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Pakigsayud 2012 - March 2013 Issue


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Pakigsayud 2012 - March 2013 Issue

  1. 1. 2013Annual Representative Assembly8:00-12:00 Noon . March 23, 2013 (Sat.)MSU-IIT GymnasiumTibanga, Iligan City
  2. 2. 2 MSU-IIT MPC Pakigsayud 2013 Annual Representative Assembly
  3. 3. VISION A leading, world-class cooperative Table of Contents serving the nation. 4 Programme Report 5 ACCU Message 41 GENDER COMMITTEE Report MISSION 6 DID Message 7 CDA Message 42 HOUSING COMMITTEE Report 43 PERSONNEL & AWARDS COMMITTEE To provide and satisfy cooperators with 8 NATCCO Message Report excellent products and services. 9 NATCCO MBAI Message 44 YOUTH COMMITTEE 10 NATCCO Party-List Message 45 YOUTH COMMITTEE SPECIAL REPORT: 11 MASS-SPECC Message 2012 International Summit of Cooperatives OBJECTIVES 12 AWCF Message 46 BOD Resolutions 13 CLIMBS Message 59 COMMITTEE PicturesFINANCE: To ensure the financiaI viability of the 14 VRV Message 60 KEY RESULT AREAScooperative. 15 Chairperson’s Message 62 BRANCH Pictures 19 Joint BOD & Management Report 64 ACTIVITY PicturesMARKET: To establish a strong market presence 22 COOP PESOS Rating 66 COMMITTEE Picturesin strategic areas in the Philippines. 23 SAVINGS & CREDIT Reports 74 AUDITED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS 29 ACADEMY Report 106 SUNSHINE PLAN claimsPRODUCTS: To continuously develop and 30 COOP LIFE ASSURANCE CENTER / COOP CARE 107 2013 BUDGETinnovate products and services satisfying the 32 AUDIT COMMITTEE Report 115 ADVERTISEMENTSchanging needs of the members. 33 COMMITTEE on COOPERATIVE SOCIAL 121 COOP JINGLE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 122 MANAGEMENT STAFFWORKFORCE: To maintain a highly motivated 35 EDUCATION COMMITTEE Report 123 PRODUCTS & SERVICESand competent workforce. 39 ELECTION COMMITTEE Report 124 COOP DIRECTORY 40 FINANCE & INVESTMENT COMMITTEEGOVERNANCE: To practice high ethical standards,operational efficiency and effectiveness ingoverning the cooperative. CORE VALUESCOMMUNITY: To develop sustainable outreachprograms and linkages with other institutions. • SPIRITUALITY We shall live with the tenets of our religion. • EXCELLENCE We shall conscientiously strive for excellence in our work. • LEADERSHIP & We shall exercise leadership and provide a role model forPANUNUMPA SA KOOPERATIBA GOOD GOVERNANCE membership in cooperative sector. We shall teach and practice the principles of good governance. Pilipino ako nga sa kooperatiba nagatoo, • FAMILY SOLIDARITY We believe that the family is the foundation of progressive society. nakighiusa. As such, we shall dedicate all our cooperative developmental workDili mahimo ang pag-inusara kay sa daghan, towards the strengthening of the institutional cord that binds the gahum makaplagan. members of the family together as a strong and dynamic social unit. Kalambuan sa tanan akong paningkamutan. • DISCIPLINE We shall live within our means. Observe cooperative principles Pakigdait, pagkugi, panglimbasugan. and policies. Comply with laws relevant to cooperative operations, Kahapsay, kakugi akong hatagan ug bili. and advance and protect human rights in dealing with our Kalihukan, katungdanan pagaatimanon. stakeholders. Hunuhunang kooperatibanhon, buhion. • INTEGRITY We will conduct ourselves with integrity in our dealings with and on behalf of the cooperative. Usa ka handurawan, usa ka pagtoo, usa ka pagbati, sa kooperatiba, • COMPETENCE We shall live with the tradition of competence anchored upon quality education and continuing technical training. kaugalingon ihalad ko. Tabangi ako Ginoo. • ENTREPRENEURSHIP Our teachings and activities shall be aligned to the development of entrepreneurship among our members. Source: Cooperative Development Authority. 3MSU-IIT MPC Pakigsayud2013 Annual Representative Assembly
  4. 4. MSU-IIT MULTI-PURPOSE COOPERATIVE 2013 ANNUAL REPRESENTATIVE ASSEMBLY THEME:”GROWING SOCIAL ENTERPRISES, BUILDING COMMUNITIES” March 23, 2013 - 8:00 AM - 12:00 noon MSU-IIT Gymnasium Part I - OPENING PROGRAM Part II - PRESENTATION OF REPORTS Arrival and Registration 1. Call to order Pakulo/Door Prize Opening Prayer 2. Opening Address by the Chairperson Pambansang Awit Coop Pledge 3. Presentation of Reports: Coop Jingle - Joint BOD and Management Opening / - All Committee Reports Welcome Remarks Paulino T. Sanchez, BOD Chair 4. Pakulo Presentation of Paulino T. Sanchez, BOD Chair Awards Roberto E. Salarza, Vice Chair 5. Open Forum Deal Noel D. Benegrado, CEO Pakulo 6. Pakulo Closing Remarks Roberto E. Salarza, Vice-Chair 7. Adjournment Pakulo 8. Closing Prayer PAKIGSAYUD 9. Pakulo ERRATA: OUR APOLOGIES TO PROF. EDNA E. ABERILLA AND ENGR. ROBERTO E. SALARZA WHO’S TITLES WERE NOT APPROPRIATELY STATED IN THE IMMEDIATE PAST PUBLICATION AS CHAIRPERSON EMERITUS AND VICE CHAIRPERSON OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS, RESPECTIVELY. FURTHERMORE, OUR APOLOGIES TO PROF. EDNA E. ABERILLA Editorial Staff WHOSE TITLE AS CHARPERSON EMERITUS WAS NOT ACKNOWLEDGED IN THE PAST PAKIGSAYUD ISSUES. Editorial advisory Paulino T. Sanchez Published by MSU-IIT Multi-Purpose Cooperative Roberto E. Salarza 2/F MSU-IIT MPC Bldg., Quezon Ave. Ext., Pala-o, Iligan City, Editor in Chief Deal Noel D. Benegrado 9200 Art Editor/Layout Artist Jeremy M. Ancog TeleFax (063) 223-5874 Production Assistants Aldie P. Alia Aiza Fe M. Daleon Website: Yani J. Lacbayen Circulation: 13,500 copies4 MSU-IIT MPC Pakigsayud 2013 Annual Representative Assembly
  5. 5. Message 5 Best Wishes to MSU-IIT Multi-Purpose Cooperative It is my pleasure tossendigreetingsMSU-IIT Multi-Purpose Cooperative Be t W shes to and best wishes to the leaders and members of MSU-IIT Multi-Purpose Cooperative on its Annual Representative Assembly on March 23, 2013.It is my pleasure to send greetings and best wishes to the leaders andmembers is great to know Multi-Purpose Cooperative are its Annual It of MSU-IIT that the Board and Management onRepresentative Assembly onto maintain the momentum of embracing the challenge March 23, 2013. growth of MSU-IIT MPC. To sustain the achievements onIt is great same pace, there isthe Board and management are embracing the the to know that a need to build strong pillars whilechallenge to maintain the momentum ofdifferentiation. MSU-IIT MPC. To maintaining the cooperative values - your growth ofsustain the achievements on the same pace, there is a need to build strongpillars while maintaining the cooperative values - your differentiation. We congratulate MSU-IIT MPC’s decision to undergo ACCESS accreditation. It will be a strongWe congratulate that assures your members of excellent services and financial soundness. We trust will be a foundation MSU-IIT MPC’s decision to undergo ACCESS accreditation. Itstrong foundation that of ACCESS are being sustainedof excellent services an organizational soundness. that the standards assures your members and that it shaping up as and financialWe trust that of MSU-IIT MPC. of ACCESS are being sustained and that it shaping up as an culture the standardsorganizational culture of MSU-IIT MPC. As we observed in the initial evaluation of your ACCESS compliance, we commend the leadersAs we and management of MSU-IIT MPC for their dedication. ACCESS compliance, we job. observed in the initial evaluation of your ACCESS Brand is not an overnight commend theleaders and management of MSU-IIT MPC for their dedication. ACCESS Brand is not an We are confident that the Board and Management are even ready to take personal sacrifice toovernight job. We are confident that the Board and management are even ready to takepersonal sacrifice to bringinternational MPC to international standards. bring MSU-IIT MPC to MSU-IIT standards.As a supporter member ofof ACCU, wewe appreciate your commitment towards your mission. As a supporter member ACCU, appreciate your commitment towards your mission.Please continue to undertake thethe responsibility to provide personal financial education both Please continue to undertake responsibility to provide personal financial education both toyour members, and within your communities. Your experience example and example and to your members, and within your communities. Your experience is a great is a greatinspiration to us and other credit unions in Asia. inspiration to us and other credit unions in Asia.We wish you moremore success in theyears to come. We wish you success in the years to come. Sincerely yours, Ranjith Hettiarachchi Chief Executive Officer
  6. 6. Message 6 GREETINGS FROM DESJARDINSI am honored to have the opportunity to share with you few thoughts from my experience in the Philippines so far. First, I have tosay that MSU - IIT cooperative is a well-known cooperative in the Philippines and play important roles for the communities directlyserved, but also for the network as a whole.Therefore, I would like to congratulate your organisation, its directors, the staff and all the members for this 35 years anniversary.When I think of all the members who have been helped by your cooperative during all these years, I am convinced that MSU- IIThelps to create a better world for them. As we say in French, Bravo!!!I have been working in the Philippines for almost 18 months, so far. I have traveled in many areas, met with directors, managers,staff and maraming miembros. I have appreciated every moment.From my observations, I can say that Filipinos are welcoming people, always willing to help, strong workers with high entrepreneur-ship capability. I would add smiling people who are always ready to enjoy good moments. I will always remember the smile of theyoung children. Nice souvenirs!On the cooperative point of view, I was impressed by the financial capacity as well as the professional capability. Cooperatives arehelping a lot of people, that’s great.But the needs are still very important and the populations have to maintain the development of their cooperatives. Cooperativesshould work together and create an integrated system that will empower them more and make them more efficient in providing ser-vices to all members, savers and borrowers. High efficiency brings lower interest rates and lower interest rates helps borrowers to bemore productive. That’s the way cooperative works and helps their members. They also have to show how to save money and providethe appropriate products and services. And we should always remember that – alone I am weak but with others I am strong!This message is very important and I motivate the creation of the cooperatives in my country. More than 100 years ago, Mr. AlphonseDesjardins, founder of the Desjardins Movement, an important cooperative network in the province of Quebec in Canada, could notbelieve that the population had to borrow money at very high interest rates. Shark loan organisations were doing good business. ForDesjardins, the situation couldn’t continue. He studied the situation and asked support from Europe. He presented a new model andfounded the first cooperative in Levis in 1900. The idea was to gather savings from the cooperative’s members and lend that moneyto others in needs, always considering their capacity to pay. Today, Desjardins has more than 42 000 staff and 200 G$ in assets. More-over around 80 % of the Quebec population have an account with Desjardins.For the entire population of the Philippines, I hope that the cooperatives like MSU-IIT will continue its growth and the delivering ofhigh quality services to its members. Doing so, it will continue to create a better world for all. Thank you! Jean Caron Senior Advisor Development International Desjardins
  7. 7. Message 7 MESSAGE My warmest felicitations to MSU-IIT Multi-Purpose Cooperative (MMPC), the Officers, Staff, all members and stakeholders on your Annual General Assembly on March 23, 2013. During its more than two decades of cooperative journey MMPC has proven that the heart, dedication, efficiency and strong will to serve the members count the most in the face of all challenges and adversities. Keep up the good work!With the recognition given by the United Nation to the importance of the cooperatives worldwide,great many things are expected to come out from this sector. As such, I urge the dedicated leaders ofMMPC to continue to innovate your products and services to international quality standards,steadfastly adhere to the noble mission, vision and core values of the coop, exemplify the highestform of integrity, commitment, good governance and epitomize the true spirit of cooperativism.Strengthen your coop more by streaming your membership, encourage your own family to join andembrace cooperativism as a way of life. Thus, more Filipinos will be empowered and will benefit fromthe cathartic influence of the cooperatives.The CDA was able to forge Memorandum of Agreement with different National Government Agenciesas well as the Local Government Units which aim to strengthen the grass roots of our cooperatives.We formed strong ties with the unions, federations and other institutions with cooperativedevelopment pursuits in implementing and achieving the flagship program of this agency. I am happyto announce that the CDA has achieved the ISO 2008:9001 certification which calibrates the kind ofservices this agency renders to the cooperative sector, pursuing a grand dream of guiding all coops inthe country to attain the same Quality Management System certification in not so distant future.These endeavors were painstakingly undertaken by our agency with just one target in mind… to bethe best agency in service of the cooperatives nationwide. We therefore request cooperative leadersto regularly visit our website: for valuable information on Memorandum Circularissuances and policy directions being implemented by our agency so that we can gear oursynchronized actions towards the same direction… to the path of progression and excellence.I congratulate the entire workforce, the pillar behind the success, development and stability of MMPC.May it continually grow and prosper together with all the members, their families, and the community.Mabuhay ang National MSU-IIT Multi-Purpose Cooperative! Mabuhay ang Kilusang Kooperatiba saPilipinas!EMMANUEL M. SANTIAGUEL, Ph. D. Chairman
  8. 8. Message 8 NATCCO Network National Confederation of Cooperatives NATCCO congratulates MSU-IIT Multi-Purpose Cooperative in the celebration of its __ Annual Representative Assemblywith the theme “Growing social enterprises, building communities”. The theme highlights the role of the cooperatives in therespective communities where they have members; that the services of the cooperatives will build the members and thecommunities.The whole NATCCO Network comprising of more than 600 cooperatives and their 2.1M individuals served in its more than1,122 offices, joins MSU-IIT MPC in this celebration. The NATCCO Network is happy that MSU-IIT MPC has been one of itsmember cooperatives, especially that your cooperative has really become a pillar in the cooperative movement. MSU-IIT MPCis a story of transformation: from being a closed type cooperative to an open type; from being housed at the campus to onewith now __ offices; from Iligan City to __ more cities and provinces. Indeed MSU-IIT MPC has grown so that it can bringmore members who can benefit from the services that it offers and continue promoting the ideologies of cooperatives tomore peoples.As a loyal member of the NATCCO Network, MSU-IIT MPC has helped build at least two federations, MASS-SPECC and NATCCO.MSU-IIT MPC’s participation in the various services have helped build not just itself, but have helped build other primarycooperatives. While it has strived to strengthen itself, it has also worked with other cooperatives thru the federation, so thatthe whole system can be strengthened. It has helped the bigger communities of cooperatives in the Philippines.The leadership of the cooperative has been recognized with your leadership in federations and special bodies. In the 2012International Year of Cooperatives, the youth sector representative was one of the speakers in the International Summit ofCooperatives in Quebec, Canada. Mr. Luis D. Carrillo, PhD., one of its former volunteer managers, was also an awardee ofProxfin based in Quebec. The General Manager of the cooperative is also currently the President of the Cooperative ManagersAssociation of Mindanao and the Chairperson of the _____ Surety Fund. A number of your board of directors have beenChairs, members of the Boards and committees of NATCCO and MASS-SPECC.NATCCO assures MSU-IIT MPC its desire to be a partner in its growth. Your leadership in building the network is truly a blessingto the federation. May this leadership guide the federation and sector towards ta more vibrant cooperative sector. SYLVIA OKINLAY-PARAGUYA Chief Executive Officer
  9. 9. Message 9February 11, 2013February 11, 2013 Dear Fellow Cooperators of MSU-IIT MPC, It’s our 35th General Assembly. Our cooperative has grown by leaps and bounds.Dearrecalled in January 1979of MSU-IIT MPC, of us, less than 52, attended the first General Assembly. I Fellow Cooperators where only very fewDear Fellow Cooperators of MSU-IIT MPC, I was one of the chartered members of the Board of Directors then with Madam Edna Elizaga Aberilla as the chartered chairperson. thIt’s our 35th General Assembly. Our cooperative has grown by leaps and bounds.It’s our 35 General Assembly. Our cooperative has grown by leaps and bounds. Now, with the numerous and dispersed membership, we resorted to the system of representation perI recalled in January 1979 where only very of us, less than 52, attended the first GeneralI recalled in our Annual Assembly. This ARA is on top of our mid-yearthan 52, by cluster of branches. No branch in January 1979 where only very of us, less assembly attended the first GeneralAssembly. I was one of the chartered members of the Board of Directors then with MadamAssembly. I behindone of the chartered members of assemblies. of Directors then with Madam one is left was since all members can attend the cluster the BoardEdna Elizaga Aberilla as the chartered chairperson.Edna Elizaga Aberilla as the chartered chairperson. We are in the threshold of realizing the cooperative leaders’ dream: That the economically disadvan-Now, with the numerous and dispersed membership, we resorted to the system ofNow, with the cooperative can be mainstreamed economic taged thru their numerous and dispersed membership, is on resorted to the system of werepresentation per branch in our Annual Assembly. Thisplayers. Cooperatives our venture intoassembly ARA top of can mid-year via-representation per branch in our Annual Assembly. This ARA isreasonable returns. Cooperatives ble enterprises out of its funds or fromis left behind that can bring on top ofcan attend the cluster borrowed funds since all members our mid-year assemblyby cluster of branches. No oneby cluster of branches. No one is left behind since all members can attend the cluster can be major players in the food industry, energy, apparels, and agro-industrial productions on top ofassemblies.assemblies. its financial and insurance services. Cooperatives can engage the services of experts on each enterpriseWe they venture into. These enterprises though notcooperative leaders’ dream: That controlled by are in the threshold of realizing the themselves cooperatives, are owned and the economicallyWe are in the threshold of realizing the cooperative leaders’ dream: That the economicallydisadvantaged thruas such,cooperative can to the members. cooperatives; and their the returns accrue be mainstreamed economic players. Cooperatives candisadvantaged thru their cooperative can be mainstreamed economic players. Cooperatives canventure into viable enterprises out of its funds or from borrowed funds that can bringventure into viable enterprises out of its funds or from borrowed funds that can bringreasonable returns. Cooperatives can be major players in the food industry, energy, apparels, Mabuhay ang MSU-IIT MPC! Mabuhay ang cooperative movement.reasonable returns. Cooperatives can be major players in the food industry, energy, apparels,and agro-industrial productions on top of its financial and insurance services. Cooperatives canand agro-industrial productions on top of its financial and insurance services. Cooperatives canengage the services of experts on each enterprise they venture into. These enterprises thoughengage the services of experts on each enterprise they venture into. These enterprises thoughnot Cooperatively Yours, themselves cooperatives, are owned and controlled by cooperatives; and as such, thenot themselves cooperatives, are owned and controlled by cooperatives; and as such, thereturns accrue to the members.returns accrue to the members.Mabuhay and MSU-IIT MPC! Mabuhay and cooperative movement.Mabuhay and MSU-IIT MPC! Mabuhay and cooperative movement.Cooperatively Yours,Cooperatively Yours,LUIS D. CARRILLO, PhD, CSEELUIS D. CARRILLO, PhD, CSEENATCCO MBAI-PresidentNATCCO MBAI-President
  10. 10. Message 10 Republic of the Philippines House of Representatives Quezon City, Metro Manila MESSAGE From your Coop-NATCCO Partylist family, we extend our sincere solidarity as you mark your Annual Representative Assembly. This gathering is worthy of attention for it creates public awareness about the cooperative’s involvement in nation building, raises awareness with respect to the non-members in joining this “bayanihan” movement, opens opportunities for interaction and serves as an avenue in indoctrinating the ideology of cooperativism as a catalyst to progress.Let this be a perfect opportunity to endow your members an open and supportive link fortheir personal and professional growth.Your best days are ahead of you. I encourage you to develop your competence and capabilityand to uphold, preserve and maintain you unique identity as a cooperative and may youcontinue your aspiration to become a world class cooperative serving the nation.It is my fervent hope that MSU-IIT’s operations will continue to see success in the years to come.In the same way, I wish that the cooperative spirit among the members remain strong.As your partner in development, rest assured that the Coop-NATCCO Partylist’s drive inadvancing the welfare of cooperatives through significant legislations and policy reforms will notfalter.As we perform our daily tasks, let us put our faith to God Almighty and seek for His guidanceand graces so we would successfully carry out our mission of empowering our brothers andsisters in Christ.Mabuhay kayong lahat!HON. CRESENTE C. PAEZRepresentative, Coop-NATCCO Party-list
  11. 11. Message 11 MESSAGECongratulations to MSU-IIT Multi-Purpose Cooperative on its 4th Annual Representative Assembly! Yoursuccess is not just measured by the size of your assets which now stands over P 800 Millions but by the qualityservice you give to your 40,000 members making a real difference in their lives. Because beyond asset size,what matters is when members will truly say that their lives have been improved because of the cooperative.Your theme for this year, “Growing Social Enterprises, Building Communities” demonstrates your continuingefforts in supporting members’ needs by helping them build their individual enterprises. Growing members’enterprises will ultimately lead to members getting out of poverty and building better communities. This isthe essence of MSU-IIT MPC!As a member of MASS-SPECC Network, we call on MSU-IIT MPC to be the vanguard in advancing the agen-da of the network. Building a strong cooperative movement does not come from the strength of a single orfew cooperatives but from the strength of the sum of all cooperatives unified as one. This cooperation amongcooperatives comes from a shared bond to change the lives of the members, help build communities and con-tribute to nation building.Together, let us we move forward in growing cooperatives into one strong cooperative movement.More Power to MSU IIT MPC! BERNADETTE O. TOLEDO, CPA Chief Executive Officer
  12. 12. Message 12The Asian Women in Co-operative Development Forum (AWCF) congratulatesthe MSU IIT MPC on the occasion of its 2013 Annual Representative Assembly.The AWCF was established in 1990 to answer the need for developing soundgender practices and policies in co-operatives across Southeast Asia. In ouractivities here in the Philippines, we have partnered with international and local co- operatives to reach thedifferent co-operatives in the Philippines including the MSU IIT MPC.In 2010 to 2012, AWCF has implemented the Project “Promoting Gender Equality Among Co-operatives in thePhilippines”. The Project was under the ACCESS TO THE POOR PROGRAM of Swedish Cooperative Center,funded by SIDA. There were15 co-operative organizations involved: 5 from Luzon, 5 from Mindanao and 5from Visayas who expressed the need to undertake a Gender Equality program in their co-op. Through theproject, the co-ops adopted and implemented policies and plans on GE while calling for relevant governmentagencies to adopt policies and rules on GE for co-ops; KEY RESULT of this project was that co-ops becamegender-fair organizations and workplaces that have enhanced their socio-economic services to the members,with consequently socio-economic returns for the co-ops.Today, the MSU IIT MPC is a showcase of gender equality to other co-ops, development groups, governmentagencies, other stakeholders, and the public in general. The gender journey and results of MSU IIT MPCwant to emphasize that being gender sensitive and being able to practice gender equality can be done byother co-ops that want to better serve their members and, to a larger extent, the community. There are manybenefits that being a gender-fair co-op can achieve for its own organization and its membership of womenand men. A happy co-op member makes a happy co-op both in the social and economic sphere. Being agender fair co-op also brings good business.We in AWCF continue to support MSU IIT MPC in its pursuit of gender equality as it strives to become moreeffective and relevant vehicle for the socio-economic upliftment of the people. (Sgd.) Salome A. Ganibe Executive Director AWCF
  13. 13. Message 13 CLIMBS LIFE AND GENERAL INSURANCE COOPERATIVE National Highway, Zone 5, Upper Bulua, Cagayan de Oro City Telefax: 088 8561355 Email: Website: My warmest appreciation and recognition to MSU-IIT Multi-Purpose Cooperative’s celebrationMy warmest appreciation and recognition to MSU-IIT Multi-Purpose Cooperative’s celebration to its to its Annual Representative Assembly 2013!Annual Representative Assembly 2013!and inspiring theHighway,your members and Cagayan de Oro City CLIMBS LIFE AND GENERAL INSURANCE COOPERATIVEYou have surelyshown to us that you in uplifting provided adequate financialof your members and you have have proven and come a long way have already and inspiring the lives assistance to You have surely come a long way in uplifting National lives of Zone 5, Upper Bulua, you Telefax: 088 8561355 Email: Website: www.climbs.coproven and shown to us to MSU-IIT MPC’s mission andprovided adequate financial assistance to your your members in accordance that you have already vision.members in accordance to MSU-IIT MPC’s mission and vision.But it is not too be better aspire for greater heights; in fact, to encourage you to be more ambitious; to celeb tious; to strive to bold to to what you have alreadyappreciation and recognition to MSU-IITand My warmest achieved and I surpass expectations Multi-Purpose Cooperative’s But it is not too bold to aspire for greater heights; in fact, I encourage you to be more ambi-strive to be betterfor the greatness of everyone. achieved and to surpass expectations and to inspire to inspire more lives to what you have already Annual Representative Assembly 2013!more lives for the greatness of everyone. surely come a long way in uplifting and inspiring the lives of your members an You have Live up to the thought you wish to transcend to and shown to us which a virtue already provided adequate financial assistan proven your members in that you have that a success-Livecooperative should always impart andtranscend to to whichMSU-IIT MPC’s is created in vision. a successful ful up to the thought you wish tomembers in accordance to a cooperative mission and that as a basic idea your members in which a virtuecooperative should always impart But itas notbasic idea aspire for greater heights; in fact, I encourage the to be more am and is a too bold to to which a cooperative is created in you firstplace. strive to be better to what you have already achieved and to surpass expectations an the first place. more lives for the greatness of everyone.Make that principle be your guide and as a challenge in providing quality services not only to your your members and employees but to the restup to the thought you wish to transcend to your to Live of the community as a whole also in response members in which a virtue that amembers and employees but to the rest of the community as a wholebasic idearesponse cooperative is created also in to which a to MSU-IIT Make that principle be your guide and as a challenge in providing quality services not only to cooperative should always impart and as aMPC’s mission for a greater nation. place. MSU-IIT MPC’s mission for a greater nation.KUDOS to the leaders, staff andand members of principle be your guide and as a challenge in(MSU-IITquality services not o KUDOS to the leaders, staff members of MSU-IIT Multi-Purpose Cooperative (MSU-IIT providing MPC)! Make that MSU-IIT Multi-Purpose Cooperative members and employees but to the rest of the community as a whole also in response MPC’s mission for a greater nation. MPC)! KUDOS to the leaders, staff and members of MSU-IIT Multi-Purpose Cooperative (MSU-IIMore power and God speed! More power and God speed! More power and God speed!Fermin L. GonzalesPresident/CEO Fermin L. Gonzales President/CEO
  14. 14. Message 14 A WORD FROM VRV CONSULTANCYCongratulations on your successful 2012 operations!VRV Management has had the pleasure of being your working partner on 5-year strategicplanning, budgetary reviews, treasury and controllership operations, and marketingactivities. We take great pride in this ongoing partnership.MSU-IIT MPC has a capable management group, a visionary and ambitious Board ofDirectors, and the best branch management staff we have dealt with. Capitalize now onthese resources towards your dreams of greatness.May you become the vibrant nationwide cooperative you always wanted to be.(Sgd.)Prof. Vicente R. Valdellon, Jr.PresidentVRV Management
  15. 15. Message 15 CHAIRPERSONDear Brothers and Sisters of the MSUIIT National Multi-Purpose Cooperative:Heavenly Cooperative Blessings! And Welcome to our Annual Representative Assembly on the 35th year of our God-centered co-op-eration. As the inertia of local, national and international celebrations of the 2012 INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF COOPERATIVES continuesour theme for this assembly is consistent with the SLOGAN: “COOPERATIVE ENTERPRISES BUILD A BETTER WORLD.”Goals of the International Year of Cooperatives:1. Increase public awareness about cooperatives and their contributions to socio-economic development and the achievementof the Millennium Development Goals;2. Promote the formation and growth of cooperatives;3. Encourage governments to establish policies, laws and regulations conducive to the formation, growth and stability ofcooperatives.Source: with our approved 5-Year Strategic Plan 2012 to 2016, and the goals 1 and 2 enumerated above, we have opened sav-ings and credit offices in Puerto, Cagayan de Oro City, Bacolod, Lanao del Norte, two in Butuan City and one in the Municipality ofLaguindingan, Misamis Oriental. Indeed a good number of new co-operators from these newly opened offices have responded to ourinvitation to:JOIN US! GROW WITH US!In keeping with scriptural tradition let me welcome one and all to our 4th Annual Representative Assembly with Psalm 127:1 as ourreminder that “Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.”I therefore enjoin all cooperator-representatives in behalf of the general membership that we share our thoughts, good inspirationsand feelings, and arrive at collective decisions with the guidance of the Holy Spirit of God, our Heavenly Parent and True Parents ofHeaven, Earth and Humankind.Again to master our thoughts, feelings, words and acts together allow meshare to you that our MSU-IIT NMPC is an economic vehicle guided by theequilateral triangle paradigm shown in Figure 1 below.Figure 1.Dynamics of Vision, Mission, Objectives; Team and LeadershipParadigm
  16. 16. Message 16Our MSU-IIT National Multi-Purpose Cooperative as the Team that is composed of leaders and follower-members is an economicvehicle united on the basis of our Vision Statement: “A leading world-class cooperative serving the nation”Mission Statement:“To provide and satisfy cooperators with excellent products and services”Objectives, as printed in page 3, Pakigsayud Vol. XXX – Rearranged:GOVERNANCE: To practice high ethical standards, operational efficiency and effectiveness in governing the cooperative.WORKFORCE: To maintain a highly motivated and competent workforce.COMMUNITY: To develop sustainable outreach programs and linkages with other institutions.MARKET: To establish a strong market presence in strategic areas in the Philippines.PRODUCTS: To continuously develop and innovate products and services satisfying the changing needs of the members.FINANCE: To ensure the financial viability of the cooperative.And the Panumpa sa Kooperatiba as deep commitment foundation anchored on God or … Tabangi ako Ginoo.CASHFLOW MANAGEMENTGiven the newly opened six savings and credit offices with at least four to five office and field workers, it is a projected situationthat said offices have to be subsidized for the first eighteen(18) to twenty four (24) months of operation. Indeed these offices have affected our Net Surplus for the year 2012 as per JoinedBOD and MANAGEMENT Report and Audited Financial Statements. Aside from subsidizing the operations of newly opened savingsand credit offices, we have also resolved that starting January 2012, we are to accrue Php 350,000.00 per month or Php 4.20 mil-lion per year for ten years to provide for the Special Savings.Another major program we are working on with the Housing Committee and the Property Management Division of our Ato KiniKoop is the Housing Cooperative Project at Lambagohon. Even though these activities require cash outflow, their contribution topositive net surplus are yet in the future.Despite the reduction of net surplus for 2012, we have contributed in our countries economy by means of providing employmentto no less than 30 additional management and staff.
  17. 17. Message 17COMMUNICATIONS MANAGEMENTAfter our exit conference with the External Auditors, we are strongly reminded to improve on our communications in the areaof enhancing knowledge and skills to be learned and practiced by and among, elective officers, management and staff and thegeneral membership. Specially among prospective elective officials from the membership and newly hired management andstaff.In today’s ARA, we hoped to have communicated the need to ratify and approve the Articles of Cooperation and By-Laws of theCoop Academy. The invitation to all members to subscribe for at least 1,000 shares and be qualified to be elected among the firstsubsidiary officers by paying their initial paid-up share capital of Php 12,500.00 in their respective branch offices. That the first21 members to have paid-up their 25% of the minimum subscription of 1,000 shares will be founding members of the MSUIITNational Cooperative Academy, a subsidiary of the MSUIIT National Multi-Purpose Cooperative.The MSUIIT National Cooperative Academy Subsidiary will be relocated come School Year 2013 we pray that the all the neededpreparations we are working on will be guided and blessed by our Heavenly Parent and True Parents of Heaven, Earth andHumankind. We therefore enjoin every one to pray for the success on the efforts in this regard.SYSTEMS, LEGAL AND PRODUCTSConnecting all the operating links while seeing to it that ethical, moral and legal requirements are in place, we move close tosubstantiating our vision as we conduct and carry out each day with love our mission of serving the entire membership anchoredupon heavenly cooperative principles and practices. Truly all these we prayerfully integrate on the basis of our Core Coopera-tive Values of Spirituality, Excellence, Leadership and Good Governance, Family Solidarity, Dignity, Integrity, Competence andEntrepreneurship. (Pakigsayud Vol. XXX, Page 3). Resolve and approve the proposed increase in the Sunshine Benefit from the Php 75,000.00 to Php 125,000.00 for a corre-sponding increase in monthly premium contribution of Php 35.00 per month effective the month after this assembly, with theunderstanding that those who will simply opt for the same benefit will not effect the change in his or her monthly Sunshinecontribution.COOP NATCCO Party ListOur desire and effort to bring about 1 Koop Mindanao Party List did NOT succeed in being accredited by the Commission on Elec-tions. Thus the natural course of action is for all cooperators to rally and support the COOP NATCCO Party on the Party List Elec-tions May 13, 2013. We look forward that Congressman Cresente C. Paez will grace this assembly as our Guest Speaker today.MSUIIT NMPCThe MSUIIT NATIONAL MULTI-PURPOSE COOPERATIVE can in the future become a more effective vehicle in uplifting the lives ofour members and build better communities. Our newly adopted Articles of Cooperation and By-Laws have empowered yourBoard of Directors to effect, Article XI Allocation of Net Surplus, as follows:
  18. 18. Message 18Reserve Fund. At least ten percent (10%); Cooperative Education and Training Fund of Not more than ten percent (10%); Community Development Fund of At least three percent (3%); Relief, Rehabilitation, Recovery, and Reconstruction Fund of At least three percent (3%); Optional Fund of Not more than seven percent (7%); and Venture Capital Fund of Not more than seven percent (7%).The purposeful and effective use of the above funds will bring our cooperative greater conquest of materialpoverty. However, purposeful and well directed growth and development of officers, management and staff,and general membership; and each taking individual responsibility to learn and practice heavenly cooperativeprinciples, core values and continuing unlearning and learning of undesirable and good practices respectively,will manifest shared prosperity!Again, spread the cooperative good news to family members, relatives, friends, and the community. JOIN US! GROW WITH US!For and In Behalf of the Board of Directors, Management and Staff, and the entire Membership of the MSUIITNational Multi-Purpose Cooperative and the upcoming subsidiaries, Peace, Shalom, God Bless and Welcome toour 35th Anniversary and 4th Annual Representative Assembly. Engr. PAULINO T. SANCHEZ BOD Chairperson
  19. 19. MSU-IIT MPC Pakigsayud 2013 Annual Representative Assembly 19 JOINT BOD and MANAGEMENT REPORT2013 is an exciting year for our dear Cooperative in many ways.Today is our fourth Annual Representative Assembly and at the same time coincides with our 35th General Assembly. As far as our Coopis concerned, we do have the advantage of having a Midyear Branch/Cluster Assemblies wherein big ownership meetings are held andallowed us to choose at the same time our Representatives who will be attending the Annual Representative Assembly just like whatwe are having at this moment. We are proud to say that we may the only one practicing twice a year big assemblies allowing membersto be informed of the business undertakings done during the first half of the year and make necessary interventions needed to be donefor the rest of the year. It is costly but the benefits outweigh the former. Some cooperatives are benchmarking with us and appreciatedthe value of this tradition.Growing Social Enterprises and Building Communities is primarily what our Cooperative has been trying to envision and the core of ourmission. We are not an ordinary organization or corporation trying to make money and achieve pure economic gains but more impor-tantly, an association of well-intentioned individuals dreaming and realizing the social upliftment of its members. By definition, socialenterprises “are revenue-generating businesses with a twist. Whether operated by a non-profit organization or by a for-profit company,a social enterprise has two goals: to achieve social, cultural, community economic or environmental outcomes; and, to earn revenue.”(from the Center for Community Enterprise) . It is also defined as “A social economy enterprise operates like a business, produces goodsand services for the market, but manages its operations and redirects its surpluses in pursuit of social and environmental goals.” (Defin-ing the Social Economy, by Fiona Salkie; Senior Policy Analyst, WD Headquarters, Edmonton).35 years ago, we started our coop community in the confines of our MSUIIT Campus. We are doing fine and blossomed into an 892-mem-ber, P86 Million-Assets and P1 Million-Net Surplus cooperative and going strong leading cooperative. 11 years ago today or in 2002, wehave decided to open up to the community and share our experience to all Iliganons. Today, we have about 50 thousand members bothregular and associate from all sectors of our society not only from our dear Iligan City but to the whole of Lanaodel Norte, Cagayan deOro City and Misamis Oriental, Pagadian City, Butuan City and Agusan del Norte. We are now P800 Million in Assets and having a P23.4Million Net Surplus. Definitely, we are growing and we have shared to more people the blessings we have in the Cooperative. Truly, weare building Cooperative Communities believing in the same internationally accepted cooperative principles and values.Interconnectivity and Internet banking are not far behind. In our quest for updated and better savings and credit operations in our Coop,we are now working in these two areas. By year end, we hope to implement the first and finally, use one computerized accountingsystem to rationalize our MIS. Adopting an existing banking facility to interface with our own, we should also enjoy internet bankingfeatures as we service the ever changing needs of our members. These two would ensure that we are at least updated and using avail-able IT possible within reasonable costs and satisfying our members.Our pursuit to be ACCESS-branded may hopefully come to fruition as we are working at the basic requirements and pre-requisites tobecome one before the year ends. This will make us the fourth cooperative in the Philippines and the first in Mindanao. This is a manifes-tation of our strong desire to be world class and providing a sound and sustainable savings and credit operations. We are trying to workout a way to achieve the goals of four essential perspectives namely, financial, members-customers, internal business and, learning andgrowth (business scorecard as adopted by ACCU).As of December 2012, our total assets stood at P799.4 million net after closing the deferred assets. This was agreed upon by the Boardand Management modifying the previous action to amortize over a period of 5 to 10 years with clearance from CDA. The net surpluswas P23.4 million which was lower than the previous year of P28.5 million. This was due to increasing cost of putting up new branchesalthough we look at this strategic action as an investment as well where eventually the fruits and gains will be seen in the future. TibangaMain has to shell out P4 million to amortize the interest expense accruing for special savings of prior years. The savings and credit opera-tions did not achieve the revenue target for loans thus resulting in a lower net surplus. Although there was an increase from P75.5 millionto P88 million in interest income on loans but the loans released actual was only P838 million where the budget was P892 million.
  20. 20. Year 2012 was a challenging year for us. We are challenged to boast the image of MSU-IIT Multi-Purpose Cooperative in the increase of its membership level and expand its horizons. With the Marketing strategies that we have, flavored with wit, enthusiasm, Board of Directors and management support, we were able to accomplish many triumphs. We were able to hit 96% of the consolidated mem- bership target. In order to know more of what products and services we are going to give to our members, we conducted a survey on members’ needs. Part of strengthening our marketing drive, we improved our marketing collaterals and made the Coop more visible by advertising on television and radio. The Coop jingle was also created to build a stronger image and identity to the community. We believe that the members are the lifeline of the Coop, so we came up with a program last December 2012 in which we gave Christmas cards to all our members. Our top 100 and top 10 valued members were given ballpens and planners, respectively. In each branch, we also identified our Top 1 valued member and sang Christmas carols to them to express our gratitude. We always adhere to excellence and world class approaches in our coop business. Hence, we continually do our task in the promotion and development of our products. For this year and onwards, we will continue to provide excellent service to our members. We presume there will be more challenges to come, but we will be able to surpass them if we work together. There are no magic wands, no hidden tricks, and no secret handshakes that can bring us immediate success. With time, effort and determination, we will get there. In the side of Human Resource, we strengthened our payroll, hiring, and training systems. These are very essential in achieving our long-term targets and in empowering our employees to work harder and smarter to reach the goals. We conducted trainings to staff and members for them to also see the path we want to follow. In doing so, the Board of Directors and Officers, Management and staff are one in vision and mission. We hope to relocate the Coop Academy into a better location and a more permanent one. By doing so, an increase of enrollees in the coming years is a great possibility. MSU-IIT MPC is also working hard to enhance our CoopCare program to give more benefits to our members, especially in wellness programs. We had a kick-off activity last year which was the 1st Coop Funrun. TheCoopcare program is one of our means to reach out to members and build camaraderie in the community. Community involvement is a major goal on the Coop, but is not limited to places where our branches exist. The Coop is always active in networking activities among other cooperatives and federations. Immersion in advocacy efforts like gender and development, anti- poverty, pooling of resources like credit surety fund, and the development of the MIS-IT system for the whole network. Moreover, we are working on building strong relationships like involvement in the Cooperative Managers’ Association in Mindanao and People Man- agement Association in the Philippines.MSU-IIT MPC is not alone in its endeavors. We believe that by reaching to important networks mentioned, our Coop will grow into a healthy and holistic cooperative. Part of being a holistic cooperative is to be the number one when it comes to transparency and ingenuousness. We are working on better use of our information technology. Providing electronic copies of the Pakigsayud and additional publications is a work in progress. The Coop seeks to provide authentic information to our members and to the community. We have opened Puerto branch in January, JC Aquino in March, Bacolod in May, Pagadian in August, Langihan and Laguidingan in October last year. We have transferred and renovated the Kiwalan and Buruun branches as well as Maranding branch. All in all, we have 19 branches and satellites operating savings and credit in four cities and four provinces. Of course, we have been operating our Coop Academy and Coop Life Assurance Center/Coop Care for many years. Our Head Office is situated in our wholly-owned building and lot located at Quezon Avenue Extension, Iligan City. The COOP PESOS rating used by CDA to measure a cooperative’s performance as seen in page 16 of our Pakigsayud indicated that our Coop has a general rating of 81.4 % which is equivalent to Fair. As far as Portfolio Quality is concerned, our Portfolio At Risk which measures delinquency has a score of 7.62% which is close to the standard of 5% or less. We have fully provided for probable loan losses.20 MSU-IIT MPC Pakigsayud 2013 Annual Representative Assembly
  21. 21. MSU-IIT MPC Pakigsayud 2013 Annual Representative AssemblyEfficiency ratios indicated that we are doing fine except cost per peso loan, asset yield and operational self-sufficiency. Inflation rate 21was 3% last 2012. Under stability ratios, we are fine with both solvency and liquidity but way below the standard as far as net insti-tutional capital. The two operations ratios of performance of membership growth and trend in external borrowings were excellent.Finally, structure of assets ratios indicated that we have yet to improve our standing considering that our asset quality is zero out offive. We are still way below the standard as to the total loans receivable/total assets and total members’ share capital/total assets.Total deposits/total assets are slightly below the minimum standard. From these ratios, we need to focus our efforts in the weakareas under the structure of assets. Non- performing assets will have to be minimized, raise the deposits of members, and generatemore quality loans to optimize use of our available funds as well as generate more share capital from the members.Our Board and Management efforts were ably supported by consultants coming from our federations namely, NATCCO and MASSSPECC as well as the VRV Management Consultancy especially in the crafting of our Strategic Plan and Operational Business Plan. Wewere active in conducting training for our Officers and Staff as well as attending important federation assemblies and fora to keepus abreast of new developments and programs adopted by other cooperatives in the country. Our leaders are elected into electivepositions in the federations hence recognizing their competencies even in the secondary and tertiary levels of governance. Also, wecontinued to lead in supporting our federations especially in the building up the funds.We have a lot to learn from all these experiences and to apply the new learning in the coming year. Though we continue to strength-en and improve our weak areas we would like to congratulate ourselves of the victories we have had. Again, our source of inspira-tion and strength lie in our loyal membership and dedicated officers and staff. We have seen the growth of our Coop through theyears and how we sustained our coop good practices and values. We have built a strong and vibrant people-centered organizationfounded on principles of cooperativism. According to the ICA, we have to be unashamedly ambitious in our endeavors.We will striveto be builder of enterprising communities and a catalyst of social change. We will follow the footsteps of visionary leaders but at thesame time form leaders of men and women of this nation. Let us make a difference in the lives of others.At present sustainability is not a term that is universally linked with co-operatives. This is what needs to change by 2020. We aregoing to position our co-operative as builders of sustainability and be aligned in the Vision 2020 of the International Co-operativeAlliance. The co-operative sector needs to demonstrate persuasively that sustainability is in the core nature of co-operatives, andthat co-operative enterprise creates a positive impact to sustainability.In conclusion, all our efforts and toil will come to nothing if we do not seek God’s wisdom and understanding. We will continue toseek His counsel and discern His plan for all of us. May we continue to depend on His strength and ever loving guidance. Let this beour prayer. Mabuhay ang atong Koop! Engr. DEAL NOEL D. BENEGRADO CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Engr. PAULINO T. SANCHEZ BOD CHAIRPERSON
  22. 22. Quezon Avenue Ext., Pala-o, Iligan City Registration/Confirmation No. COOP-PESOS Rating As of December 31, 2012 COOP PESOS RATING Maximum Raw Weight Score Actual Score Rating COOP 20% C 20 20 O 26 26 O 40 39 P 14 14 Total COOP Points 100 99 19.8 PESOS 80% P 25 22 E 20 16 S 30 24 O 10 10 S 15 5 Total PESOS Points 100 77 61.6 (Cratingx.20 COOP-PESOS Total Raw Score +Pratingx.80) 81.40 Overall Rating 3 ___________ Equivalent rating of overall actual raw score: 1 - 96 to 100 Very Good 2 - 90 to 95 Good 3 - 80 to 89 Fair 4 - 70 to 79 Poor 5 - below 70 Very Poor Maximum EQUIVALENT STANDARD SCORE POINTS POINTS PORTFOLIO QUALITY Portfolio at Risk 5 % or less 7.62% 12 15 Allowance for Probable Losses on Loans (over 365 days) 100% 100.00% 5 5 Allowance for Probable Losses on Loans (1-12 mos) 35% 35.80% 5 5 EFFICIENCY Asset Yield At least inflation rate 2.88% 3 4 Operational Self-Sufficiency 120% and above 113.11% 3 4 Rate of Return on Members Share Higher than inflation rate 3.34% 4 4 Loan Portfolio Profitability More than 20% 24.06% 4 4 Cost Per Peso Loan P 0.10 0.21 0 2 Administrative Efficiency 3%-10% 9.28% 2 2 STABILITY Solvency At least 110% 111.07% 10 10 Liquidity Not less than 15% 35.75% 10 10 Net Institutional Capital At least 10% 3.41% 4 10 OPERATIONS Performance of Membership Growth 75%-100% of target 90.00% 5 5 Trend in External Borrowings 0 0.00% 5 5 STRUCTURE OF ASSETS Asset Quality not more than 5% 14.24% 0 5 Total Deposits/ Total Assets 55%-65% 51.44% 3 5 Total Loans Receivable/ Total Assets 70-80% 57.97% 1 2 Total Members Share Capital/ Total Assets 35%-45% 25.87% 1 3 TOTAL 77 100 Prepared by: Approved by: Loradel B. Pabillar, CPA Engr. Deal Noel D. Benegrado Accountant Chief Executive Officer22 MSU-IIT MPC Pakigsayud 2013 Annual Representative Assembly
  23. 23. CLUSTER 1 MSU-IIT MPC Pakigsayud 2013 Annual Representative Assembly 23 CLUSTER 1 Tibanga Kiwalan Poblacion Manticao/ Laguindingan CONSO 2011 2012 2011 2012 2011 2012 2011 2012 2012 Aud Act Bud %  Aud Act Bud %  Aud Act Bud %  Aud Act Bud %  Act Bud % Assets 376.62 411 402.6 102 25.57 32.1 29.4 109 35.89 40.9 52 78 14.97 20.73 19.07 109 504.73 503.07 100Deposits 228.87 251.4 244 103 11.62 14.6 15.3 95 16.96 17 26 64 2.93 4.6 3.46 133 287.6 288.76 99Share Cap. 55.6 60 63 95 9.82 12.1 12.8 94 12.15 15 16 90 5.57 6.58 6.31 104 93.68 98.11 95Loan Rel. 128.75 143 144 99 40.45 50.8 48 105 48.26 57 66 86 24.53 28.58 43.95 65 279.38 301.95 93Gross Rev. 33.77 39.2 43 91 6.86 7.4 9.7 76 6.79 7.7 10 75 3.64 3.94 6.5 61 58.24 69.2 84Exp. 27.02 28.5 32.6 87 3.93 5.4 5.7 93 4.15 5 7 70 3.09 3.7 5.1 73 42.6 50.4 85Net Surp. 6.75 10.7 10.4 100 2.93 2.45 4 51 2.64 2.7 3.2 86 0.55 0.236 1.4 17 16.086 19 85Membership 4672 5,048 5,409 93 2407 2,906 3,007 96 2038 2,360 2,636 90 1337 1,592 1,829 87 11,906 12,881 92PAR (%) 7.12 5.13 8 156 13.01 8.59 10 120 6.39 5.30 7 130 10.41 4.75 8.00 168 5.94 8.25 140COOP‐ PESOS (%) 74 80 80 100 82 84 82 102 86 87 90 96 77 74 85 90 81 84 96 Cluster 1 comprises of the following branches: Tibanga-main, Kiwalan, Poblacion, Manticao and Laguindingan Satellite. Manticao is the motherbranch of Laguindingan satellite which was opened last October 2012. Some of these branches are in rural setting yet very challenging to promote theconcept of Cooperativism. “If you want to be incrementally better: Be competitive. If you want to be exponentially better: Be cooperative”, a quote which sums up theaccomplishments of Cluster 1. Based on the KRA’s of the branches, Cluster 1 manages to strengthen its “strong areas” particularly in Assets and Savingsgeneration. Cluster 1 has a total membership of almost 12,000. The COOP PESOS is also high except for Manticao Branch which is below 80 percent. Despiteof the low COOP PESOS of Manticao Branch, it isn’t a problem because every obstacle is an opportunity and they are working so hard to recover this in theyear 2013. All the branches managed to reduce its delinquency rate compared to 2011 operations. Tibanga-main has total investment of 117.4 million. Thenew Kiwalan Branch location is one of the determining factors of its advancement. Poblacion hits the top rank in their COOP PESOS rating. To attract moremembers Poblacion Branch is planning to renovate their office by 2013. Membership growth is in the top list of Manticao Branch as one of the ways toachieve its target for 2013 operation. For Laguindingan satellite, it aims to have positive surplus for 2013 and recruit many members. Cluster 1 may have allcame from different places, butwe’re in the same boat now.The enduring support of themembers is the reason of thesuccess of our branches.We all dobetter when we work together solet’s continue to hang together toupkeep the MSU- IIT NMPC visionand mission.We are very grateful to thesupport and patronage of ourmembers.God be with us Cooperators! D. P. Armecin J. A. Hernandez C. N. Gallo C. A. Lugatiman N. D. Lacastesantos Satellite Officer-Laguindingan Branch Manager – Manticao Branch Manager – Tibanga Main Branch Manager – Poblacion Branch Manager – Kiwalan
  24. 24. CLUSTER 2 CLUSTER 2 To all Cluster 2 Members: Palao Buruun/Bacolod Tubod  Suarez CONSO 2011 2012 2011 2012 2011 2012 2011 2012 2012 Aud Act Bud %  Aud Act Bud %  Aud Act Bud %  Aud Act Bud %  Act Bud %  Assets 180.61 211.00 224.51 94 24.99 36.8 32.49 113 27.29 34.1 34.49 99 13.79 15.7 16.29 96 297.62 307.78 97 Deposits 80.08 97.14 99.68 97 12.28 14.94 16.98 88 10.39 12.8 15.39 83 4.49 5.23 5.29 99 130.15 137.34 95 Share Cap. 46.13 52.21 59.43 88 10.04 13.63 14.64 93 9.53 12.2 12.53 97 4.36 5.31 5.36 99 83.32 91.96 91 Loan Rel. 201.39 187.14 210 89 38.96 49.93 45.60 110 49.51 58.9 63.00 93 29.62 30.1 31.2 96 326.03 349.8 93 Gross Rev. 29.51 32.27 32.88 98 6.13 7.70 9.63 80 5.74 6.72 8.00 84 3.24 3.4 5.46 62 50.09 55.97 89 Exp. 12.56 17.10 13.88 123 4.2 5.12 7.44 69 3.41 4.42 4.70 94 2.2 2.6 3.65 71 29.24 29.67 99 Net Surp. 16.95 15.17 19.00 80 1.93 2.61 2.91 90 2.33 2.3 3.30 70 1.04 0.84 1.81 47 20.922 27.02 77 Membership         7,022 7,648 7,521 102 2,043 2,824 2,895 98 1,907 2,275     2,507 91 1,250 1,671 1,718 97 14,418 14,641 98 PAR (%) 8.04 9.59 8.00 83 15.02 8.69 10.00 120 5.29 5.30 7.00 130 8.92 5.70 7.00 168 7.32 8.00 92 COOP‐ PESOS (%) 89.2 90.4 90 100 76.4 78 80 98 90 90 90.00 100 82.4 84.8 85 100 85.8 86.25 99 The above table shows our strength as one cluster where we have a combined assets of almost 300M, net surplus of more than 20M, total membership of more than 14K and with a delinquency of less than 8%. The COOP PESOS rating of all branches under this cluster are quite good where almost all got 80 and up rating and two of them got the highest among branches we have with a score of 90. The following are performance highlights:  For PALA-O Branch: Able to reach the 2nd century mark on Assets having 211M as of December with 15.1M as Net Surplus. It has almost 8K members and a COOP PESOS rating of 90. It will also celebrate its 10th anniversary this coming February 2013 and will also mark our 1st decade presence as community cooperative.  For BURU-UN Branch: Year 2012 marks a banner year for this branch aside from celebrating its 7th year anniversary, they also transfer to a very nice new area conducive for the members. They were able to surpass their net surplus target having 2.6M, delinquency of less than 10% being achieved for the first time since 2006, and members of almost 3K. They also opened its 2nd Satellite in Bacolod, Lanao del Norte.  For TUBOD Branch: Tubod branch continues to perform extremely well thru the years as shown in their COOP PESOS rating of 90 for the 2nd consecutive year. They have Assets of 34M, net surplus of 2.2M and having the lowest delinquency in the Cluster with only 5.3%. They have almost 3K members.  For SUAREZ Branch: Suarez branch is steadily growing and is now 15M in Assets, almost 2K members and contributing yearly to our net surplus having 1M. It has also a COOP PESOS rating of 84.8 that shows their stability and overall good performance. For year 2013, their office will be transferred along the national highway in barangay tominobo but rest assure that all their members in Suarez will still be served. For 2013, Cluster 2 is looking forward to improve more on our performance as one cluster and surpassed what we gained last 2012 on all our key result areas. We are enjoining all our members to continue to support our Coop and we are looking forward of your patronage. All of you are the source of our strength and because of you this Coop continue to look for ways on how to improve more on our services. Thank you all and God bless us all! P. G. Mondragon Leila A. Trinidad R. P. Diaz M. B. Baliling A. S. Sales Branch Manager- Buru-un Branch Manager-Suarez COO Branch Manager-Tubod Satellite Officer-Bacolod24 MSU-IIT MPC Pakigsayud 2013 Annual Representative Assembly
  25. 25. CLUSTER 3 MSU-IIT MPC Pakigsayud 2013 Annual Representative Assembly 25 BULUA BRANCH The branch has improved its performance by hitting positive and increasing rates against its target. The members continue to patronize our products and services resulting to improved deposits and capital generations of almost P20 million. Also, because of the increasing number of members being served, we hired additional two staff for 2012 to support the operations of the branch. Cogon branch To the members of the Cogon branch, I am very much grateful for your support and cooperation in making our branch more profitable than before. I want to also thank our Almighty God for giving us wisdom and blessing.As of now, we are gaining profitsand we are growing every day despite the challenges we had faced. I am calling the attention of all the members of Cogon branch to help us remind our delinquent co-members to pay their obligation. This is our business and we have a moral obligation to take good care of it. Let us make MSU-IIT COOPERATIVE soar high so that we can continue our mission and vision. Regarding our KRAs, please refer to the table next page. God bless us all and more power. Apil na! Ato kini! Carmen branch MSU-IIT MPC Carmen Branch has survived its critical first year of doing business with fairly notable success. The challenge, however, is not the success and how we had survived the year, but on how we are going to overcome the tests that are yet to come. At the end of 2012, our branch which is barely one (1) year and three (3) months in operation managed to level off the key figures as far as financial status is concerned. The branch KRA was highlighted with its growing asset with a total of 9,443,210.33; its share capital ballooned to 3,626,971.75. We were able to hita total revenue of 1,947,632.45. The membership is fairly doing well with a total member of 1,530 which is 90% of the total target (1,700 members). These figures created a great impact on the triumph we had on the branch’s first year. Along with the achievement highlights are some of the areas that need to be improved. The need to further educate our fellow cooperators and the value of saving for the future is still very evident in relatively low amount of the branch’s deposits, only hitting 39% versus the target savings generation of the year. The branch’s loan releases have yet to pick up with the total releases of only 22,398,197.30, hitting only 66.85% of the year’s target. This is very crucial in the profitability standards of the coop business. Despite the branch’s circumspection in releasing loans to our valued members, the branch’s swelling delinquency rate of 8.9% is somewhat inevitable. In order not to aggravate the delinquency ratio, we are currently implementing necessary collection measures and we are devising ways and means to maintain a healthy loan portfolio. As we are trying our best to uphold our coop’s vision and aspirations, we tried more than our best not to compromise our members’ welfare because the members’ satisfaction remains our top priority. As we continue to do and hope for the best in the coming days, we will try to exceed our performance in the previous year. We are thankful for the unceasing support and cooperation of our ever loyal members because, without them,the cooperative cannot be spelled out right. Puerto Branch The 14th branch of MSU – IIT MPC was opened last January 12, 2012 in a promising and strategic place, where it’s posi- tioned at the heart of Barangay Puerto, Cagayan de Oro City. And, almost a year of hard work, sacrifices and dedication of the staff and its members, the newly opened branch was able to hit some of the targets set by the top management in 2012. As the MSU – IIT MPC Puerto Branch embraces the opening of the year 2013 (“year of the water snake”), we are very much optimistic that it will boost its operations and membership this year in terms of the required 2013 targets set by the Top Management with the guidance of our VMG and our Heavenly Father above. Together, we are stronger!
  26. 26. CLUSTER 3 CLUSTER 3 Bulua Cogon Carmen Puerto CONSO 2011 2012 2011 2012 2011 2012 2011 2012 2012 Aud Act Bud %  Aud Act Bud %  Aud Act Bud %  Aud Act Bud %  Act Bud %  Assets 21.28 26.44 30.28 87 18.37 23.82 26.37 90 3.9 9.44 11.40 83 7.49 10 75 67.19 78.05 86 Deposits 9.71 10.87 13.71 79 5.19 6.95 11.49 60 0.72 2.2 5.52 40 1.49 3 50 21.51 33.72 64 Share Cap. 7.13 9.24 9.12 101 5.9 8.86 10.20 87 0.78 3.63 4.78 76 2.27 2 114 24 26.1 92 Loan Rel. 40.22 51.65 50 103 44.12 51.45 50.00 103 4.47 22.4 30.00 75 15.5 18 86 141.01 148 95 Gross Rev. 4.45 6.03 6.9 87 4.21 5.67 5.43 104 0.33 1.95 2.54 77 1.49 1.28 116 15.14 16.15 94 Exp. 4.38 5.56 6.1 91 4.04 5.25 4.74 111 0.92 3.06 3.24 94 2.95 2.32 127 16.82 16.4 103 Net Surp. 0.70 0.47 0.80 59 0.17 0.42 0.70 60 ‐0.59 ‐1.11 ‐0.70 159 ‐1.46 1.04 ‐140 ‐1.68 1.84 ‐91 Membership         1,702 2,531 2,302 110 2,038 2,702 1,200 225    504 1,530    1,740 88 1,318 1,704 77    8,081    6,946 116 PAR (%) 8.94 8.49 7.00 82 7.05 9.21 7.00 76 8.98 2.50 28 1.32 2.50 189 7.00 4.75 68 COOP‐ PESOS (%) 65.20 62 75 83 63.6 63 70 90 58 60.00 97 50.8 60 58.4 66.25 88 Analysis: The Cagayan cluster or cluster three was able to survive inspite of the close competition. If you survey Cagayan De Oro, it is composed of different big cooperatives but, because of our products and services offered to our members, we have grown vastly. Let us breakdown the status of the four branches. The strong points of Bulua branch are its assets, deposits, share capital and net surplus considering its 5-year existence. The second branch is Cogon branch. Its strengths are its membership, net surplus and loan releases. It has survived for 3 years. The third one is the Carmen branch. Its advantages are its membership, deposits and loan releases regardless of its 2 years in operation. Last but not the least is the Puerto branch. Its inclinations are membership and delinquency notwithstanding its one year of existence. I want to acknowledge the joint and collaborative efforts of the managers, staff and the members of Cluster 3. Without them, everything won’t be possible. Thank you and God bless! R.T Claro M. M. Sabando D. M. N. Impuesto R. V. T. Manzano Branch Manager – Puerto Branch Manager – Carmen Branch Manager – Bulua Branch Manager – Cogon26 MSU-IIT MPC Pakigsayud 2013 Annual Representative Assembly
  27. 27. CLUSTER 4 MSU-IIT MPC Pakigsayud 2013 Annual Representative Assembly 27Our warmest cooperative greetings to all the members of MSU-IIT Multi-Purpose Cooperative especially those belonging to Cluster 4.CLUSTER 4 comprises the MARANDING, TUBOD LDN and PAGADIAN BRANCHES. It has been five(5) years ago that our coop made its landmark in Lanao delNorte through the opening of its first branch at Maranding, the town center of Lala, Lanao del Norte last July 18, 2007 and another office at Poblacion,Tubod, CLUSTER 4the capital town of Lanao del Norte last January 8, 2011. And last August 18, 2012 our Coop opened a new branch at Pagadian City, the capital city ofZamboanga del Sur. Maranding Tubod LDN Pagadian CONSO 2011 2012 2011 2012 2011 2012 2012 Aud Act Bud % Aud Act Bud % Aud Act Bud % Act Bud % Assets 28.73 33.49 37.27 90 5.28 10.35 9.74 106.00 2.83 3.40 83 46.67 50.41 93 Deposits 5.31 6.35 11.04 58 1.14 2.48 3.31 75.00 0.37 1.00 37 9.201 15.35 60 Share Cap. 7.67 9.92 12 83 1.41 3.13 4.46 70.00 0.31 0.67 46 13.355 17.13 78 Loan Rel. 56.97 58.23 66.6 87 10.05 22.67 26.00 87.00 1.59 6.00 27 82.492 98.60 84 Gross Rev. 6.13 7.76 9.07 86 0.83 2.09 3.02 69.00 0.12 0.41 28 9.96594 12.50 80 Exp. 6.17 7.02 7.84 90 1.52 2.4 3.02 80.00 0.92 0.73 126 10.339 11.59 94 Net Surp. -0.04 0.74 1.23 60 -0.69 -0.31 -0.001 -310 -0.8 -0.32 39 -0.37 0.91 -41 Membership 1,668 2,079 1,980 105 544 945 1,384 68.00 189 500 38 3,213 3,864 83 PAR (%) 22.24 16 10 63 0.88 4 2 50 0.06 0.00 0 5.02 3.00 60 COOP- PESOS (%) 62 66 75 88 62 60 75 80 42 50 84As of December 2012, Cluster Four performance is briefly described below.Adding the figures of the branches, our cluster has been call to generate P9.20M deposits and P 13.36M capital from members. We have helped our members corrected 03.06.13, 10:10AM via ablewhen they needed funds through our loan releases total of P82.5M for the whole year or P6.87M loans per month. Although part of loans is risk, we havebeen able to manage the total portfolio at risk (PAR) of 13%. Tubod, LDN and Pagadian Branch are still on negative net surplus as of December 2012, for theyare still recovering their organizational costs.Maranding Branch has recently transferred its office location which is approximately 500 meters away from their old office that has contributed to aconsiderable increase in its membership and is gearing up improving its deposits generation.In order for us to serve you at its best, this 2013 we commit to provide you with more number of quality members, 100% effective customer service, well-controlled loan management, and highly conducive savings generation. With these, together with you, we would be able to hit the mark and bring theCluster Four to its full potential.In behalf of the CLUSTER FOUR Branches, we sincerely thank you for being one with us. We continually pray for your unwavering support and trust and thatmay we be able to serve the cooperative’s purpose of improving the members’ individual lives.May God bless us all! M. A. DIAZ J. T. PLARIZA ­M. F. C. SAGALES Branch Manager-Maranding Satellite Officer-Tubod,LDN Officer-In-Charge-Pagadian