Marketing is Dead (Long Live Marketing) - Rockfish - 3-6-13


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Overview of latest digital innovations, and resulting impact on consumer expectations and the marketing function.

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Marketing is Dead (Long Live Marketing) - Rockfish - 3-6-13

  1. 1. Michael Stich | CGO |
  2. 2. 23/8/2013Our Conversation• How is Digital evolving?• How does Brand Building change?• How does the role of Marketing change?
  3. 3. 33/8/2013302/22/133How is Digital changing?Even more consumer control.
  4. 4. 43/8/2013The Consumer Has Even More ControlDesire for: Convenience,Choice, Value, Efficiency,Service, Flexibility,Relevance, RelianceTHE CLOUDUSER INTERFACESMOBILITY/LOCATION AWAREARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCEDYNAMIC PERSONALIZATIONSOCIAL NETWORKING+ = Control
  5. 5. 53/8/2013A Lot Has Changed in 10 Years 2012201120102009200820072006200520042003
  6. 6. 63/8/2013PersonalizationGeo-FencingGamificationAugmentedRealityMobile AppsWebsite Email/CRM Search iMedia/DisplayImageRecognition Wearable ComputingHTML5APIs Endless AisleNew Tools Crowd the Marketer’s Toolbox
  7. 7. 73/8/2013Integrate third-party data andservices into your ecosystem.Offer more convenience toconsumers.Walgreens integrates third-partyapps and services tied to pharmacyprescriptions and phone-to-printphoto services.APIs
  8. 8. 83/8/2013Augmented RealityAdd a digital overlay toreal-world products and places.Display additional content (video,reviews, social posts) and addinteractivity.Heinz partners with blippar toprovide digital recipe books andchances to win prizes.
  9. 9. 93/8/2013Endless ShelfIn-store shoppers browseand buy from a virtual display.Extend the advantages ofe-commerce and unlimitedmerchandising to the store.Tesco allows toy-aisle shoppersto view all products and order forhome delivery.
  10. 10. 103/8/2013GamificationIncorporate gaming elements andrewards to incentivize shoppers.Create differentiated shopperexperiences and add loyalty.Sneekpeeq offers discountedhome, fashion and beautyproducts with rewards/badges forsite usage, sharing andpurchases.
  11. 11. 113/8/2013Geo-FencingDeliver location-based offers asconsumers are near or within astore.Send personalized offers basedon consumers’ location, time,preferences and history.Best Buy partners with Placecastand SocialVibe to display offersand suggested products asshoppers enter 1,000+ stores.
  12. 12. 123/8/2013HTML5Enable rich mobile Web experiences thatrun on any device via standard browser.Extend the link economy to apps.Embed audio/video and geolocationfeatures and enable offline browsing.Apple leverages HTML5 to add greaterinteractivity to their website experience.
  13. 13. 133/8/2013Image RecognitionEnable consumers to search for productsand information via their phone camera.Reduce friction in the path to purchase andenable “see it and buy it now” commerce.Flow Powered by Amazon gives usersaccess to 10 million+ products with reviews,descriptions, audio/video clips and instant-purchase options.
  14. 14. 143/8/2013Mobile AppsApps provide specific softwarefunctionality to run on a smartphoneor tablet.Brands, retailers and third partiesaddress shopper need states viatargeted applications.Starbucks app offers customers theability to track rewards points, sendeGift Cards and pay via mobile.
  15. 15. 153/8/2013PersonalizationKnow and reinforce your customerspreferences across touchpoints andplatforms.Consumers will grant loyalty tobrands that maximize relevanceand convenience.ESPN captures fan preference forleagues, teams and players andelevates relevant content on Weband mobile platforms.
  16. 16. 163/8/2013Wearable ComputingMiniature computers for specificpurposes are worn on the body.Enable constant interactionbetween the individual and thecomputer for seamlesscommunication.Nike and Fitbit have taken thelead in wearable computing forhealth and fitness. Apple isrumored to launch iWatch soon.Google Glass is not yet in beta.
  17. 17. 173/8/2013• Multi-retailer comparison shopping• Price comparisons• Ratings and reviews• Loyalty/rewards programs• Social sharing• Consumer feedback sites• Enhanced product info (health, allergy,environmental)• Promotion aggregationNew Companies Delivering ConsumerControl
  18. 18. 183/8/20131802/22/1318We know that digital gives theconsumer control.But who is she, what does she want, andhow do we deliver it?
  19. 19. 193/8/20131902/22/1319How does Brand Building Change?A Familiar Framework, TransformedWHOWHATHOW
  20. 20. 203/8/2013Listening Was …WHOWHATHOW
  21. 21. 213/8/2013WHOWHATHOWListening Is …
  22. 22. 223/8/2013Every customer leaves a digital fingerprint based on their search behavior. Use searchscience to dissect those graphs to get the clearest picture of consumer need statesand behavior.Intent Graph: What I NeedWhat consumers need now. Real-time needs centeredaround a product or service.Proximity Graph: What’s Around MeHow a consumer’s digital behavior informs hisor her off-channel behaviors and purchase decisions.Interest Graph: People Around MeIt’s about a consumer’s interest and hobbies, and howhe or she is influenced by others who share similar interests.WHOWHATHOWSearch Reveals Consumer Intent
  23. 23. 233/8/2013Smart Data OverBig Data• Focus on actionable data tied toconsumer need states andsuccess outcomes.• Analyze one source at time andbuild out profiles in layers.• Apply insights to personalizeexperiences.WHOWHATHOW
  24. 24. What is your brand equity nowthat it’s co-created by consumers?
  25. 25. 253/8/2013WHOWHATHOWReciprocal Signals• There is a two-way flow of information between marketers and consumers.• Consumers also signal brand feedback out to their social networks.
  26. 26. 263/8/2013Digital Helps Consumers Shape EquityBankruptOldExpensiveDelaysLateSucksCheapFunDingFriendlyInexpensiveBudgetSource: BrandTags.netWHOWHATHOW
  27. 27. 273/8/2013Personalization: Unique to MeConsumers expect marketers to remember theirpreferences and habits.• Search history• Browsing behavior• Location• Purchase behaviorMore than 50% of shoppers say retailers theyfrequent should offer promotions or merchandisethat reflects their past online purchases.Personalization makes your brand more relevant.Source: eMarketer.comWHOWHATHOW
  28. 28. 283/8/2013Creative EvolutionBreaking throughthe Digital BlurBig idea + big innovation“Authenticity”Viral = self-expression + easily sharedRelevant and scalable across platformsWHOWHATHOW
  29. 29. How are marketers evolving theirecosystems for the consumer?
  30. 30. 303/8/2013Personas Journey MappingCreate a holisticconsumer experiencewith your product andservice across pre-tail,retail and post-tail.Identify gaps, points offrustration or momentsof truth to remedythrough digitalinnovation and cross-functional collaboration.WHOWHATHOW
  31. 31. 313/8/2013Digital Enables Immersive, ConsensualBrand ExchangesOnlineMobileTraditionalShopper MarketingWHOWHATHOW
  32. 32. 323/8/2013Traditional• Marketers move beyond QR codes.• A/R adds digital discovery tomagazines, catalogs, circulars andproduct packaging.• Image recognition speeds print-to-Web or print-to-mobile transfer.• Video replaces white papers.WHOWHATHOW
  33. 33. 333/8/2013Online• More personalized• Emphasis on UX• Responsive design• APIs extend content andpurchasing• Social trending content• HTML5• Micro ad targeting• Daily deals• Load to card couponsWHOWHATHOW
  34. 34. 343/8/2013• The shopper’s concierge• Geo-targeting• Mobile coupons• App store optimization• Third-party integration• Store and aisle mapping• Rise of the tablet• Buy on the fly• Assisted sellingMobileWHOWHATHOW
  35. 35. 353/8/2013Social• Check-in rewards• Rise of image sharing• Social TV• Social commerce• Facebook Open Graph• 6-second video• Companies integrate social intoservices; no longer just a channelWHOWHATHOW
  36. 36. 363/8/2013Search Engines•• Google updates: Penguin, Panda• Image search• Video search• Local search optimization• Semantic learningWHOWHATHOW
  37. 37. 373/8/2013ShopperMarketing• In-store touchscreens• Mobile coupons• Mobile payments• Click and collect• Store and aisle maps• A/R product info• Mobile shopping walls• Product subscriptions• Auto-replenishmentWHOWHATHOW
  38. 38. 383/8/2013EcosystemIntegrationCombine each component bymarketing objectiveEvolve to become more:• Personalized• Portable• Two-way• Pervasive• Non-linearWHOWHATHOWWebLocalMobileOfflineShopperMarketingStoreSocialWHOSearch
  39. 39. 393/8/2013What’s Next?• Social for content distribution• Hyper-local• Facial and Gesture recognition• Internet of things• Real-time store analytics• Personalized, predictive shopping lists• Wearable computing complements phones• Endless shelves in store• Mobile triggers (GPS, NFC, sound, light)• Personalized pricing/merchandisingWHOWHATHOW
  40. 40. How does the role of marketing change?
  41. 41. 413/8/2013CreativeBest PracticesBrand Readinessand PlanningCustomerTeam SupportCorporateBrand StewardAgencyRelationshipsCMOMarketerDigital Changes Marketing: Yesterday
  42. 42. 423/8/2013CreativeBest PracticesBrand Readinessand PlanningCustomerTeam SupportCorporateBrand StewardAgencyRelationshipsTechnologyRelationshipsCommunityManagementData andBusinessRulesOrganizationInvestmentsCMOMarketerDigital Changes Marketing: Today
  43. 43. 433/8/2013Brand Planning:(Research to Co-creation)mystarbucksidea.comPublicRelations Ideas3,500 Community Building7,000 Social Responsibility4,000 Community InvolvementMarketing andOperations Ideas6,000 Ordering and Payment10,000 Atmosphere8,000 Brand27,000 Drink5,000 Merchandising775 New TechnologyR&D Ideas
  44. 44. 443/8/2013Brand Readiness: From Marketingto Digital FrameworksSell to a NicheConsumerCreate aCompellingBusiness ModelDramaticallyImprove thePurchaseExperienceCreate aCompellingProductE-CommerceStrategy Framework Measurement and AnalyticsMobileO GS MDigital AnalyticsAnalytics ArchitectureBusiness MeasurementOptimizationAutomationPredictiveSMSWAPProximityQRCodesAppsAR
  45. 45. 453/8/2013…and unlocks the potential for unique offeringsbased on new drivers of valueAwareness Consideration Purchase LoyaltyDigitalOfflineDisplaySearchSocial Video Site Mobile CRMMarketingObjectives...…AchievedThroughMultichannelExperiences…OutdoorDM PromotionsStoreLoyaltyPrograms…Consistingof UniqueOfferings…Content Product Service Pricing Offering…Based onNew Driversof Value.Personal-izationExclusivity Preference Choice CommunityCollaborative Commerce:An Emerging Playbook for Brands and Retailers
  46. 46. 463/8/2013External Relationships:Integration With Start-ups & 3rd Party Developers• Can’t do it yourself• Informing start-up relationships• Integration to third-party apps and platforms• Look for technology, content and marketingpartnerships
  47. 47. 473/8/2013External Relationships:Collectives and Partnerships That Go BeyondAgencies and Vendors
  48. 48. 483/8/2013Budgeting for Next (Not Was)• Move investments out of the digitalchannel silo.• Fund cross-functional teamsorganized around consumersegments.• Invest surplus funds in newinnovations and prototyping.• New hires to acquire new skills.
  49. 49. 493/8/2013From Navigating to Leading• Vision• Create Consensus• Appreciation for other functions• Incentives for collaboration• Act as business ownerRespect that the consumer is in control.
  50. 50. 503/8/2013Meet the Newest Members ofYour Marketing Team …Data Scientist Marketing Technologist Content Strategist
  51. 51. 513/8/2013Summary• Consumers gaining even morecontrol• Brand building: same approach, newtools• The role of Marketing: the imperativeto lead
  52. 52. About Rockfish
  53. 53. 533/8/2013Rockfish is a digital innovation partner focused on growing business by leveragingtechnology to create relevant and engaging communications platforms that span allcustomer touch points.CEOsCIOsCOOsCFOsCMOsDigital Innovation Partner
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