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Fan clubs street teams


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Fan clubs street teams

  1. 1. & Fan Club Strategy Strategy Strategy Strategy EIS 2350
  2. 2. Artist Official Website What Should It Contain?• News / Blog• Biography / About• Tour Dates (with TICKET LINKS)• Music / Lyrics (lyrics are the #2 search result for artists)• Photo / Video• Community (social network integration)• Store a list for a test?....
  3. 3. Artist Official Website How Do I Build It? THEY OWN• BandZoogle (• FourFour (• Wix ( -- be careful here *flash*• Tumblr ( YOU OWN• WordPress• BubbleUp, Ground(ctrl), SparkArt (similar to echo)
  4. 4. AnalyzationShout Out an Artist Website... Let’s rip em apart!
  5. 5. Some Examples Good & Bad Good & Bad Jimmy Miranda Lambert Buffett
  6. 6. Some Examples Good & Bad Good & Bad
  7. 7. Some Examples
  8. 8. Fans That Will FansActivate do that Will New those ALL Fans Fans That Will Buy A Ticket to Things PLUS andThe Further You A Show, the Smaller Album Fan Base That Will Buy An Your Target Audience Fans “in” And Buy Merch Go Purchase Premium Access Market on (along with an Album) Behalf of the Artist. to a Fan Club SUPER FANS! (Street Team)
  9. 9. Why This Occurs Pain Response due to Detachment As much as you LOVE the ArtistThere is an equal PAIN response by not being able to EngageBy becoming part of a Community (Street Team or Fan Club) You “feel” CLOSER to the Artist
  10. 10. Street Teamsa street team is a group of fans that volunteer to supportthe artist in exchange for recognition, communitystature, prizes, and/or just to give back
  11. 11. Street Team Why Put Together a Street Team?• Music is Communal• They’re De-Centralized• Cost Effective• Extra Set of “Arms & Legs”
  12. 12. Street Team How Do You Keep Them Active • Communication • Incentivize • Points? (make it competitive) • Meet & Greets Street Teams should run organically and be“Guerilla Style” marketing... They Should not come at great expense to the Artist.
  13. 13. Street Team What Do I Ask Them to Do?• status updates/song sharing/retweets• message board postings/community interactions•• Awards show voting• song/album reviews• radio requests• flyering/postcard hand-outs• hosted parties & special events
  14. 14. ExamplesFueled by Ramen
  15. 15. Fan Clubsa fan club is a subscription based community of “super fans.”Moved to a Digital Format in the early 2000’s Paper Fan Clubs of the 80s - 90s
  16. 16. Fan Clubs What’s in a Fan Club?• "exclusive content"• members-only forums• merchandise (t-shirts, photos, etc)• contests/giveaways• video "extras" opportunities• meet and greets• TICKETS!
  17. 17. Fan Clubs How do I set one up? You’re going to want a “Professional” for this...• Do you want to PROFIT from the Fanclub? • Free (Taylor Swift) • Paid (Terri Clark) • Freemium - Free with an upsell later
  18. 18. Examples
  19. 19. Summary How do you Measure Success?• What is your REVENUE per Visit?• What is the COST of getting a Visitor?• Is there a VIRAL co-effecient? • (This is where Street Teams become critical)• What are the total Members / Users (analytics)?• What’s the response to Permission Based Marketing?• Is there Growth?