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A Digital Artist's View of the Natural World


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a description of the nature of my art

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A Digital Artist's View of the Natural World

  1. 1. Prelude Eugene Kovalenko A Russian Folk Song “The Birch Tree” and Rachmaninov’s “I Am Not a Prophet” The Heart of the Forest
  2. 2. Iconic Imagery Doorways to the Sacred The Wilderness Within The goal of The Harp of the Spirit: to establish and provide ongoing funding for a retirement center for people in need.
  3. 3. Iconography, an ancient art form made new by the Harp of the Spirit… iconography of the land Walking Through Winter The intent of the art of The Harp of the Spirit: to reunite mankind with the sacredness of reality.
  4. 4. A scan of an Eastern Orthodox icon – Saint Dimitri of Rostov The Harp of the Spirit A 17th century hierarch
  5. 5. The Harp of the Spirit, LLC presents: A Digital Artist’s Perspective on the Natural World Take heart, and step through the doorway of lost desires into the world of light.
  6. 6. Spanish Broom A doorway to renewal opens softly deep with the branches of this Spanish Broom in full bloom.
  7. 7. Jemez Mountain Sunset The air is stilled by music from the harp of the spirit, a celestial sound heard in the distance, as the scent of sanctity permeates the land.
  8. 8. Sacred Reality Be present with the sacred clouds, trees, and snow. Walk into the wilderness of the reality within.
  9. 9. Between Earth and Sky There is an interval between earth and sky where the flow of time abates, and the sovereignty of silence reigns supreme.
  10. 10. Cradle of the Purple Iris If you look with your heart, you will see where the spirit of the iris has spent the night.
  11. 11. Sacred Journey Walk this road, and make a sacred journey with the trees as your constant companions.
  12. 12. The Heart of Autumn A pensive calm pervades the high country as a light fall breeze blows through the heart of autumn into the forest beyond.
  13. 13. Mists of Autumn When clouds swirl through the valleys of the high country, a wind sings of season’s change and forms eddies in the tree tops.
  14. 14. The Spirit of the Lupin The spirit of the lupin reaches for morning, and enters the space between petal and sky.
  15. 15. Home of the Mountain Gods The ancient ones dwell here… where the contemplative has found new life.
  16. 16. The Breath Celestial A gust of wind shakes a high branch laden with snow, and the conifer exhales a crystal breath colored by the filtered light of the forest.
  17. 17. Sunt Lacrimae Rerum The soft voice of the twilight song, here at the end of time, inspires renewal and a rising up out of the ashes.
  18. 18. The Spirit of the Iris In the silver time just before dawn, a ghostly movement reveals the spirit of the iris as it ascends like incense from root to sky.
  19. 19. Mountain Mahogany The rhythm of this journey, from one time of life to another, from fruiting body to husks carried by the wind, is softly laid down by the slow cadence of our dreams and the deep sighing of our souls.
  20. 20. Early Morning Near Chimayó A wilderness of scrub cedar is the gateway to a sacred and solitary excursion across the wastelands of heart and mind.
  21. 21. Awakening Walk through the doorway of sacred understanding leaving the world of illusion behind.
  22. 22. The Rio Grande The light is soft, and the sense of timeless is vast, as the river flows past with a sigh, brushing its banks with liquid dreams.
  23. 23. Cottonwood Arcade It feels as if the filtered green light has passed through stained glass windows. A strong sense of the other world fills the air, and the urge to breathe deeply is an outward sign of having become one with this sacred land.
  24. 24. Fall in the Sangre de Cristos Early October is a spectacular time In the high country of northern New Mexico…. The last dance before the long sleep of winter is in full swing.
  25. 25. High Country Spring Time stands still while the doorway between the worlds pushes open. High country spring enters the heart and finds a welcome home.
  26. 26. Voyage of the Golden Dream The most magnificent koi in the pond is known as the Golden Dream. He is an ocean going vessel who has never seen the sea. He is a barge on the Nile, transporting riches to Pharaoh. He is a pleasure yacht, chartered by the gods to bear us to our destinies. Sail on great golden one, sail on!
  27. 27. El Santuario de Chimayó El Santuario de Chimayó is known as “the Lourdes of America” because of the unexplained healings that have taken place there. The church and surrounding land have a sense of existing in another world and in another time.
  28. 28. The Golden Stream Step into the forest otherworld, where golden waters flow and sacred trees cross branches in a song. Time surrenders as a moment of contemplation becomes eternity.
  29. 29. Contemplation Turn inward, and ride the breath celestial. Experience the sanctified gift of your sacred bond with all the earth.
  30. 30. The Rio Grande Rift Valley The low tones of a high desert wind sigh across the rift valley of the Rio Grande River, as the breadth and depth of this great pastel vale pierce the senses and surround the spirit.
  31. 31. Night on the Rio Grande Rift Just as day becomes night, so dissolves the earth into the evening sky after sundown. The great divide is here, blended indelibly into the shades of the natural world
  32. 32. The Spheres of Sun and Shade The spheres of sun and shade blend silently across the water as the division between koi pond and koi watcher blurs in the shifting light.
  33. 33. Postlude Eugene Kovalenko “God Is With Us”