Lesson plan #2


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Lesson plan written using the ASSURE model for my AV Ed. class. Lesson plan using multimedia by teacher and students.

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Lesson plan #2

  1. 1. Tenorio, Shariakiha Spring 2010 ED 451-02 “A Day in the Life of…” (ASSURE Lesson Plan) Analyze learners • General Characteristics The learners are third grade students between the ages of 8 and 9 years old. The students have diverse backgrounds – Chamoru, Filipino, Caucasian, and Japanese. All students come from middle class families. Most students are average to above average achievers. Class size is small with only 16 students, 9 boys and 7 girls. One student is a student with temporary moderate traumatic brain injury. • Entry Competencies Students have been working on computers, learning to use blogs online on http://www.blogger.com. During the student’s summer program, they were introduced to and created personal email accounts for themselves on Gmail. Students have been introduced to online slideshow makers such as http://www.slide.com and http://www.rockyou.com. Students have also used and created accounts on http://www.tokbox.com to communicate with one another and teacher. • Learning Styles Students are verbal and visual learners. Examples of uploading pictures need to be provided for some. S tate objectives • Given a teacher-made handout, students will be able to complete that handout with 100% accuracy. • Students will capture the life of a trusted adult/person for 4 hours. • Students will create a photo story on http://www.slide.com with the pictures they took. • Students will post a 50-word reflection on blog with 0-5 writing errors. • Students will tell their “story” with 0-5 speaking errors S electinstructional methods , media, and materials • Methods
  2. 2. Tenorio, Shariakiha Spring 2010 ED 451-02 o Students will have one week to complete this assignment, and may work on it in class if time permits. o Students will work individually. o For student with disability, they will work with parent or caregiver o Students will use handout and pictures to complete assignment. o Students will write a reflection, then present story to class. • Media o Gmail o http://www.blogger.com o MS Word o http://www.slide.com o http://www.tokbox.com • Materials o Personal cameras o Computer with camera, microphone, and speakers o Teacher-made handout o Gmail account o Blogger account o Class account at http://www.slide.com o Account on http://www.tokbox.com o Projector acquired by teacher Utilize media and materials • Teacher will use personal laptop and projector to show: o Teacher-made handout o Instructional video o Sample digital photo story • In class, teacher will show students how to use http://www.slide.com, showing them different layouts and transitions in the service. Require learner participation • Students will work independently or with some assistance from teacher. • For student with disability, they will have a task-completion checklist to keep them focused. They are to check off each task when completed. • Students will download teacher-made handout from email accounts. • Students will review instructional video on http://www.tokbox.com and respond with concerns or questions.
  3. 3. Tenorio, Shariakiha Spring 2010 ED 451-02 • Using teacher-made handouts, students will follow selected person for 4 hours, completing their handout. • While student is with adult, they will also take pictures to digitally document their experience. • Student will upload pictures to computer, by connecting their hardware to the USB port, then do the following: o In the start menu, click the Computer button. o Click the media that contains photos. o Copy photos to pre-made folder for this assignment o Safely eject media • Students will log onto http://www.slide.com account, then do the following: o Students will click Create button on welcome page. o Upload photos by clicking My Files tab and click Browse button o Arrange photos so they are in sequential order o Edit captions for each photo o Students will then edit their slideshows changing transition styles, skins, backgrounds, and changing the size of the show to large. o After editing slideshow, click green Save button o Students will title Slideshow as “A Day in the Life of…” in the Slideshow Details Box o In the Directed by Box, they will put their name o They will put the “Star of the Show” (i.e., my teacher Ms. Tenorio) in the Stars in This Show box, and click blue Add Star button o Choose between start transitions: Classic, Pink, or Hollywood o Click green Save Slideshow button o Students will click on My Slide to ensure their slideshow is saved o Log out of http://www.slide.com. • Once students have completed slideshow, they type a 50-word reflection essay on Microsoft Word. o For student with disability, they will have someone help them complete essay. • Students will log onto http://www.blogger.com, and do the following: o Click on Create New Blog o Title blog A Digital Story o Pick a blog address o Type word verification o Click Continue arrow o Choose a template for their blog o Click Continue arrow o Click Start Blogging button o Title the blog A Day in the Life Of… o Copy reflection from Microsoft word
  4. 4. Tenorio, Shariakiha Spring 2010 ED 451-02 o Click Edit Html tab o Paste reflection using Ctrl+V or mouse right click and choose paste o Click Preview to ensure essay is correct o Click Orange Publish Post button if no corrections need to be made o Click View Post to ensure everything is on page o Sign out of http://www.blogger.com. • In class, students will give teacher site for their slideshows. • Students will present slideshow to class and tell their photo story Evaluate and revise • Assessment of Learners o Teacher will ensure that teacher-made handout is complete with 100% accuracy by having adult/person followed sign handout. o Teacher will evaluate photos, if they are relevant to project and correspond with handout. o Teacher will check to see if photos in photo story are in sequential order o Teacher will assess essay based on the following criteria: (total possible 4/4)  Five sentences per paragraph  Topic sentence with supporting details  Conclusion  There are 0-5 writing errors o While presenting to class, teacher will assess based on the following criteria (total possible 4/4)  Speaks clearly and loudly  Has constant eye contact with class  Uses appropriate diction for the setting  Presents story in correspondence with handout and photo story • Evaluation of Methods o Teacher will assess if  Teacher will assess if students were able to complete a satisfactory project within the given time  Teacher will assess if students were able to work well individually  Teacher will assess if students were able to complete assignment with little assistance • Evaluation of Media o Teacher will evaluate student’s use of media based on observation.
  5. 5. Tenorio, Shariakiha Spring 2010 ED 451-02 o Students will assess media tools based on teacher –made survey  Easy to use/not easy to use  Able to navigate  Fun using tools NOTES: Resources: Blogger. http://www.blogger.com. Gmail. http://mail.google.com. Slide.com. http://www.slide.com. Tokbox. http://www.tokbox.com.