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JUG Leadership Lessons Learned


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JUG Leadership Lessons Learned

  1. 1. JUG Leadership: Lessons Learned Matt Stine Memphis/Mid-South Java User Group 2009 Community Corner Podcast
  2. 2. Your Speaker Matt Stine Group Leader, Research Application Development, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis, TN Founder and Leader of Memphis/Mid-South JUG Twitter: mstine
  3. 3. Agenda How we got started Where we are now Lessons learned Resources
  4. 4. How We Got Started Idea born out of JUG buzz at J1 2007 Website up in July 2007 First and primary sponsor days later First meeting - September 2007 Speaker: Carol McDonald, Sun Topic: Metro: JAX-WS, WSIT, REST Attendees: 25
  5. 5. Where we are now 19 meetings later Average monthly registration: 30 Free meals: every meeting Door prizes given away: countless Speakers: locals, Sun, SpringSource, Terracotta, GridGain, Atlassian, IBM, Skyway, NFJS, ...
  6. 6. Lessons Learned Web Presence Cultivate Sponsorship Network Grassroots Marketing Encourage Participation Wide Topic Spectrum Never Say No Stay the Course
  7. 7. Web Presence Get SOME web presence up ASAP We started w/ Google Page Creator First sponsor found us off Google search days later First speaker - same thing Many potential attendees Google you
  8. 8. Cultivate Sponsorship JUG’s by nature - no $$$ Sponsors - your best friends Food Meeting Locations Door Prizes Speakers Marketing Give back whenever you can...
  9. 9. Network JUG Leader Mailing List JUG-USA Come to JavaOne!
  10. 10. Grassroots Marketing Local/Regional Universities Local Tech Recruitment Firms Forums Job Postings Cross-pollination w/ other user groups
  11. 11. Encourage Participation Local speakers Lightning Talks Coding Competitions IDE Shootouts/Showcases Book Reviews
  12. 12. Wide Topic Spectrum Tech Talks Broad Deep Agile Soft/Career Skills
  13. 13. Never Say No Volunteers = Less Work For You! Any volunteer speaker is better than no speaker: But, discourage marketecture
  14. 14. Stay the Course It takes time... You will get tired... Consistency is key... It will pay off!
  15. 15. Resources Great HOWTO resources: bin/view/JUGs/JUGHowTo JUG Leader Mailing List: https:/ / Free Resources from Sponsors: https:// Great meeting registration site: http://