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CCF provides near real-time insights into the customer experience and journey that previously could only be obtained through labor-intensive and time-consuming traditional research techniques. By applying predictive technologies to social data, SDL gives companies the means to better understand what customers care about, the reasons behind their actions, their attitudes and triggers for their behaviors, all of which can effectively translate audience experiences into strategic opportunities.

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Customer Commitment Framework brochure

  1. 1. The Power of Knowing her Next MoveReal-Time Customer Experience Management
  2. 2. Customer Commitment Framework / 2What if you couldpredict your future?There is no crystal ball in business, but there is a rich world of data rife withintelligence that you can mine to better inform your business strategy, productdevelopment and customer interactions. With the right data you can create a360-degree view of the customer that gives you the holistic insights to impactyour business and influence your customers’ behavior. You can look backward,forward—and most importantly—to make predictions about how yourcustomers shop, share and advocate for you.Inform Your Business Strategy
  3. 3. Customer Commitment Framework / 3Customer Commitment Framework / 3What data are you using tomake business decisions?Nearly 90% of the data in the world has beencreated in the last two years alone—social andmobile data account for a large part of that.This dataset is highly scalable, constantlyupdating and user generated. By analyzingand deriving insights based on social data,you give your business a real-time, non-biasedview of your customer and their experiences.What customers say they do in the socialsphere accurately predicts their behavior inthe real world. Their online activities andconversations illustrate in real-time whatmatters the most to them. Modeling theseunstructured conversations provides a deepand holistic understanding of that experience.The key is zeroing in on the conversationsthat matter. Ultimately, this gives you a wayto be more nimble than ever before—trends,customer requests, etc.—to the factors thatinfluence opinion and your brand. This meansthat you can adjust your strategy while acampaign, program or launch is runninginstead of waiting for post-event results.Social Intelligencetargeted & actionableRelate events and activities to a specificpoint in timeuser-generated & unsolicitedLearn what your customers reallythink and feelcompetitive intelligenceView conversations about your competitors’brands and productsResponsive & scalableCollect and respond to insight inreal-time, globallylongitudinal & predictiveLook back and see the future0102030405the value socialdata brings
  4. 4. Customer Commitment Framework / 680% of businesses believe theircustomer experience is superior,while only 8% of customers agreed1Your customers encounter varied experiencesalong their journey to purchase or engagewith you. Whether they have positiveexperiences or run into roadblocks, theseinteractions lead them to choose one product,service or brand over another. Taking actionto improve the experiences your customershave within that journey can convert themfrom shoppers to customers, and then toadvocates.By modeling against competitors’ best practiceswhile continuously monitoring, identifyingand removing roadblocks and reinforcingwhat you are doing right, you gain significantcompetitive advantage. You easily shortenthe purchase cycle and ensure constantrelevance for your products and services asmarkets and customer needs change. This wayof managing the customer experienceenables you to make better-informed andfaster decisions around value propositions,brand strategies, and more importantlyhow to engage customers.1Bain & Company surveyThe Customer Experience
  5. 5. Customer Commitment Framework / 7Sprint Strengthens BusinessCustomer Offers with the Helpof Social DataIn order to bring a new mobile device to the business market in an innovativeand compelling way, Sprint needed to find a differentiated approach to drawbusiness customers in—and convert them to contract holders. By looking athow businesses make technology purchasing decisions, the key players in thepurchase process and the typical process as a whole, Sprint would be equippedto tailor solutions for the business consumer and their organization.Comparison to ConversionLooking at conversations that business consumerswere having, we compared Sprint with threecompetitors to see how the brands each ranked.Next, we looked at how Sprint’s new mobile devicestacked up against competitive devices to see if thebusiness community had an affinity to one overanother. This approach enabled us to evaluate thecompetitive mobile landscape, apply metrics andidentify opportunities.Armed with analysis and insight from our socialdata, Sprint was able to align its go-to-marketapproach with the needs of the business customer.Acting as a partner instead of a vendor, Sprint wassuccessful in converting customers and also indemonstrating its ability to listen and changewith their needs.We [Sprint] were able tosuccessfully identify thebest path and process fordelivering solutions tailoredto the needs and objectivesof our business consumers,while also serving the needsof their businesses.- Jan CurryGroup Manager – Addressable Marketing“Case Study
  6. 6. Customer Commitment Framework / 9A valuable customer is one thatis committed to buying productsor services, sharing contentand advocating brandToo often customers don’t ask for what theywant, and rarely do they behave in the wayyou expect them to. As your customers movethrough the process of connecting withyour offerings, it’s important to assist themthroughout their journey. From shoppers tocustomers, and then from customers toadvocates, the journey is more than just apath to purchase; it’s product research, pricecomparison, value comparison and evencustomer satisfaction long after the purchasehas been made.Taking a walk in your customers’ shoes canprovide a rich, contextual view into what acustomer is experiencing in that journey. Ithelps you locate and remove barriers blockingthem, and to enhance the enabling factorsdriving your customers along the way.The Customer Journey
  7. 7. Raising awareness, convertingshoppers into customers, andcustomers into advocatesFueled by our customers’ desire to get a deep, detailed understanding of the customer journeyand how to impact the quality of it we developed the Customer Commitment FrameworkTM.The Customer Commitment Framework helps you to understand what your customers careabout, the reasons behind their actions, their attitudes and triggers for their behaviors, andtranslate these experiences into strategic opportunities. We do this by measuring threecustomer journeys: the Shopping Journey, the Sharing Journey and the Advocacy Journey.The Shopping JourneyFrom point of awareness to point of sale you need to focus onmoving customers through the purchase cycle seamlessly byremoving roadblocks and reinforcing what’s working.The Sharing JourneyTo transform your primary audience into broadcasters of yourmessage, your focus should not just be on the quality of yourcontent, but also the how, where and when of it. Enabling yourprimary audience to share content in the right channel, timeand place magnifies your market presence.The Advocacy JourneyPowering “Word of Mouth” referrals means understandingwhat your customers encounter as they connect with yourofferings and enhancing your brand’s perception to encouragethem to actively promote you.Customer Commitment Framework / 12The Customer Journey
  8. 8. Customer Commitment Framework / 13Using Social Intelligence toFind New MarketsTablet devices are a rapidly growing category in the U.S. market, as evidencedby the increasing variety of devices available. We wanted to take a closer lookat how tablets are doing globally, specifically to identify where there may benew opportunities for manufacturers in markets they had yet to engage with.Using our Customer Commitment Framework social intelligence we delvedinto the specific nuances of individual geographies, opportunities and strategiesfor engaging with consumers. Through our analysis of the tablet marketaround the globe, we identified a few top markets Barnes & Nobles’ NOOK®would likely be successful in, what to say in those markets, and how best tolaunch in order to maximize adoption.Conversations into commitmentIn looking at social media conversations relatedto tablets across the globe, we were able to honein on markets ready and open to a new device.Converting shoppers ready to purchase in thesemarkets would require a campaign promoting thedevice through the use of well-structured, localizedlanguage messaging and content for each.Instead of pushing for the NOOK to be a success inover-saturated markets, we identified Germany andFrance as ripe with customers looking for a tabletsuch as the NOOK. The Spanish-speaking areas ofthe U.S. also came to the forefront as a largemarket opportunity.Additionally, our research highlighted just howfragmented the tablet market is and the lack ofdifferentiation between products or services ofmajor technology brands—especially in how theyspeak about themselves to consumers. There isopportunity for Barnes & Noble to take a lead bydifferentiating itself from competitors at a locallevel in order to stand out and to maximizeconversions from other tablets to the NOOK.By analyzing globalconversations from tabletleaders like Apple, Amazon,ASUS, Sony, and Barnes &Noble we were able to assigna unique Product CommitmentScore to each device.This measure is able topredict and enablepurchasing behavior“Case StudySDL analysis of publicly available data;not commissioned by any representative clients.
  9. 9. Customer Commitment Framework / 15The Customer Commitment Framework in ActionThe Customer CommitmentFramework in actionThe Customer Commitment Frameworkcombines a patented metric systemcomprised of key performance indicators forthe customer journeys coupled with a set ofdiagnostics. This gives you illustrative insightbefore, during and after activities and enablesyou to more easily and quickly guide yourcustomers through their journeys. And wegive it to you in an easy-to-view dashboardcustomized with the social datasets specific toyour company, competitors and industry.Customer Commitment Framework• KPIs - in the form of scores that model and predict customer behavior• Customer Experience & Journey Mapping - aligning the KPIs against specific, measurable steps in the customer journeys• Contextual Customer Segmentations - highlighting the valuable customer targets groupings for optimal focus• Customer Personas Mapping - providing a comprehensive and deeper level of under- standing of the behaviors and emotional drivers for the identified contextual customer segmentsthe customer commitment frameworkKPIsContextualCustomerSegmentationsCustomerExperience & JourneyMappingCustomerPersonasMapping
  10. 10. Put Data-driven Strategy into ActionIt all leads to increasedbusinessEnabling your customer to travel more seamlessly through their journeys is a win-winfor everyone. With the Customer Commitment Framework you can model best practices,build playbooks, align KPIs, and while executing ensure you are measuring, monitoringand pivoting for optimum results. This gives you the illustrative insights you need before,during and after activities, whether that’s a product launch, advertising campaign,brand initiative or any number of other business impacting activities. When you put adata-driven strategy into play you greatly improve experiences for your customers andcreate competitive advantage for you.Customer Commitment Framework / 18The Customer Commitment Framework in ActionModel best practicesReview where you rank against yourtop competitors to validate yourposition and get the perspectivenecessary to model best practices.Build playbooksUse the insights and best practicesto create prescriptive guidance thatillustrate key audience personas,campaign strategy, predictive insightand approaches to improving thecustomer journey at each step.Align and executePut your plans for market, productand/or corporate initiatives intoaction and assign appropriate keyperformance indicators to measureand track performance.Measure, monitor, pivotContinuously review the health of youractive initiatives by measuring andmonitoring so you can be proactive,make mid-stream course correctionsand impact the customer’s actionsresulting in your desired outcomes.01 0203 04
  11. 11. Customer Commitment Framework / 19You can predict the futureWhen you listen, analyze and react to customer needs in real-time you shortenthe purchase cycle, ensure constant relevance and remove the chasm betweengaining insight and getting to action. The SDL Customer CommitmentFramework enables data-driven, real-time decision making to holisticallyenhance the customer experience—ultimately letting you drive customerbehavior and impact your business success. Using it, you have a measurementsystem to target investments and activities for continual improvement. Isn’t ittime to do more than just manage the customer experience?Start predicting your—and your customer’s—future.The Customer Commitment Framework
  12. 12. Customer Commitment Framework / 22Learn more about impacting your customers’ experience anddriving your business objectives with our Customer CommitmentFramework at SDL Social IntelligenceSDL Social Intelligence provides enterprise customers with real-timeinsight and foresight to optimize customer experience. The CustomerCommitment FrameworkTMenables global brands to develop andmeasure product, brand and engagement strategies to drive growthand increase revenues.Copyright © 2013 SDL PLC. All Rights Reserved. All company product or service names referencedherein are properties of their respective owners.Learn More