#socialmedia: What Lies Ahead


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Slides for presentation I did on 6 April at Congreso CASE Latinoamérica 2011. Explores six significant themes that marketers, social media people, and other leaders in higher education need to focus on this year. I discuss how all communications & marketing channels are connected, how everyone needs to

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#socialmedia: What Lies Ahead

  1. 1. Congreso CASE Latinoamérica 2011#SOCIALMEDIA:What Lies Ahead 1
  2. 2. @memichael.stoner@mstoner.com @mStonerblog mStoner.com slideshare.net/mStoner +1.312.622.6930 2
  3. 3. soc media soc mediawhite paper topline data bit.ly/eqlTsV bit.ly/c1CQvC 3
  4. 4. soc ial me d ia 20 1 1 : 6 the me s 5
  5. 5. 1. Everything is connectedto everything else. bit.ly/9uemQS 6
  6. 6. campaigns a focused effort to achieve goals using a variety ofchannels appropriate to the results sought 7
  7. 7. Search ABOUT PBO BLOG ORANGE SPOTLIGHT ALUMNI BUSINESSES VIDEOS AND PHOTOS GET ORANGE STUFF BEAVER MARKETPLACEPARTICIPATE Orchard View Farms MAP YOURSELF87 students stopped by the MU chosen for this months Orange Spotlight.to share their PBO stories on OSU’S IMPACTMarch 31. We know there arethousands more. CAMPUS BANNERS Share your story OSU ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Our Impact ORANGE SPOTLIGHTLeading the Green Do you know a business that: From the PBO BlogRevolution: OSU is a recognizednational leader in teaching, Is owned by an OSU alum April 9, 2010research, service and Has lots of OSU alums OSU Press author Robin Codymanagement practices enhancing working there releases first book in 15 yearssustainability and environmentalresponsibility. The university’s Supports OSU April 1, 2010progressive work in these areas Drives innovation Family Treesare a major reason why Corvallisrepeatedly has been named Supports economic growth March 31, 2010among America’s top green, Serves in the community Share your Powered by Orangesustainable and livable cities, storyand why others in higher asdfasfasfeducation look to OSUs If you know a business that fitsauthentic, holistic approach as a this description then please nominate them for the Orange Spotlight. Anmodel for other campuses. honor that will go to one business every month starting in April. At the more on OSUs impact end of august we will be giving away two OSU Football season tickets to one lucky person who has nominated a business. Contact us with your comments, questions, and feedback Powered by Orange v2.0 Oregon State University Corvallis, Oregon 97331-4501 phone: 541-737-1000 Copyright © 2010 Oregon State University | OSU Disclaimer 8
  8. 8. channels web website & blog map Google Map w/PBO pins other SM Twitter, Facebook, LinkedInmerchandise PBO t-shirts & tschotskes real world store signs, bus wraps, ads personal meetings, displays, 9
  9. 9. bit.ly/aSJZQZ+ 10
  10. 10. 11
  11. 11. 12
  12. 12. case studies Baylor School: budurl.com/5r3g Beaver Country Day School: budurl.com/h2yg Emory University Blue Pig: budurl.com/8bzy Flight of the Flyers: budurl/xmcz Northfield Mount Hermon: budurl.com/pw89 PBO: budurl.com/f5n6 Proctor Academy: budurl.com/vlwu William & Mary Mascot Search: bit.ly/cLJDpjWorcester Academy, WAMash: budurl.com/9e9f 13
  13. 13. 2. It’s reality timefor social media. 14
  14. 14. #ETHIC_FAIL 15
  15. 15. who are institutions reaching via sm?Alumni 96%Friends and Supporters 77%Current Students 69%Donors 66%Current Faculty / Staff 64%Prospective Students 57%Parents of Current Students 49%Parents of Prospective Students 43%Media 42%Employers 37%Guidance Counselors 23%Government Organizations 18% 16
  16. 16. top strategic goals for social mediaGoal rank (1 to 5)Engage alumni 4.4Sustain / improve brand image 4.0Increase awareness /ranking 3.5Improve community relations 3.4Engage current students 3.3Engage current faculty / staff 3.1Engage prospective students 2.9Engage admitted students 2.9 17
  17. 17. Tie social media to business goals Business Drivers Goals Financial • Revenue (when possible) • Expenses • Leads Customers • Customer experience/ satisfaction • Customer service/support • Building community Brand • Awareness • Thought leadership • InnovationSource: “Social Media Action Plan Template” by the Horn Group on Slideshare 18
  18. 18. The ROI Pyramid Role: Metrics: Specific Data (examples)© 2010 Altimeter Group [source: Jeremiah Owyang, Altimeter Group] 19
  19. 19. 20
  20. 20. 3.All you need is Facebook. 21
  21. 21. 81%consumers who have “unliked” a company on Facebook on.mash.to/dJhx0R 22
  22. 22. 44% consumers who have “unliked” acompany for posting too frequently on.mash.to/dJhx0R 23
  23. 23. 4.The net is in your pocket, where you are. 24
  24. 24. social content on mobile platformsm.wm.edu upcoming FIT mobile site 25
  25. 25. Photograph: Bloomberg via Getty Images scvngr.commstnr.me/gQ1ZL2 26
  26. 26. 5.Content is king but won’t reignwithout strategy. 27
  27. 27. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday FridayTheme: Question Facebook feature Sharing stories Women’s Equality Day Soldiers and Families onlineLOE: Strategic Environment Equip and Train Equip and Train Strategic Environment Soldiers & FamiliesFlickr: Pull 3-5 photos from various sitesPull 3-5 photos from various Pull 3-5 photos from various Pull 3-5 photos highlighting Pull 3-5 photos highlighting sites sites women in the Army Military FamiliesPhoto of day: “Convoy Fights off Insurgent “The Wall Hanger” “In the Early Morning Light” “Don’t Look Down” 6,086 Soldier/Family Oriented Ambush” 6,075 total views 7,373 total views 3,888 total views total viewsFacebook: #1: Photo of the Day #1: Photo of the Day #1: Photo of the Day #1: Photo of the Day #1: Photo of the Day#1: #2: Question: “Army #2: Highlight “Ft. Benning” #2: G/8 Video (Army #2: Women in Army History #2: Family Tour BCT Inspiration” (over 1,330 #3: Promote Army Videos Modernization) (army.mil/women) (army.mil feature)#2: comments) on iTunes #3: Promote Women’s #3: Personality Profile of #3: Question: Improvements #3: Birthplace of National Guard Equality Day Women Soldier in supporting Military Family#3: (army.mil)Tweets: #1: Photo of the Day #1: Photo of the Day #1: Photo of the Day #1: Photo of the Day #1: Photo of the Day#1: #2: Trivia:7 Core Values (over 10 #2: Cross-promote “Ft. #2: Cross-promote Army #2: Trivia: 1st Women #2: Cross-promote Army.mil responses) Benning” Modernization Video Generals? feature story#2: #3: Question: “Army #3: Promote Army Videos #3: Promote Women’s #3: Shout-out to Female #3: Question: Improvements Inspiration” (over 25 responses) on iTunes Equality Day Soldiers (about 20 in supporting Military Family#3: responses)Blog: “To Protect & Defend”-Army Army Blog Feature Bloggers Roundtable Personality Profile Photo Slideshow of “Welcome Inspiration (Army Technology) (Unmanned Aircraft Sgt. Tyronda Dorsey Home” Celebrations Systems) (over 1650 FB shares)STAND-TO! Pain Management Soldier Athlete Initiative Comprehensive Soldier Women’s Equality Day Army’s Land War Net FitnessGoal: To educate & engage with To promote external Army To inform Soldiers & To inform/educate audience To engage Military families audience initiatives & to inform audience of advances in on Women in Army History audience Army technologyMeasure of FB: 3 posts; 629 likes, 120 FB: 3 posts; 615 likes, 138 FB:3 posts; 1105 likes, 163 FB: 3 posts;1133 likes, 131 FB: 3 posts; 850 likes, 175Effectiveness comments (aver. per post) comments (aver. per post) comments (aver. per post) comments (aver. per post) comments (aver. per post) Twitter: 4 tweets; 42 re-tweets Twitter: 3 tweets; 47 re- Twitter: 3 tweets; 50 re- Twitter: 4 posts; 51 re- Twitter: 3 tweets; 56 re- Blog: 3148 page views tweets tweets tweets tweets Blog: 3190 page views Blog: 3,563 page views Blog : 3,010 page views Blog: 4,392 page views Source: “5 day social media strategy template” by U.S. Army: mstnr.me/eI5b8c 28
  28. 28. 6.Privacy becomes an issue. At last? 29
  29. 29. b e stpract ice s 30
  30. 30. [source: Jeremiah Owyang, Altimeter Group] 31
  31. 31. Social Strategists struggle with relying on engagement data We asked 140 Corporate Social Strategists: What measurements are most important to evaluating the success of your program? Engagement data: Retweets, comments, fans, likes, followers, members 65.5% Sentiment: Overall opinion of what people say 46.2% Website Traffic 39.5% Conversions or leads 34.5% Customer satisfaction rates: Net promoter, survey satisfaction 33.6% Share of voice or total mentions 27.7% Actual product revenue 21.8% Other (please specify) 10.1% 0.0% 20.0% 40.0% 60.0% 80.0% 100.0% Source: Survey of Corporate Social Strategists, Altimeter Group, November 2010© 2010 Altimeter Group [source: Jeremiah Owyang, Altimeter Group] 32
  32. 32. SM success/1 specific goals more planning, less spontaneous institutional buy-in & supportcontrol of SM content & staff w/in dept. in-house expertise [bit.ly/c1CQvC] 33
  33. 33. SM success/2go beyond Facebook, use multiple channels target multiple audiences multiple measures of success more likely to have policies [bit.ly/c1CQvC] 34