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NCSS 2012 Blended Learning


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NCSS 2012 Blended Learning

  1. 1. Adventures inBlended Learning: Class Outside the Classroom Walls Meredith Stewart Cary Academy, Cary, NC Unable to attend: Diana Laufenberg Philadelphia, PA
  2. 2. Course Logisticso 11th and 12th grade studentso Two 45min face to face classes per week (traditional class has three 45min classes & one 1.5hr class per week)o Outside of class time used for independent research, online discussion, and readingo Cumulative project rather than final examo Material covered thematically, rather than chronologically
  3. 3. Course OutlineWhat Makes an American? Shift Happens(Immigration and Citizenship) January to Early MarchAugust-September Time Periods: TBD by StudentsTime Periods: Explorers/Early Settlers, Project: Cumulative ProjectEarly 20th century (Timeline, Paper, Interview & Lesson)Project: Immigrant Letter Progress (?) and Protest MovementsWar Mid-March to End of AprilOctober to Mid-November Time Periods/Categories: Agrarian Protests, LaborTime Periods: American Rev, Civil Movement/Luddites, ConservationWar, WWI, Vietnam Movement, Prohibition, Women’s Suffrage, Zoot Suit Riots, Civil Rights/Black Power, GLBTProject: Design a War Memorial Rights, Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street Project: Handbook for RadicalsRightsMid-November to Winter Break What If?Time Periods: Post-American Rev (Articles of MayConfederation/Constitution), Reconstruction Time Periods: Depression/New Deal, WWII, ColdProject: Supreme Court Simulation War, Assassinations Project: Alternative History project
  4. 4. Interaction with Expertso Engineer and architect comment on war memorial designso Professor and attorney comment on opinions written for Supreme Court simulationo Educators comment on student lesson plans for cumulative projecto Interaction with experts through social media on topics related to class
  5. 5. Supreme Court Simulationo Undertaken in the context of unit on history of civil rights in the USo Case chosen from the current year’s Supreme Court docketo 8th grade students act as attorneys (draft oral arguments) and 11th grade students act as justiceso Final opinions are posted to class blog- attorney and professor offer feedback to students
  6. 6. Shift Cumulative ProjectFor the cumulative project, each student choosesa topic of interest and researches the trajectory ofthe changes in it throughout US history. Eachstudent completes a…• Timeline• Interview with an Expert• Research Paper• Teaches a lesson on the topic to the classTopics have included personaltransportation, food preparation, socialdance, education and race, and health care.
  7. 7. Student FeedbackIt has definitely been unlike any other history class I have taken so farwhich I really like. It is not as hard as memorizing things for a test, but itsharder in the sense that you really have to think about the topic morethan in a regular US History class or APUSH. It has let me explore moreideas rather than being handed cold, hard facts.I like how we dont just talk about the chronological events fromhistory. That alone has challenged my thinking because I have alwayslearned history through the other approach and I personally enjoy thisapproach more. It really makes me wonder if we actually learn more bycramming dates into our heads, or if we learn more by going deeper intoindividual themes in history.This was the first class that I had ever used a blog in, and I really enjoyedusing it. It was nice to discuss concepts using technology and addressingeverybodys perspective on certain topics.
  8. 8. Student Publication and Presentation About the Classo Article co-authored with two 11th grade students published in Independent School magazineo Four students presented at the North Carolina Independent School technology conference
  9. 9. Tools Used Outside the Classroomo Wordpress Blog for Conversation and Assignment Postingo Wikispaces for posting project work and project feedbacko Twitter for interaction with experts and to solicit feedbacko Web databases for independent researcho Google Sketchup and computer modeling for war memorial designs
  10. 10. WarMemorialProject
  11. 11. Who’sMeredithStewart?Law and Divinityschool grad who Read her blogdecided teaching wasway more fun Follow her on TwitterMiddle and UpperSchool History and MS Contact her via emailHistory Department meredithlstewart@gmail.comChair at Cary Academyin Cary, NC
  12. 12. Where’s Diana Laufenberg? Check out her TED talk ufenberg_3_ways_to_teach.htmlOn a plane to Read her blogMalaysia, but http://laufenberg.wordpress.comshe’d love toconnect with you Follow her on Twitter Contact her via email