Creating Library Community


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Creating Library Community

  1. 1. What is a Blackboard Community?  Similar to a Blackboard Course  Designed for non-academic use  Access based on membership  Listed on Community Tab
  2. 2. Creating and Populating a Community  IT created community shell for Library  Library added content  Batch enrolled everyone at MSU  Batch enrollment occurs twice a year
  3. 3. Mission of Library Community  Marketing tool for Library  Primarily geared to students  One of the few channels for communicating with students
  4. 4. Announcements  First section displayed upon entering community  Highlights new resources, services, events, changes in library hours, etc.  New announcements appear on main Blackboard page and in community
  5. 5. Library Info  Provides quick information that students need  Typical items include library hours and popular services like laptop loan  Updated every semester in response to changing library hours and services
  6. 6. Featured E-Resource  Publicizes an electronic resource  Focuses on underutilized or little known resource
  7. 7. Librarian Spotlight  Personalizes Library Community  Familiarizes students with individual librarians (includes interests, subject strengths, and professional pursuits)  Includes photo
  8. 8. Newsroom  Venue for posting information on key internet resources  Highlights education-related websites, online reference tools/databases, digital collections, etc.
  9. 9. Library Trivia  Adds fun and entertaining side to Library Community  Little known facts about Sprague Library and the Library world  Examples include size of our collection, oldest existing library, meaning of “loremipsum”, etc.
  10. 10. Discussion Board  Provides forum for asynchronous discussion  Ideal for discussion related to using eResources in a particular subject area
  11. 11. Mobile Blackboard and Rave/Cell Phone  Mobile Blackboard users can receive community announcements  Announcements can be sent as text messages or emails  Users register for Mobile Blackboard on the MSU Phone Apps website  Added 3,052 users since Nov 2010 (27.7% increase)
  12. 12. Mobile Blackboard and Rave/Cell Phone
  13. 13. Usage Statistics  Assessment is critical to any marketing strategy  Usage statistics indicate if you’re achieving goals  Difficult to generate statistics in Blackboard (size of membership)  Ran multiple reports by alphabetical grouping  Initial statistics were encouraging (3,208 hits)
  14. 14. Benefit of Technology to Library Users Easy to find information on library resources, services, policies, programs, etc. View announcements from Blackboard main page Announcements can be received as text messages or emails using Mobile Blackboard Become more familiarized with Library Staff Creates comfortable environment for interfacing with the Library
  15. 15. Benefit of Technology to Information Community Venue for marketing services/resources and informing the campus about professional activities Provides effective reach into student body and faculty Modest commitment of time to manage
  16. 16. Impact of Technology on Librarians and Library Operations Library more integrated into students’ electronic classroom experience Library has greater visibility New channel of communications for library which has assumed a major role Personalized the library’s presence online
  17. 17. Impact of Technology on Perception of Librarians and Library Librarians seen as full participants in electronic classroom environment Librarians seen as technologically informed Librarians’ skills more valued and seen as colleagues