Mayan Vocab Project


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Mayan Vocab Project

  1. 1. Mesoamerica’s Mayan Marketplace Pranay
  2. 2. Quetzal Nuggets
  3. 3. Ix Chel’s Cure-All Moon Pills The Goddess of Medicine herself will cure you! Are those around you sick and in need of help? Do you not know what sin angered the Gods? Then try Ix Chel’s Cure-All Moon Pills! These pills are made of the most medicinal herbs that grow in the jungle around our Mayan civilization. Simply take a single pill once a day from the convenient small box and grind it with your cornmeal. In no time, the evil spirits will flee and you will regain your health! These pills from our Lady Rainbow come in a variety of colors. May Ix Chel bless you with many children!
  4. 4. The Balam Bug Zapper The Jaguar Spirit Balam will never fail to protect your village with the new Balam Bug Zapper! No bug will dare enter a milpa protected by this great guardian. Place one at each corner of your house, and bugs and evil spirits will flee from the presence of the feared Balamob!
  5. 5. MAYA Cuts – The Maize God Haircut It’s the latest trend! It’s the coolest look! Get the Maize Cut today! Show your forehead and your scalp with the new Maize God Haircut! MAYA Cuts will partly shave your head and eyebrows leaving only patches of hair, so you can look like the Maize God today! You will be the envy of all your neighbors and friends when you leave looking like a ripened ear of corn! Children under the age of 3 will receive 2 free boards to flatten the front and back of their heads. You’re never too young to look like the Maize God!
  6. 6. The Jaguar Rollercoaster You will rise to the skies and you will plummet to the ground as you trace the path of the sun like the Jaguar Sun God! This rollercoaster will make your stomach churn as you are lifted into the air and fly like Kinich Ahua, the sun. Your heart will stop when you dive into the Underworld through the West Door and become the fearsome Jaguar King! This will be the most incredible experience of your life!
  7. 7. Pom Bubble Gum It tastes good, it smells good, and it makes you look good too! Your favorite chewing gum can now last all day with new Pom Bubble Gum! The scent leaves your breath fragrant and your mouth copal-minty fresh! The fresh resin taste will blow you away. “Watch the bubbles!” and watch your cross-eyed beauty grow! Come out and chew today!
  8. 8. The Anti-Uayeb Charm Bracelet The five dreaded Uayeb days of our Mayan Haab calendar will harm you no more with the Anti-Uayeb Charm Bracelet! This fine jade bracelet will protect you with the power of the Gods! The Ix Chel Moon Charm will chase away the evil spirits that cause illness. The Itzam-Yeh Celestial Bird will ensure your safety from the four corners of the world. The Hero Twins beads will help you and your family overcome the forces of death! The Jaguar Sun God pendant will make good fortune shine on you! You will enjoy all 365 Haab days of good health and good luck with the Anti-Uayeb Charm Bracelet!
  9. 9. The Chac Showerhead Experience a shower like never before! Enjoy thunderbolts of water pounding your body from four Chac Showerheads placed in the corners of the world you shower in! Our Rain God will shed his blood to make sure each drop of water feels like a stone axe! This cosmic shower was originally available only to Chac Maya elders before they performed ceremonies and sacrifices. Now, it is available to one and all!
  10. 10. The Haab Gym Do you want the body of a Mayan warrior? Then follow our daily workout at the Haab Gym, open 365 days of the year! Develop your muscles and increase your tolerance for pain and get ready for the blood – letting ceremony! Develop a strong chest for the heavy copper breastplates you will soon be wearing when you set out to war! Try the new Haab workout today!