Beignet, Done That: Infusing Technology Into Your Advising Practice


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  • Beignet, Done That: Infusing Technology Into Your Advising Practice

    1. 1. Beignet, Done That: Infusing Technology Into Your Advising Practice
    2. 2. Rethink Social Software message boards. music sharing. photo sharing. instant messaging. mailing lists. ning. flickr. social networking. facebook. avatar. myspace. discussion forums. blogs. wikis. podcasts. digg. screencasts. linkedin. twitter. youtube. meta-café. outreach. free. socialbookmarking. RSS feeds. collaboration. vodcasts. portability. text messaging. delicious. VoIP. reference. mobile. resource. personalization. community.
    3. 3. Social Software <difficult to define> 1. Allows people to communicate, collaborate, and build community online. 2. Can be syndicated, shared, reused, or remixed. 3. Lets people learn easily from and capitalize on the behavior or knowledge of others.
    4. 4. Characteristics ➡Easy content ➡Personalization creation and ➡Portability content sharing ➡Overcoming ➡Online barriers of collaboration distance and time ➡Conversations: ➡Community Distributed and in Real Time
    5. 5. Why Should We Care? Our students are using these tools. ➡ to communicate ➡ to share knowledge ➡ to find information
    6. 6. IM is Pervasive in Our Culture ➡ 53 million American adults trade instant messages ➡ 11 million of them IM at work ➡ 24% swap IMs more frequently than email ➡ 46% of Gen Y (18-27 years of age) use IM more frequently than email
    7. 7. Who uses Instant Messaging
    8. 8. Why IM? ➡ Less intrusive ➡ Communicate in “real time” ➡ Quick and easy
    9. 9. IM Use in the Office ➡ Internal communication for staff ➡ Communication between advisors in different centers/ departments ➡ External communication with students
    10. 10. What is MEEBO? ➡ Web based live communication platform (instant messaging and group chat) ➡ Accessible from anywhere (Internet connection needed) ➡ No need to download or install client ➡ Can log into multiple accounts at same time ➡ Free
    11. 11. MEEBO
    12. 12. It’s a Blog! It’s a Blog! ➡ (web log) is a web site with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order.
    13. 13. Advisor Blog
    14. 14. Really Simple Syndication Chicklet
    15. 15. RSS: 2 things 2 know ➡ Consumer steps 1. Sing up for reader 2. Subscribe to blog or website ➡ Producer steps 1. Create your own feed 2. Repurpose someone else’s feed
    16. 16. Social Networking Mixing business with pleasure
    17. 17. facebook
    18. 18. LinkedIn
    19. 19. Social Bookmarking ➡ Access saved links (bookmarks) from any computer, anytime, anywhere ➡ Collaborative research tool ➡ Explore everybody’s bookmarks on the topics you care about
    20. 20. WIKI WIKI
    21. 21. Advisor Trading Cards ➡ Connect on a personal level ➡ Engage students (learning outcomes) ➡ Fun (Prizes)
    22. 22. Keys to Success 1. Know Your Population: technology must meet your colleagues’ and students’ needs ➡ marketing and training 2. your staff must be willing to use and promote the new technology ➡ dialogue and training
    23. 23. Questions, Comments, Concerns Oh. my!