Edmodo training resource and guide


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Edmodo (LMS) Training Resource and Guide for setting up teacher and student accounts.

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Edmodo training resource and guide

  1. 1. EDMODO
  2. 2. Edmodo’s mission is to connect all learners with the people and resources they need to reach their full potential
  3. 3. Edmodo is an online classroom management tool.
  4. 4. Mobile Learning – Anytime, Anyplace • Mobile app available for iOS (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch) and Android • Access Edmodo on any mobile browser at m.edmodo.com • Get updates and notifications on the go
  5. 5. Secure Platform Ensures Safety and Privacy • Closed environment • No private information required from students • Students can only join classes by the invitation of their teacher • All communication is archived • Teacher has full management control Students  use   this  code  to   sign  up   Edmodo Parental Concent Form
  6. 6. 20 Ways to Use Edmodo
  7. 7. Table of Contents Create your Teacher Account Create Groups Student Sign-Up Parent Sign-Up Customize Groups Side Panel Post a Message Polls Assignments Grading Assignments Exporting &Importing to PowerSchool Gradebook Quizzes Badges Planner (Calendar) Library Communities Edmodo Apps Edmodo Store Help? Edmodo Parental Concent Form
  8. 8. Create Your Teacher Account Create  a  teacher  account  if   you  are  a  teacher,   administrator,  or  have   another  role  in  educa8on   www.d23.edmodo.com
  9. 9. Update Your Account Settings Select  your   School   Click  the  “Me”  drop-­‐ down  to  access  se?ngs   Upload  a  photo  or   an  avatar   Choose  your   privacy   se?ngs     Customize   email  or  text   no8fica8ons       IKE: emot8q ROSS: vdcxhu SULLIVAN: crnh40 MACARTHUR: 73icgv DISTRICT OFFICE: lynsju
  10. 10. Create Your Profile Tell  others  about   yourself-­‐  add  your  role  in   educa8on,  interests,   websites,  blogs,  TwiFer,   etc.   View  your  badges  -­‐   earn  more  by  using   Edmodo  in  new  ways!    
  11. 11. Teacher Homepage Post  assignments,   reminders,  polls,   or  discussion   ques8ons     Encourage   collabora8on  and   par8cipa8on  in   discussions     Access  global  communi8es   of  peers  and  publisher   partners     Create  groups  for   classes,  clubs,  PLCs,   online  courses,  etc.     Store  unlimited   content  for  easy   sharing  and  re-­‐use    
  12. 12. Create Groups 1.  Select  the  “+”  in   Groups  sec8on   2.  Complete  group   informa8on   3.  Distribute  Group  Code  or   “Join  Group”  URL  to  members  
  13. 13. Student Sign-Up Students  are  NOT   requird  to  give   email  adress   www.d23.edmodo.com  
  14. 14. Student Sign-Up Edmodo Parental Concent Form
  15. 15. Students With an Account Students  who  already   have  an  account  can  log   in  and  click  the  “+”   …And  then  enter  the   group  code  to  join   group  
  16. 16. Student Profile Badges  awarded   by  teachers     Link  to  grade   book  for  each   group   Students  share  their   learning  style  and   goals  
  17. 17. Student Homepage The  backpack:   Unlimited  storage   for  documents,   videos  and  other   resources   Students  can   only  join   groups.  They   cannot  create   groups   Students  receive   no8fica8ons  for   grades,  assignments,   alerts  or  replies   Students  can  only  send   messages  to  the  en8re   group  or  directly  to   the  teacher   Parents  use  this  code  to  create   their  account  or  add  student  to     their  exis8ng  account  
  18. 18. To  create  an  account,  use  the  parent   code  located  on  child’s  Edmodo   homepage   Parent Sign-Up
  19. 19. Parent Homepage Parents  can  add  mul8ple  students   with  their  unique  parent  codes   Teachers  can  send   messages  to  parents   Parents  have  a  dashboard  view  of   student’s  assignments,  grades  and   calendar  events  
  20. 20. Customize Groups Side Panel Customize  which  groups   appear  in  the  side-­‐panel  by   selec8ng  the  star  next  to   the  group  name   Click  “Show  All”  to  see   a  list  of  all  groups  
  21. 21. Creating Small Groups Teachers  can   create  small   groups  by  clicking   the  “+“  on  the   group  homepage   To  add  students,  click   “Members”  on  the  small  group   page  and  “Add  Members”  in   the  new  window  
  22. 22. Using Small Groups Only  the  members   you  put  into           small  groups                   can  access  the   communica8on   stream   U8lize  small  groups  for   group  projects,   differen8a8on,  and  to   organize  units  or   discussion  separate   from  the  main  group.    
  23. 23. Manage Group Members Click  “Members”   on  the  group   homepage  to  see   a  list  of  your   students   Give  co-­‐teacher  status   to  colleagues   View  username,   profile,  and   grades   Reset  password,  access   parent  code,  remove   from  group   Set  all  members  to   “read  only”  or   print  out  list  of   members    
  24. 24. Best Practices for Safe Social Learning • Do not post group codes publicly • Lock group codes after all members have joined • Monitor posts ▸  Set up notifications • Use read-only status when useful • Encourage students to select unique passwords • Set expectations
  25. 25. Post a Message Post  a  Note,  Alert,   Assignment,  Quiz         or  Poll.  AFach  any   type  of  file  or  link     Send  to  individual  group,   mul8ple  groups,                                 small  groups,  parents,   individual  students  and/or   teacher  connec8ons   Send  immediately  or   schedule  posts  for  the   future  
  26. 26. Polls Create  a  poll  and   add  mul8ple   answer  choices.   Votes  are   anonymous     Check  for   understanding  or   survey  opinions  
  27. 27. Assignments View  and  grade   assignments  as  they   are  turned  in   Each  assignment  you   create  is  saved  to  bank   for  future  access   Choose  a  due   date  
  28. 28. Grading Assignments Teachers  and  co-­‐teachers   can  provide  feedback  -­‐ Students  can  respond  and   a  permanent  record  is   kept  for  reference   Teachers  can  annotate   submiFed  assignments   with  comments  and   detailed  feedback   Grades  are  automa8cally  added  to  the   Edmodo  gradebook.  (TIP:  Input  “LATE”   to  keep  students  from  handing  in  late   work)  
  29. 29. Exporting Grades Note: The spreadsheet will download to your computer. You can open it in any application that opens CSV files, typically Excel or a spreadsheet program. You can then upload this into the gradebook program of your choice. Before uploading to your PowerSchool Gradebook you will need to include the student’s ID numbers on the spreadsheet. Export Grades (Teacher) If you want to use an external grade program you can export your grades into a CSV file and download them to your computer to be uploaded to your grade program: 1. Click the “Export” button at the top right corner of the Gradebook page. 2. It will be downloaded as a CSV file.
  30. 30. Importing Grades to PowerSchool Gradebook 1.  PowerTeacher Gradebook import of CSV files 1.  Create a new assignment in PowerTeacher gradebook (or you can use an already created assignment) 1.  Select the class, choose the assignments tab, and click the plus symbol near the bottom of the page. 2.  Be sure to set the score type, points possible, and due date during assignment creation. 2.  Click on the Scoresheet tab
  31. 31. Quizzes Create  a  new  quiz  or  load   a  previously  created  one   Choose  whether  you’d  like  to   randomize  ques8ons  and/or   allow  students  to  view  results   immediately   Create  new  ques8ons                                 (Mul8ple  Choice,  True/False,   Fill  in  the  Blank,                                     Short  Answer,  Matching)                                         or  load  from  your  own   ques8on  bank  
  32. 32. Grading Quizzes Select  individual   students  to  view  their   responses  and  grade   short  answer  ques8ons   View  a  breakdown    of  class  results   Edmodo  auto-­‐grades   ques8ons                                       (except  short  answer)  
  33. 33. Progress (Gradebook) Export  grades  into  CSV  file   so  you  can  input  into   another  system   Scores  are  updated   automa8cally  aeer   each  assignment  or   quiz  is  graded  and   recorded   Access  grades   and  badges    
  34. 34. Badges Award  badges  to  mo8vate  and   recognize  achievement.  Create   badges  aligned  to  standards,   posi8ve  behaviors,  and  more   Use  pre-­‐loaded  badges   or  create  your  own  
  35. 35. Insights and Reactions View  performance  data  on   assignments  and  quizzes   Student  feedback  on   assignments  and  quizzes   Within  the  “Progress”  tab,   click  on  “Insights”  to  see   overall  reac8ons  
  36. 36. Planner (Calendar) Add/create  class  events  or   tasks,  view  scheduled   assignments   View  by  month   or  week   Filter  by  group  or   view  all   Tasks  show  up  here  to   keep  you  on  track  
  37. 37. Library Add  unlimited  files,  links,    and  embed  codes  and  post   groups  from  the  stream   Organize  library  into  folders   and  share  folders  with  your   groups   Teachers  and  students  can   connect  Google  Drive  accounts  
  38. 38. Share Folders from Library Place  a  check  in  the  box   to  share  the  folder  with   that  group  
  39. 39. Communities Follow  publisher  and  partner   communi8es   Follow  subject  and  content   communi8es  to  connect  and   share  best  prac8ces  and   resources  with  other  educators  
  40. 40. Discover Add  to  your  library  or   share  with  groups  or   individuals  directly   Browse  for  content   by  topic   Browse  for  content   by  topic   Browse  content  in   the  “Discover”  area  
  41. 41. Edmodo Apps Access  the  Edmodo   Store  to  browse  for   integrated  digital   content  and  tools     Customize  toolbar  with   your  favorite  apps   Launch  any   installed  app   Manage  apps  that   you’ve  purchased  
  42. 42. Edmodo Store Filter  by  paid  and   free  apps   Browse  by  subject   area,  recently  added,   and  suggested  
  43. 43. Select, Purchase, and Install Install  app   Purchase  credit   Choose  group(s)  in     which  to  install  the  app    
  44. 44. Need Help? Ask  us  a  ques8on   Access  help  and  links  and   aFend  or  watch  webinars   in  the  help  center   Access  the  Support   Community  from   your  homepage  
  45. 45. Get Started • Create your account • Complete your profile • Create a group • Invite students and peers ▸  Share resources, lead collaborative discussions, give assignments, quizzes, polls and more • Install Apps ▸  Engage students, inspire creativity, assess learning • Follow and participate in communities ▸  Connect with educators from around the world ▸  Discover great resources