Japan chapter 12


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Japan chapter 12

  1. 1. Chapter 12Shaping a Unique World
  2. 2. A Little Bit About Japan• Kamikazee – a divine wind sent by the Gods to defend the Japanese island – These typhoons saved Japan from two Mongol invasions – The Japanese believed that the Gods were protecting them, this is why the typhoons were sent• Japan is 60% the size of Alberta and has a larger population• Japan is geographically isolated from its neighbors: Korea, China, and Russia – There is 185 km of ocean between Japan and Asia• The people of Japan think of themselves as a homogenous society – Homogenous society consists of people who see themselves as having a similar nature and character – They were mainly kept homogenous because of the sea
  3. 3. Japanese Writing• The Japanese adapted their writing from the Chinese characters – These characters were referred to as Kanji, but they later developed into their own characters called Kano
  4. 4. Seasons and Nature• There are celebrations and rituals for the changing of seasons in Japan• The cherry blossom represent many things in Japanese culture – New beginnings – Beauty – The shortness of beauty and life
  5. 5. Ainu• The Ainu are the indigenous people of Japan• They would be compared to the Aboriginal people of Canada – Many Aboriginal tribes in Canada have beliefs similar to that of the Ainu• Ainu lived in the northern part of Japan in the area called Ezochi (land of the Ezo-Ainu)• Ainu had their own society and territory, but eventually the Japanese began to take it over• The island where most of the Ainu lived was renamed Hokkaido• The same thing happed to the Ainu as what happened to Canada’s Aboriginal people – The government forced them to live on certain lands
  6. 6. Religions of Japan• Shinto is the ancient religion of Japan – The most important aspect of Shinto is the love of nature – Ancient spirits called Kami take the form of objects in nature (the sun Goddess, Amaterasu, is the most important Kami) – Japanese believe that humans become Kami when they die – Festivals called Matsuri are held to celebrate the Kami• Japanese use Chinese faiths for rules (Buddhism and Confucianism)
  7. 7. Tsunami• Tsunami is a Japanese word that means “harbour wave”
  8. 8. Natural Disaster Story• The Japanese believe that a giant cat fish named Namazu lives in the mud of the earth, and his swimming causes earthquakes
  9. 9. Trade and Commerce• Before 1853 Japan had little trade with other countries• They did minor trade with China, but that changed when the Portuguese arrived
  10. 10. Food• Small amounts of arable land (land suitable for farming) in Japan – Nature makes this land very fertile• Rice was the main food in Japan• When monsoons don’t bring enough water, rice suffers and famine ensues• A persons worth was determined by how much rice they could produce• Fish was another main food source for the Japanese