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D2 f marketing + mobile

  1. 1. text messaging / mobile strategytext messaging / mobile strategytext messaging / mobile strategy EIS 2350
  2. 2. Direct to Fan vs Direct to Consumer Direct to Consumer Direct to Consumer• Both mean marketing to an audience via emerging technologies. The term “consumer” is a label term. They see the audience as a transaction.• The term “fan” is an artist term. They see the audience as involved in their brand. D2F is a TWO WAY interaction.
  3. 3. Great Quote“A customer is someone who already buys, oralready has bought, your product.A fan is someone who is using their band or brand todefine their identity, but may not actuallyparticipate or buy the product.” -Matt Churchill
  4. 4. Direct to Fan Marketing Why is it important? Allows Artists to Distribute Music OUTSIDE a Label or traditional channels.• Allows an Artist to create Relationships directly with their fans.• Allows an Artist to Monetize that relationship.
  5. 5. Direct to Fan Marketing• Inexpensive Easy to set up• A shift from “customer” to “fan”• Chris Anderson’s “Long Tail Theory” A shift away from “mainstream hits” to the longevity of “niche”
  6. 6. Direct to Fan MarketingThis CAN work... but requires something more. C ustomer R elationship M anagement
  7. 7. Direct to Fan Marketing CustomerRelationshipManagement• What is your offering? How are you messaging?• Where does your offer live? What is your call to action?
  8. 8. Direct to Fan Marketing What Technologies do I use?
  9. 9. Direct to Fan Marketing Where are you using them? Example ExampleWebsite (nimbit) (bandcamp)Social Commerce - selling items directly through social networks (primarily facebook)
  10. 10. Direct to Fan Marketing How to Profit• High end products and packages Unique one of a kind experiences • When you can’t sell on volume, Sell on exclusivity• Give them something “free” to get their contact info, sell to them later.
  11. 11. Crowd (fan) fundingUsing your community to fund projects An Example
  12. 12. kickstarter• Great for artists “on a budget” No Risk • Campaigns are set up to reach $X in a set amount of time. • If the project doesn’t reach the goal, fans aren’t charged.• The only possible downside is not having a compelling project to sell.
  13. 13. KickSTARTER How Does It Work?• A Tiered System: $10 gets you the album • $20 gets you the album signed $1000 gets you the album signed and a song written about you
  14. 14. kickstarter
  15. 15. kickstarter Does it Work?Altruistic Support for the Arts is Not Going Away!
  16. 16. kickstarter• A decade ago the only way to get a record made was to go to an investor... we called those Record Labels. To begin a business you need CAPITAL • Venture Capital • Angel Investors $$$ From Friends or Mom & Dad• Kickstarter takes this same philosophy and allows you to make it socially interactive.
  17. 17. Mobile & Text Text MessagingApps Text to Screen
  18. 18. Mobile & Text TEXT PRO• Benefit of Getting notifying people anytime anywhere CON• Burn rate, are you “bothering” people (spam)
  19. 19. Mobile & Text TEXTIf you plan to use it.. How?... and When?• Utilize “text to screen”• A “one time” push to win an award Rascal Flatts
  20. 20. Mobile & Text TEXT• Is this technology dying? • You text your friends, but do you want text messages as “ads”?
  21. 21. Mobile & Text MOBILE PRO• Fans engage your brand when you they want, you have the ability to “push” notify them CON• It’s Expensive!
  22. 22. Mobile & Text MOBILE Creepy Facts:• Once you have the app they always know where you are located though GPS.
  23. 23. Mobile & Text• Templatized: The Katy Perry app is identical to the Taylor Swift app.• This does, however, keep costs down.• The negative is a homogenized product
  24. 24. Mobile & TextCUSTOM MOBILE DEVELOPMENT $200,000
  25. 25. Mobile & Text MOBILE: The Future• Phones will become more sophisticated• Mobile Applications will allow for ticketing, merchandising, narrowcasted push notifications.