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  1. 1. WORK
  2. 2. WORK Work has different and rather broad meaning in everyday language. But in physics concept of work has a very clear definition. The product of the component of a force along the direction of displacement and the magnitude of the displacement is called work.
  3. 3.  Consider a constant force F is applied to an object on a horizontal surface. Under this force if the object is displaced by an amount x, parallel to the force, then the work done by the applied force F is defined as the magnitude of the force times the amount of displacement. F W = F.x x
  4. 4. F θ F cos θ W =(F cos θ).x xWork is a scalar quantity.1 Joule is the work done by a force of 1Newtonas it acts through a distance of 1metre along theline of force. 1J = 1N.m
  5. 5. PROBLEM How much work is done on a vacuum cleaner pulled 3 m by a force of 50 N at an angle of 30˚ above the horizontal?
  6. 6. PROBLEM A weight lifter lifts a set of weights a vertical distance of 2.00 m. If a constant net force of 350 N is exerted on the weights, what is the net work done on the weights?
  7. 7. PROBLEM If 2.0 J of work is done in raising a 180 g apple, how far is it lifted?