Presentation for TOC, Frankfurt 9-10-2012


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Presentation for TOC, Frankfurt 9-10-2012 about digital (e-book) distribution in The Netherlands.

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Presentation for TOC, Frankfurt 9-10-2012

  1. 1. Enabling new business modelsin ebook distributionTOC Frankfurt presentationMathijs Suidman, manager productHans Willem Cortenraad, directeur management9 October 201222 november 20121
  2. 2. About us• Founded in 1871• Owned by Dutch bookstores and publishers• Distribution services for all Dutch publishers to both bookstores and consumers (webshop fulfilment). Services include: • Warehousing • Distribution • Ordering, financial services and reporting • Title information (BIP) and Dutch ISBN agency For both physical and digital booksIntegrale logistieke oplossingenOndertitel van de presentatie2
  3. 3. About us, in figures Physical books: Ebooks: • 80,000 titles • 17.500 titles • 45 million copies • 1,5 million copies • 1.000 publishers • 1.000 publishers • 1,500 bookstores • 100 webshops • 125 webshops English vs Dutch readersIntegrale logistieke oplossingenOndertitel van de presentatie3
  4. 4. Growth of ebook distribution in the Netherlands # copies sold in past 2 years available titlesIntegrale logistieke oplossingenOndertitel van de presentatie4
  5. 5. Ebook distribution infrastructure publishers Online reading webservices* logo’s above are just some of the 100+ ebook stores which are connected to CB ebook distribution webservices Integrale logistieke oplossingen Ondertitel van de presentatie 5
  6. 6. Shared virtual bookshelfDutch bookstores co-operate on a “open” model• Dutch ebook stores enable access to all ebooks which consumers have bought via their webshops.• With the shared virtual bookshelf, Dutch ebook stores differentiate themselves from the (international) competitors who enter the Dutch market with their “”closed” eco systems.• CB enables consumer access to all ordered ebooks through a (single sign on) webservice in the look & feel of each webshop, without disclosing competitive order details to each ebook store.Integrale logistieke oplossingenOndertitel van de presentatie6
  7. 7. Cloud reading“Ownership” vs having “access” to ebooks Online reading• Cloud reading offers substantial benefits to the consumer, having easy and instant (no apps) access to ebook titles, while supporting a wide range (HTML5 browser enabled) devices.• Cloud reading enables the ebook store to strengthen its engagement with the consumer, through a branded and customized online ereader. Instead of delivering an epub download, a webshop is able to “communicate” while reading.• Cloud reading unlocks the opportunity for ebook stores to analyse consumer reading behaviour.Integrale logistieke oplossingenOndertitel van de presentatie7
  8. 8. Ebook rentalCloud reading enables new pricing models• Online access with cloud reading makes it possible to offer temporary access with new pricing models.• CB extended the pricing schema in her repository • enabling publishers to set prices for ebook titles for temporary availability • enabling all connected ebook stores to extend their ebook offering with “rental” prices.• For a now, rental is available in a pilot with 9 different rental periods, to be extended also with a flat fee price.• All ordering, administrative en reporting processes are fully integrated for ebook rental.Integrale logistieke oplossingenOndertitel van de presentatie8
  9. 9. Summary• Dutch ebooks sales are growing fast, as they need to• Sales is driven by new ebook stores which are clearly not traditional booksellers. 30% of current sales is generated by new ebook stores which entered the Dutch market < 1 year.• Dutch ebook stores differentiate themselves with an shared virtual bookshelf, offering access to ebooks for the customer through all ebook stores, regardless of where it was bought.• Ownership of ebooks is moving towards having access to ebooks, unlocking huge benefits for the mobile consumer and the ebook store to engage with its customers• Rental pricing unlocks new business models for both publishers and ebook stores.Integrale logistieke oplossingenOndertitel van de presentatie9