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Planning 10 yearbook part 2


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Planning 10 yearbook part 2

  1. 1. Tasks •Taking photos •Finding pictures •Cutting •Pasting
  2. 2.  Hole punching  Glueing  Photo copying  Printing
  3. 3.  Required all volunteered student's to come up with the front page design. Also whoever volunteered had to hand make the yearbook by cutting the paper into it’s right size so the hole puncher would fit onto all of the paper. Three students were picked to go down stairs too cut the papers, photo copy, and go back up stairs to hole punch it. All of the yearbook was hand made from the very front of the book to the last page.
  4. 4.  Three of us had to go down to the photo copying room and I was one of them. I was the one to cut every single one of the papers to make sure that they were the right size. If they were not the right size we would have to re due it. I also went around our school during recess and lunch to take pictures of the students. I glued pictures onto the paper and photo copied it. I made collages for the yearbook. I also cut out all of the paper and made sure all students were included. Putting the yearbook together was a hard job but worth it.
  5. 5.  You had to co-operate with others  Respect others  Learn to get along  Work together
  6. 6.  Make sure yearbook was completed on time  Make time
  7. 7.  For the yearbook I used my own time to work on it. Even during lunch we would stay inside just to make sure that it was done.  Even though I had other courses to work on i made sure that the yearbook was still on schedule.  No matter how stressful it was and no matter how much I did not want to work on it I did it any ways because I knew that in the end I wouldn’t regret it.  Even if I did not get along with another student I put that away and co-operated with them.
  8. 8.  In the end everyone in the yearbook club got to receive their very own FREE yearbook and also the happy faces of all the students in the school to receive their own yearbook for free. Skil Mountain Community School got their very first yearbook in many many years. Students are happy to receive their very first yearbook and get to keep it. Maybe even in future years students will receive another yearbook. Or even elementary students will be high school and be able to make it on their very own. In the end the yearbook was worth all of the stress and hard work.
  9. 9.  I was not sure what kind of skills I would gain from this club but I was certain that I would learn something new and gain new friends. In the end of the club while we were almost to the completion I was happy knowing that the students would get a yearbook to cherish forever. They could get their friends to autograph it for them and also they could look back at their pictures when they missed them. In the end it was worth every second of my free time.