophy allows us to do what’sbest for our customers and do it quickly. We call this “Global Time…”
  4. 4. Who we are todayGlobal Imaging Systems, Inc. is designed to serve national andregional companies that demand local accountability from theirvendor. When you choose Global as your document technologypartner, you get the package you need to succeed. Xerox acquired Global Imaging in 2007 and it operates as a wholly owned subsidiary within Xerox’s North America operations. “We bought Global because it’s a great company. Global Imaging has great people, it has a great entrepreneurial model and they deliver great results. When you put that together with Xerox, it’s a great fit” “The secret to the success of the Xerox Global partnership is maintaining what they do well. Keeping them local, empowered, and autonomous. Making sure we keep their great management teams in place, added to that Xerox technology, national support and offerings, and the combination is unbeatable.” Welcome to Global Imaging Systems Anne M. Mulcahy CEO, Xerox Corporation
  5. 5. With sales of $17 billion, Xerox is the world’s largest technology and servicescompany specializing in document management. From desktop printers andmultifunction office systems to high-speed color presses, outsourcing and digital imaging,we provide the industry’s broadest portfolio of document systems and services forbusinesses of any size.Our reach is global Schools, smallbusinesses, government agencies, 2007 revenue: $17.2 billioncommercial printers, Fortune 1000companies and document-driven industries 2007 net income: $1.1 billionsuch as healthcare, legal and financial Employees: 57,400 worldwideservices – we span all types and sizes oforganizations. Geographic scope: 160 countries • We have more than 7,500 sales professionals. History: Founded in 1906 as The Haloid Company; named Haloid Xerox in 1958 • 13,400 Managed service employees at and Xerox Corporation in 1961 customer sites 2007 ranking: #145 on the Fortune 500 • 13,000 technical-service employees. • Through Global Imaging Systems, a wholly NYSE symbol: XRX owned subsidiary of Xerox, our products and services are sold and supported through regional office technology Companies in the Chairman and CEO: Anne M. Mulcahy U.S. Headquarters: 45 Glover Avenue, • We are allied with IT and business partners Norwalk, CT 06856-4505 that integrate our systems and services into their customer solutions.
  6. 6. Global Companies…National UnderstandingWe understand the needs of national businesses because we are one. With locationsacross the country, we face the same challenges you do. That gives us unique insightsinto the specific needs of mid-market national and regional businesses.As a result, we have developed flexible programs that can be customized to fit yourneeds.Experienced ProfessionalsYou can be assured that the recommendations you receive from your Global ImagingCompany are based on years of experience. We are dedicated to improving our clientsbusinesses. We are dedicated helping Transform the Way You Work. There are threemain ways that we help: Productivity-Enhancing Value-Added Document Systems Cost-Reducing Services Solutions Enhance your office Get control of your printing Streamline your business productivity. Our portfolio of costs. Our Printegration processes. Paper and digital printers and multifunction Managed Print Services documents drive business systems make your office staff program helps you get control processes. Our solutions more effective. Sensible of your printing costs. First, we transform the way you work by multifunction systems combine help you identify the costs. streamlining the flow of printing, copying, faxing and Then, we make information through your scanning features in one device. recommendations to improve business. To accomplish this, we Our newest systems even print your printing environment. integrate best-in-class in color at the cost of black and Finally, we offer ongoing service document software with white, helping improve your and management for your multifunctional office systems. communication effectiveness. fleet. The bottom line: you save The net results are positive: All of this is backed with money and reduce the IT hassle increased profit, improved excellent customer service. of managing printers. competitive advantage and enhanced workflow.
  7. 7. Transform Your Business ProcessThe world changes quickly.The way we work today is different than even 10 years ago.Email, networking, and the Internet have ushered in a wave of new realities and possibilities. Youcould say:“Modern technology and electronic communication continually produce waves of new realities andpossibilities.” Today’s competitive business environment invites all of us to consider better ways towork. New technologies offer the possibility of improvement—but only if they are correctly applied.The power of technology is revealed when it is applied to solve business problems. At Global weprovide solutions that can Transform the Way You Work. Our team of professionals is dedicated tounderstanding your business and applying technology to improve your business.Today’s fast-paced business environment requires streamlined communication.Companies that communicate efficiently gain the competitive advantage of agility. Efficientcommunication also enables companies to operate more efficiently and deliver better customerservice.Global transforms yourcommunication with systems thatintegrate common communicationtechnologies: • Email • Fax • Print • WebWe bring all of thesecommunication systems togetherto help our clients communicatemore efficiently and effectively.
  8. 8. Transform Your MarketingGrowing your business demands a compellingmarketing presence.The ability to execute targeted marketing campaigns quickly is a powerfulbusiness asset.Xerox color document solutions enable marketing departments to createand distribute highly-effective campaigns quickly and cost-effectively.1:1 MarketingThe most powerful marketing messages are customized to the end user. Our Variable Data Printingsolutions allow you to create personalized marketing pieces fast.TransPromo DocumentsIf you have new products and services that you want to sell to your current customers, one of the bestplaces to promote them is on your invoice. We can help you turn your transactional documents intopromotional documents with innovative new Electronic Forms technologies. High Speed Color Creating full-color marketing materials is made easy with new high-speed color solutions. See your vision produced in print quickly with easy- to-use color systems that print at speeds previously only available in black & white.
  9. 9. Transform Your Business Continuity Unwelcome surprises are a reality in today’s business world.Natural disasters, vandalism, and other malicious acts can severely disruptbusiness operations.Could your company survive a fire, flood, or severe earthquake? Businesscontinuity and disaster recovery plans form a defense against events thatcan destroy an organization.An Electronic ArchiveMost businesses take propermeasures to back up theircomputer information. However,much of today’s critical businessinformation is still on paper. Wecan help you create an electronicarchive of your paper-basedbusiness information with anElectronic Document ManagementSystem.Remote Access to InformationProviding secure online access to information allows employees to function from an off-site or homeoffice if a disaster keeps them from coming to work. Our Electronic Document Management Systemscan enable secure remote access.
  10. 10. Managed Print ServicesDo you really know what you are spending onprinting? If you had an expense that comprised 2% of your annual revenue and was growing faster than your top line revenue growth, you’d want to know about it, wouldn’t you? And if you could find a practical way to manage this expense and maybe even save money, it would be a top priority.AnalyzeGlobal’s Printegration™ process is a financial and technical analysis designed to help executive levelmanagement understand the issues their companies face in Document Management and Processing.EvaluateWe evaluate your method of managing printing, copying, faxing, scanning, and document storage todetermine the true cost of these systems. Global’s team of document management expertscollaborates with departments to analyze your current method of document production fromfinancial and operational perspectives.PresentThe executive summary produced by thePrinteGration™ process will help your organizationevaluate the financial and operational impacts ofyour current methods of document processing—what technology you have, what you are doingwith it, and what it is costing.RecommendOnce the PrinteGration™ process is complete, yourGlobal Company will make recommendations tooptimize your infrastructure with an eye toenhancing productivity and reducing costs.ManageMany of our clients elect to have us manage theirprinting infrastructure. Our usage-based programscan provide everything you need to manage yourprinter network including supplies, preventativemaintenance, service, and help desk support. All ofthis is available for one low cost per page.
  11. 11. National Service ExpertiseResponsive ServiceOver sixty-five percent of Global Imaging’s nationwide staff is devoted exclusively to deliveringcustomer service. We recognize the importance of support after implementation. Our team of expertsin document management will work with your company to continually evaluate, train and implementthe solutions recommended in the initial PrinteGration™ Workflow Analysis.Global Imaging’s Xerox factory-certified trainers will be available to train and assist your employeesin the use of new equipment and document management tools. Any questions or service needs will beaddressed promptly and comprehensively. We encourage our customers to come to us as often asthey need assistance.Global’s highly trained team of Customer Service Representatives provides a total solution — insuringthat equipment is operating at peak performance levels. Total Solutions Service means: • Responding within four hours average for down systems • Determine problem • Offer assistance over the phone to get you operating • Give an estimated arrival time • Fix the problem correctly the first time • Check for additional problemsOur team of Customer Services Representatives is backed by: • Xerox dedicated support, 17 billion dollars strong. • The tools and parts to get the job done right the first time. • The latest communications equipment. • Xerox-Certified in house technicians at each location. A Xerox CompanyProfessional Services and Project Management: The Global-Xerox Professional Services teamconsists of technical personnel dedicated to software, networking, technical training and support.
  12. 12. Innovative TechnologyXerox DocuShare CPX 6.0Integrating Content, People,and ProcessesXerox DocuShare CPX is aproven, award-winningapplication that brings newefficiencies and business valueto organizations of all sizes.DocuShare CPX delivers anexpanded set of advancedcapabilities that allows users tobuild best practices intoautomated business processes.Companies experience muchgreater efficiencies and gainROI within the first months ofuse.
  13. 13. National SupportFrom small devices to productionsystems, Global has it all.We flawlessly meet your document productionneeds without breaking your budget
  14. 14. National ClientGlobal Imaging Client: Client Challenges:Headquartered in In 2007 the Ticketmaster IT Group, from itsWest Hollywood, California. Southern California headquarter location, was faced with the growing challenge of managing aTraded on the NASDAQ stock document technology infrastructure across 40exchange (NASDAQ: TKTM). locations in the US from LA to San Francisco to New York to Miami and all points in between.Vertical Market: The group was faced with the task of findingEntertainment and Ticketing better ways to optimize their business processes and reduce their carbon footprint by using fewer devices and at the same time reducing costs.About TicketmasterAs the worlds leading live entertainment ticketing The company was currently contracted withand marketing company, Ticketmaster connects multiple vendors and equipment technology fromthe world to live entertainment. Ticketmaster 8 manufacturers all using different print driversoperates in 20 global markets, providing ticket and software. Over 30 contracts were in place forsales, ticket resale services, marketing and document output devices alone.distribution through, one ofthe largest e-commerce sites on the Internet; The following goals were outlined as priorities ofapproximately 6,700 retail outlets; and 21 the project:worldwide call centers. • Right-Sizing the Print EnvironmentEstablished in 1976, Ticketmaster serves more than10,000 clients worldwide across multiple event • Facilitate Document Compliance andcategories, providing exclusive ticketing services for Securityleading arenas, stadiums, professional sportsfranchises and leagues, college sports teams, • National support with Local Accountabilityperforming arts venues, museums, and theaters. • Change ManagementIn 2007, the company sold more than 141 million • Sustainabilitytickets valued at over $8.3 billion on behalf of its • Innovative Technologyclients. • Global Capabilities
  15. 15. Case Study Measurable Results:The Solution: 20% Cost Reduction • Project managed by the regional GlobalOne of the vendors at its Southern California Company in Southern California with Nationalcorporate location was MWB Business Systems, Global-Xerox support and implementation.a Global Imaging Systems company with sixlocations across the state. MWB was brought in • Print Tracker software was installed at thealong with several vendors to present potential Corporate Office resulting in real time trackingsolutions to the Ticketmaster project. and usage reporting for all networked print devices throughout the enterprise.The local Global Company began the process ofa complete document output assessment • New Xerox Color multi-function systems whereutilizing Global Imaging’s proprietary implemented across 40 US locations over a 3PrinteGration™ Process, a proven system to month period.quickly analyze your current environment,evaluate your needs, present an executive • Redundant or outdated desktop print devicessummary, recommend solutions and manage were eliminated or replaced with workgroupyour infrastructure. sustainably green Xerox Phaser Solid Ink technology.As a wholly owned Xerox Company, Global wasable to present a National and Worldwide • Remaining fleet of HP B/W desktop laserpresence and support package. This proved to printers were added to the program to providebe a perfect mix of local support and all toner, parts and service on a low cost peraccountability along with national strength and page program.Xerox world class technology and services. • 30 contracts were terminated and nowAfter months of analysis and interviewing many managed on one detailed invoice per monthleading document technology and support from the Global Imaging Company.companies, the contract was awarded to thelocal Global Company through its Xerox Global • Invoices customized by Cost Center locationsImaging National account program. for easy billing accountability. • One number to call throughout the Untied States for service and supplies. • Negotiated customized contract with terms to allow over 66 affiliates to piggy back the project.
  16. 16. Global Imaging Systems, Inc. and the Global Companies are wholly owned subsidiaries of Xerox Corporation. XEROX®,DocuColor®, and The New Business of Printing® are registered trademarks or trademarks of or licensed to XEROXCORPORATION. DocuColor® is used under license. PrinteGration® is a registered trademark of MWB Business Systems.All rights reserved. 1/08Global Imaging Systems, Inc. Xerox CorporationCorporate Headquarters 45 Glover AvenueP. O. Box 273478 P.O. Box 4505Tampa, FL 33688-3478 Norwalk, CT 06856-4505United States United StatesPh: 813-960-5508 Xerox Company