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  • I'm sorry I'm a little late on responding to you about what we would like for you to speak about. We are very interested in that Facebook clean-up site that Lyle told us you knew a lot about. We would like for you to hit on some things about how to keep any social network clean since most everybody has access to it, and how to get connected with each other and out professors while in college. We're in the Hearin Leadership Program, so we should all try to network with one another, because we are supposed to be the leaders on campus and when we leave, and we need to try to network with professionals on campus and in the community for recommendation letters, etc. So, some tips and tools for that. If you have any more questions, just let me know!
  • Who's googling you

    1. 1. Amanda Clay PowersVirtual Reference / Social Media Librarian MSU Libraries February 8, 2012
    2. 2. YES!andSort of…
    3. 3.  75% of companies have policies that require review of reputational data 79% of recruiters and HR professionals are looking Crosstab Market Research Report for Microsoft January 2010
    4. 4.  43% from LinkedIn 32% from Twitter 25% from Facebook Marketwire.com 2011
    5. 5.  18.4 Million Americans credit 10.2 Million Americans credit 8.0 Million Americans credit Marketwire.com November 2011
    6. 6. Mashable.com 2012
    7. 7. Reppler.com 2011
    8. 8. Crosstab Market Research Report for MicrosoftJanuary 2010
    9. 9.  Personality Professional qualifications Creativity Communication skills Well-rounded Comments from others 2009 Harris Interactive Study for CareerBuilder.com
    10. 10.  Socioclean.com ◦ Free in part ◦ Facebook and Twitter ◦ IDs from Specialized Dictionary ◦ Targeted removal of individual problems ◦ Needs to be Customized ◦ Can be slow Exfoliate app for Android (FB) ◦ Free ◦ Can be slow ◦ Only for Android ◦ Removes by time period or or type
    11. 11.  Facebook ◦ Clean up Timeline ◦ Make Friend Lists ◦ Adjust Privacy Settings Twitter ◦ Make Twitter Private ◦ Obscure Your Name/Handle ◦ Go Through By Tweet ◦ Create a Professional Twitter Accout LinkedIn ◦ Shouldn’t need to!
    12. 12.  Be Consistent and Unique in Branding Bend Google to Your Will: Try Google+ Create a Public View on Facebook Create a Professional Twitter Account Consider a Personal Website Get SEO to Work for You
    13. 13.  24% have disciplined an employee for activity on social networks 25% are actively monitoring activity 40% are passively monitoring activity Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Compliance: What Are Companies Doing. Health Care Compliance Association and the Society for Corporate Compliance and Ethics. 2009.
    14. 14. ◦ Employers Disregard Candidates Because of Email Content  Candidate used emoticons  Candidate used text language in an email or job application Email Still Matters 2009 Harris Interactive Study for CareerBuilder.com
    15. 15. Your Online Presence IS Your Interview
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    17. 17. Amanda Clay Powers Assistant ProfessorSocial Media / Business / AgricultureMississippi State University Libraries apowers@library.msstate.edu Gtalk: amandaclaypowers For the rest, just: