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What am I?

Published in: Education, Technology, Lifestyle
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  1. 1. By the students in Mrs. Levato’s class
  2. 2. I have a slender body and I have blubber. I eat fish, crab, krill, squid and jellyfish. I live in the cooled water. I am not a fish. whale polar bear dolphin seal
  3. 3. I have sharp claws. I drink milk. I live in a house. I lay on couches. tiger cat lion dog
  4. 4. I am peach with black spots. I live in Africa. I eat deer and rabbits. I have big sharp teeth. A dog , a cheetah , a shark , a cat
  5. 5. I am pink. I have a little tale. I live in muddy places. I might have spots. Lion monkey pig.
  6. 6. I have four legs, ears and one tail . I live in den . I eat rabbit and deer . My fur has the color white and gray. bat coyote lion cat
  7. 7. I am black and yellow. I eat crickets, beetle and flies. I lick my eyeball after my meal. I live all over the world cheetah leopard gecko bee blue bird
  8. 8. I have lots of hair. I am fuzzy and nice. I live in a cage or a box. I am very curious. dog cat Bat Guinea pig
  9. 9. I have nice thick creamy white fur. I eat lots of seal meat and berries. I live in arctic pack ice. I have twin cubs every two or three years. snake horse caterpillar.
  10. 10. I eat worms, insects, and small crabs. I live near lakes and rivers. I have very thick fur. I can live 15 years. duck cat dog platypus
  11. 11. I have black tipped ears and they are almost the same length as my hind feet. I eat leaves and carrots. I could live in a barn and I could be a home pet. I have good ears and when you feed me I will jump and get it. kangaroo bunny hamster jackrabbit
  12. 12. I have a small head. I only eat insects. I live in wet places. I live for up to 30 years. bat monkey dear shark
  13. 13. I live in a house. I have long curly ears. I eat meat and drink water. I am cousins with wolves. dog cat bear fox
  14. 14. I have 4 legs. I eat grain. I live in Mexico. I lived 50 million years ages. horse bee bird cat
  15. 15. I am medium sized and I have brown wings. I eat mice and I eat all kinds of birds. I can travel over 4,000 miles to my winter home. My face is black and my wings are dark brown. bird falcon eagle hawk
  16. 16. I eat zebra and buffalo . I live in Northwest and Indiana. I have a lot of hair. I live from 15 from 20 years. cobra dog wolf lion
  17. 17. I have two horns. I only eat plants. I live on the African grassland. I can weigh up to 8,ooo pounds. rhino elephant shark monkey
  18. 18. Rhino Rhino
  19. 19. I hear great and have big eyes. I eat grass. I live in Africa. I am afraid of lions. dog zebra cat horse
  20. 20. I am gray. I am furry. I eat deer, moose, and elk. I can hear very well. wolf dog cat fox
  21. 21. A Wolf
  22. 22. I live in meadows. I am a carnivore. I have really long teeth. My day begins at dusk. wolf hawk coyote fox
  23. 23. I have a beak. I eat spiders. I well beat large prey to death. I build a nest of sticks or cacti and lay up to 8 white eggs. road runner lion whale cheetah
  24. 24. Research and illustrations by: Annie Claire Pawel Jimmy Kyler Gabby G. Aracely Ashley Karol Alexis Kacper Gabby J. Leah Olivier Nick Hector Arianna Roman Sheehan Stephan