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Michigan State University Dubai Viewbook
Michigan State University Dubai Viewbook
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Michigan State University Dubai Viewbook


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Michigan State University Dubai is the premier university in the Gulf region, offering top quality American academic programs to prepare the leading professionals of the future. For more information, visit www.dubai.msu.edu.

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Michigan State University Dubai Viewbook

  1. 1. Michigan State University The degrees awarded at the MSU Dubai campus is a top American University with the highest level of are issued by the home campus in East Lansing, accreditation given by the American Higher Learning Michigan and are fully accredited by both US Commission. A comprehensive research university as national and professional program-specific classified by the Carnegie Commission, Michigan State accrediting authorities. The degrees and diplomas is a member of the most prestigious higher education issued in Dubai are exactly the same as those issued associations, including the National Association of State in the United States. The programs offered at MSU Universities and Land Grant Colleges, Association of Dubai meet the same high standards as those American Universities, and the International Association offered in East Lansing, Michigan. of Universities. Its degrees are recognized and highly prized world-wide. MSU is ranked well among the top Michigan State University Dubai is licensed by research universities in the world. the Dubai Knowledge and Human Development Authority for the purposes of granting academic and professional degrees in a Dubai Free Zone, and to conduct executive development programs. dubai.msu.edu
  2. 2. BIG DREAM A world of possibilities awaits you. Prepare yourself for career opportunities world- wide. Become a member of the global MSU network of 465,000 alumni and link to professional colleagues throughout the world. Our graduates lead some of the world’s largest corporations, serve as government ministers and prime ministers, and achieve acclaim as renowned scientists, writers, actors. At Michigan State University Dubai, you’ll explore ideas with an international perspective. You’ll discover the challenge and support you need from faculty members committed to your academic and professional success. We give you the knowledge and tools not only to dream big, but to realize your big dreams. At MSU, you can chart your own course of study and customize your academic experience. MSU students learn from exceptional professors who care about their student’s learning and success. Most are regular MSU faculty, or have received their PhDs from MSU and bring the experience and values of the home campus to Dubai. They are research active which means they bring the latest knowledge to your classes and incorporate real-world learning opportunities. At MSU Dubai, you can be part of a major research university while receiving individual attention dubai.msu.edu from MSU faculty members on a brand new campus. 02
  3. 3. No two students have the same undergraduate experience at Michigan State University or at MSU Business Administration and Dubai, but all have the opportunity to create an undergraduate program that prepares them for General Management professional success and lifelong learning. Students are required to complete a set of (Specialization in International Business) University general education requirements, Management majors follow a broad academic program that will the requirements of a specific College, and develop your grasp of planning, staffing, organizing, decision the specific course requirements in the major. making, and control functions in preparation for a managerial Learning occurs in many different settings, career. You will gain a fundamental knowledge of such fields as including laboratories, small group seminars, accounting, economics, finance, marketing, and business. Students lectures, recitation sessions, on-line courses, at MSU Dubai will have the opportunity to sharpen the focus of service-learning experiences, internships and their management degree with a specialization in International study abroad opportunities. Business. It is anticipated that the first students seeking a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at MSU Dubai will be admitted in the fall of 2009. Child and Youth Development and Early Childhood Education These program concentrations in the Bachelor of Science in Family Add a Certificate Community Services degree will prepare you for leadership in the social services sector, especially in programs for children and youth. You will be in Business. qualified to counsel at-risk youth, to advocate for the public policies they need, and to support their growth and development. Students who major in subjects other than Computer Engineering Business Administration can still gain the business skills by enrolling in elective courses in: A Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering will give you a • Accounting solid foundation in computer engineering theory and its application in • Economics real world settings. You will be ready for a successful career in fields • Finance such as aerospace, bio-medical systems, energy and electric power, • Business Law embedded systems, environmental research and development, semi- • Business Management conductors, and telecommunications. • Marketing Students who complete 26 designated Construction and credits in the MSU Business Cognate will earn a Certificate in Business from MSU Project Management “ Dubai along with their academic degree from Michigan State University. This program focuses on project management in the construction industry. The University’s requirements in Integrative Studies, in English, and You will be able to show prospective Graduates fill the management gap between skilled labor trades and in Mathematics, give you a firm intellectual foundation that permits employers two complementary credentials upper management, rising quickly to middle and upper level management and have a competitive advantage as you you to be flexible, adaptive, and innovative throughout your life positions in project management companies, construction companies, and “ launch your career. general contracting firms. If this expanding field captures your interest, and careers as the world and work undergo constant change. These begin work on a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management. courses also lay the base for the knowledge and skills gained in the student’s academic major. Media Management and Research Assistant Dean and Professor Robert von Bernuth MSU College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Students earning a Bachelor of Science in Media and Communication Technology acquire a fundamental Program Coordinator: Construction Project Management for MSU Dubai understanding of communication techniques, media and communication technology management, economics, policy, research, and design. This degree will prepare you for leadership positions in fields such as TV, cinema, radio, interactive media, and other forms of information communication technology. 04
  4. 4. MSU EXPECTATIONS ARE HIGH JUST LIKE YOUR ASPIRATIONS. In addition to gaining knowledge and skills in your academic major, you’ll develop your potential to be an outstanding leader. Michigan State graduates demonstrate: INTEGRATED JUDGMENT ADVANCED COMMUNICATION SKILLS INTER-CULTURAL COMPETENCE ANALYTICAL THINKING LITERACY IN SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS In today’s complex world, professionals must be able to integrate knowledge from many fields and communicate effectively with a wide range of colleagues throughout the globe. MSU ensures that all students gain these skills through EFFECTIVE CITIZENSHIP the Integrative Studies requirements which include: • Integrative Studies in Arts and Humanities • Integrative Studies in Biological Science • Integrative Studies in the Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences “ Students in Computer Engineering at MSU and MSU Dubai learn more than engineering skills. They learn Students work hard to earn a degree from MSU and the payoff lasts a lifetime. to work as a productive member of a team, to actively “ Whether beginning a career or pursuing graduate study, Michigan State engage in problem-solving, and to apply their skills in graduates are prepared to make an impact in their chosen fields and to be real-world settings. recognized as the next generation of leaders in these fields. Being part of the MSU family, including more than 465,000 alumni worldwide - provides an instant link for making career connections and lasting friendships. Professor Boutheina Tlili Ph.D. Michigan State University Professor of Computer Engineering MSU Dubai 06
  5. 5. ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS Admission to MSU Dubai is competitive. The same admissions standards apply as on the East Lansing campus. Students at MSU take ownership of their university To start the process, apply online at www.dubai.msu. experience with unparalleled study abroad edu early in your final year of secondary school. Don’t opportunities, access to state-of-the-art facilities and delay. Submit your application early, even if your final equipment, and countless other ways to learn outside the walls of the classroom. Internship and service- grades or test scores are not yet available. Stop by learning opportunities let students contribute their skills the campus at Dubai International Academic City and to community or business projects while at the same talk with an admissions representative to discuss your time gaining practical experience that relates to their educational goals, call us at +971 4 436 1500 or classroom work. e-mail dubai@msu.edu Michigan State is a leader in Study Abroad among all universities in the U.S. You will be able to choose from more than 240 programs on all continents, in more than Admission to the Bachelor’s degree program is based on: 60 countries, and in a variety of formats. International internships allow you to get a taste of an international • Your academic performance in high school. (Keep working at those challenging courses!) career before you begin your job search. • The strength and quality of your curriculum. AMPLIFY YOUR EDUCATION • Recent trends in your academic performance. (Have your grades been improving or remained strong?) • Your high school class rank. • Your standardized test scores (SAT, ACT, O-Levels, etc.). THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR • Your TOEFL, IELTS score or MSU English Language test (MSUELT). • Your leadership, talents, extra-curricular or community activities, conduct, and diversity of experience. FIRST-HAND EXPERIENCE. Many students stay at MSU to pursue Submit your online application and the application fee first. Then send your current transcripts and test scores as soon as they are available. graduate study in some of the highest- ranked programs in the United States. If you have questions about the application process, contact one of our admissions representatives in Dubai at dubai@msu.edu or +971 4 436 1500 for assistance. They will be happy to help you. Others have gone on to institutions that include Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Admission Decisions: Applications are reviewed for admission once all required information is submitted. Admission decisions are made on a rolling basis for students meeting requirements. Once admitted, you will Georgetown, Cornell, Columbia, the receive a free MSU email account and a personal identification number as a start for your career at MSU Dubai. University of Chicago and Duke. 08
  6. 6. A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY IN A UNIQUE LOCATION. MSU’s location in Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) combines a distinctive and international campus experience with the strength of an American degree from one of the world’s most respected universities. DIAC is an initiative of TECOM Investments. The campus is planned to offer a wide array of services and accommodations, library and sports facilities for students. Research and development centers will complement the teaching facilities. Together, the education and research zones will provide DIAC with GET READY FOR Follow a college preparatory curriculum that at a minimum includes: the same kind of benchmark blending of research and education that characterizes the best universities in the USA and the world. • 4 years of English (composition and literature) YOUR COLLEGE MSU Dubai, like MSU East Lansing will be research active and at • 3 years of Mathematics (2 years of algebra, 1 year of geometry, and 1 higher- the forefront of 21st century education. level math course) EXPERIENCE AT • 3 years of social studies (history, anthropology, economics, geography, government, political science, psychology or sociology) MSU DUBAI • 2 years of science (biology, chemistry, physics or earth science) • 2 years of a single foreign language Use your high school years to HOUSING AND prepare for a successful application If you are missing courses in one of these areas, your application will still be and experience at MSU Dubai. TRANSPORTATION considered but the list above gives you the best possible chance for success. See the MSU Dubai website (www.dubai.msu.edu) or talk with an admissions AVAILABLE. representative for full details. MSU Dubai student accommodation is located in the Silicon Transfer Students. Students who start their education elsewhere can still can Arch Residence, a convenient 5-minute drive from our academic receive a degree from Michigan State. Learn more about transferring to MSU Dubai campus at Dubai International Academic City, and found within at www.dubai.msu.edu/future students/transfer students the confines of Silicon Oasis. Transportation between the Residence and DIAC is available. Each one-bedroom apartment accommodates three (3) students. “ Students live in apartments and have a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and lounge; basic furnishings, appliances, internet As admissions counselors for MSU Dubai prospective students, we connectivity, weekly cleaning service; and full security. Typically believe in assisting every student in achieving his or her educational three students share this multi-room apartment, but options exist for one and two-person arrangements at a higher cost and goals. We’re ready to answer your questions, to connect you dependent on availability. “ to the faculty and current students in our programs, and to help Details regarding housing, transportation, course registration, you through the admissions process until we welcome you as an e-mail access, orientation programs, and other resources for enrolled student at MSU Dubai. MSU will be provided to admitted students upon payment of their enrollment deposit. Suzanne Ryan, Abida Saleh, Nicole Wabaunsee MSU Dubai Admissions Counselors 10
  7. 7. MSU GRADUATES HAVE WHAT IT TAKES MASTER’S DEGREE PROGRAMS TO SUCCEED IN THE GLOBAL MARKETPLACE. AT MSU DUBAI MSU’s Master’s degree programs in Dubai have been designed in careful consultation with business and academic leaders in the region. Advanced training at the graduate level will give you the skills and perspectives essential for success. Each degree program provides advanced training, knowledge, and skills to professionals, connecting them with a professional network that allows them to assume leadership positions in their organizations. Flexible class schedules and learning modules respect and accommodate the busy schedules of working students. MSU Dubai post-graduate programs include: • Certificate in Educational Technology • Master’s Degree in Human Resources & Labor Relations • Executive Certificate in the Science of Retailing • Master of Arts in Educational Technology • Master of Science in Retailing Programs to be phased in for the academic year of 2009-10 are: • Master of Arts in Advertising • Master of Science in Packaging • Master of Science in Supply Chain Management MSU Dubai is a non-profit higher education institution established to promote world-class research, teaching and scholarship. All MSU Dubai degrees are equivalent to those offered by Michigan State University in the United States. The MSU Dubai programs have been selected to help meet the professional, management, and technical skills needed in Dubai, UAE, and the surrounding region. MSU Dubai provides Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students with a broad intellectual background that will give them the habits of thought and analysis needed to live and work in a rapidly-changing modern world. Developing career and job-relevant skills are a core part of all degree programs to be offered at MSU Dubai. 12
  8. 8. Michigan State University Dubai Faculty Dr. Salameh Mohammad Ahmad ....... Physics and Mathematics Dr. Eman Ahmed ............................... Integrated Biological Sciences Dr. Muhamed Osman Al Khalil ........... Writing, Rhetoric and American Cultures Dr. Mark Anstey ................................. Human Resources Ms. Carole Armstrong ........................ Head Librarian Dr. Constantinos Coursaris ................. Telecommunication, Information Studies, and Media Dr. Clay Dedeaux ............................... Advertising Dr. James Dulebohn ........................... Human Resources Dr. Linda Good .................................. Retailing Professor Richard Hensh ..................... Mathematics Dr. Patricia Huddleston ...................... Retailing Professor Myra Khattab ...................... Educational Technology Professor Sophia Koufoupoulou .......... Integrated Social Science Dr. David McCarty .............................. Telecommunication, Information Studies and Media Dr. Brendan Mullan ............................ Executive Director, MSU Dubai Dr. Dawn Pysarchick ........................... Retailing “ Dr. Kennon Rider ............................... Family Community Services MSU Dubai is a proud part of Michigan State University, a world-grant Dr. Masha Savelieff ............................ Chemistry institution with more than 150 years of teaching, research, and service. Dr. Brenda Sternquist ......................... Retailing Dr. Robert von Bernuth ....................... Construction Management Dr. Russell Arent ................................. Writing, Rhetoric and American Culture Classes offered in Dubai are taught by MSU faculty members and other Dr. Boutheina Tlili ............................... Computer Engineering qualified experts who are excellent scholars and professionals committed to Professor Omar Abdulatif .................... Computer Engineering and experienced in teaching, research, and academic service. Dr. Sandra Willis ................................. Psychology I am pleased to serve with these individuals who represent the best in teaching and scholarship. Like you, we strive toward excellence every day. We are committed to building an outstanding academic program in Dubai - one that will help you fulfill your dreams for success. “ Thank you for considering the opportunities MSU Dubai brings to you. I hope that I will have the opportunity to welcome you - for a visit and as an enrolled student. Best regards, Dr. Brendan Mullan Executive Director - MSU Dubai 14
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