The Listeners


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The Listeners

  1. 1. The Listeners Lit. Unit 4 Lesson 3
  2. 2. Objectives --to read and understand the story of “The Listeners” --to examine plot and mood
  3. 3. Let’s Read • Pages 69-70
  4. 4. Poem Plot Climax Falling Action Conflict and Rising Action Exposition Resolution
  5. 5. The Mood • Why do you think the Traveler keeps his promise? • Put yourself in the Traveler's shoes. How would you feel at the house? • Do you think the Traveler was scared? • What do the Traveler's actions tell us about him?
  6. 6. Exit Ticket and Next Steps • Please also mark off the lessons as complete on the OLS for: Literature Unit 4, Lesson 1, 2, and 3 • Remember to do a GUM or Vocab. lesson every day. • Are you reading a novel for Unit 3 Literature? You should be! (Or should have already.)