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Pakistan strengths


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Pakistan Strengths in Agriculture, Dairy, Horticulture, HR, Industry, Defence, Social Development ICT and Geographical Location and the way forward

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Pakistan strengths

  2. 2. PAKISTAN STRENGTHS  Resilience among Nation  Four weathers  Mineral resources  Irrigation System n Fertile Land  Tourist attractions, Peaks  Birthplace of Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhs  Young Nation  Diaspora around the world
  3. 3. PAKISTAN STRENGTHS Agricultural Production  Wheat 7th  Rice 7th  Cotton 4th  Chikpeas 2nd  Sugarcane 4th  2nd largest Irrigation System  2nd biggest glacial system out of Antarctica
  4. 4. PAKISTAN STRENGTHS Dairy and Live Stock Milk 4th Buffalo Milk 2nd Livestock 2nd Meat production 2nd Kabirwala, one of Largest Milk Plant
  5. 5. PAKISTAN STRENGTHS Horticulture Dates 4th Mangoes 10th Citrus 10th Apricots 4th Onion 3rd Okra 3rd Cauliflower 8th
  6. 6. PAKISTAN STRENGTHS Mineral Resources  Gem Stones 5th  Rock Salt 1st  Shale Gas reserves 9th  Oil production 16th  Coal 5th  Copper 5th  Gold 5th
  7. 7. PAKISTAN STRENGTHS Human Resources’  Population 6th  Labour Force 10th  English Language 6th  Asia Largest School System 1st  Global Diaspora 6th  Foreign Remittances 5th  Biggest Philanthropist Country  Edhi, Largest Ambulance Service in World  Pakistani presence in 10 Parliaments of the World  Pakistan representing ten different countries in cricket
  8. 8. PAKISTAN STRENGTHS Defense Armed Forces 6th Nuclear Power 7th Missiles Power 4th Manufacturer of JF 17 and Al Khalid Tank
  9. 9. PAKISTAN STRENGTHS Industry and Real Estate  Largest Exporter of Cotton Yar  6th Largest Sugar Producer in the World  3rd Largest exporter of Rice
  10. 10. PAKISTAN STRENGTHS Tourism  Area 34th  K-2 Tallest Peak 2nd  Baltoro Glacier 1st  5 out of 14 and 10 out of 21 World tallest Peaks are in Pakistan
  11. 11. PAKISTAN STRENGTHS ICT  Phone Lines 120 M 8th  Internet Connections 31 M15th  World one of Fastest Growing IT Industry  NADRA World Largest Biometric System  5th largest supplying country on Elance- Odesk
  12. 12. GLOBALLY RECOGNIZED PAKISTANIS Mahbub ul Haq who introduced HDI, Human Development Index Maulana Maudoodi Dr Abdus Salam Noble Laurete Malala Yousafzai Noble Laurete Abdul Sattar Edhi Safi Qureshi Founder of AST Computers Amir Khan Boxer Sharmeen Obaid Chinnoy Oscar
  13. 13. GLOBALLY RECOGNIZED PAKISTANIS  Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan  Faiz Ahmad Faiz  Ali Moeen Nawazish & Haroon Tariq Global Record Holders  Arfa Karim then Youngest MS Certified Professional  Namira Salim Astronaut  Umar Saif  Rahat Fateh Ali Khan  Squash Players like Azam Khan Roshan Khan Jahangir Khan and Jansher Khan
  14. 14. LEADING ORGANIZATIONS  Edhi Foundation Globally recognized Humanitarian network The Citizen Foundation 1300 plus schools and 10000 plus students  Care Pakistan 180,000 students 400 schools  Punjab Education Foundation One of the largest network of schools 8000+  Akhuwat World Largest Interest Free Mirco Finance Programme  POB Trust Eye Surgeries in 20 plus countries of World
  15. 15. LEADING ORGANIZATION II  Punjab Education Endowment Fund One of the largest scholarship program in the region  Benazir Income Support Program One of largest social safety program of the World  Indus Hospital A world class and paperless complete free hospital  Alkhidmat One of the largest humanitarian network in the region  Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund  Rural Support Network of Pakistan
  16. 16. FUTURE OF PAKISTAN  A just society Based on rule of Law  Vibrant Civil Society and Independent Judiciary & Media  Trade, Transport and Energy corridor between Central Asia, West Asia, ME. South Asia and China  Bridge Country between Future Biggest Markets  Bread basket and Production Base for Gulf and ME  Educated and Skilled Young Population around the world  Power to reckon with in Information and Communication Technology (ICT)  Pakistani Diaspora increasing importance