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How TakeLessons Uses Socia Media


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Presentation given by Steven Cox, CEO of to the San Diego Social Media Breakfast Group on June 30, 2009. The focus of the talk was to show how a company selling services uses social media in practice to build trust and communicate their passion.

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How TakeLessons Uses Socia Media

  1. 1. From Theory to Practice How uses social media
  2. 2. From Theory to Practice How uses social media every day
  3. 3. Your Face Here…
  4. 4. Why do we use social media?
  5. 5. Because Oprah said so…
  6. 6. Our Marketing Challenges How do we build trust? How do we communicate what our brand stands for?
  7. 7. Our Marketing Challenges How do we sell more lessons at a lower CPA? How do we make this happen?
  8. 8. Uh, let me thinkto Practice From Theory about that… How uses social media every day
  9. 9. Let’s build our own social network! We a re the ne xt b ig th in g …
  10. 10. Let’s build our own social network!
  11. 11. Competitive and expensive… Risk = high Chance of success = low F a ilu re ? It h a s t o b e m a rk e t in g ’s fa u lt …
  12. 12. The Social Media Solution…
  13. 13. BUT WAIT!!! This social media dance ‘aint for everybody… only the sexy people… (so all you fly mothers… get out there and dance, I say)
  14. 14. Get a blog. Even my Grandma has a blog.
  15. 15. How we use our blog
  16. 16. Blogging: Think of it as: …planting seeds …giving before you ask to receive …providing more value than what you’re paid for
  17. 17. YouTube is the ___ largest search engine
  18. 18. YouTube is the 3rd largest search engine
  19. 19. We use YouTube to: - Showcase customers - Upload TV spots - Teacher Intro’s
  20. 20. Get a facebook fan page.
  21. 21. Communicate our passion. Share successes, and relevant information. Build trust by listening, and fixing customer problems quickly.
  22. 22. It shows that we’re human and builds trust.
  23. 23. It helps create loyal, active, engaged TakeLessons ambassadors.
  24. 24. But isn’t twitter just a bunch of noise? Yes… Unless you know how to use it
  25. 25. Get a twitter account.
  26. 26. Be interesting. Be relevant. Experiment.
  27. 27. Track your key phrases At
  28. 28. Other useful twitter stuff -manage multiple accounts from your desktop -Immediate following, schedule tweets -A cool interface that displays tweets - Visually track a bunch of phrases - Latest hot URL’s being tweeted about
  29. 29. Putting it together
  30. 30. Extending our reach
  31. 31. Extending our reach
  32. 32. The Results? So far, so good.
  33. 33. Results 3.We’ve hired new teachers 4.We’ve gotten referrals from current students 8.Made connections with several Fortune 100 companies 9.JV opps with two companies
  34. 34. Stay in touch: Blog: TakeLessons FB Page: