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The art of descriptive sentences


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The art of descriptive sentences

  1. 1. The art of writing descriptive sentences 11/12/13
  2. 2. GOAL  To add more description to lackluster sentences  To use a broader range of vocab and sensory details to make our writing come alive
  3. 3. I gave a spine tingling shriek. I was filled with anxiety and worry as to why this island only cost me $5.00 I exclaimed as I touched the middle and the pearl began to glow. We saw a dreadful spirit looking over him, the ancient god of chaos and anger. We interrupted his eternal resting place. “Silence!” the spirit boomed as loud as thunder. I would panic and crawl into a ball. It can change into a big black bat that feasts on your soul with a blood screaming cry. I was in a factory with my brothers and sisters, and now I’m in some dumb basket after these kids came and abducted us. Ack! Help! “Why have you trespassed in my ruins?” he boomed. She is a lot of work. It’s almost like taking care of a little baby.
  4. 4. Example: I am not a morning person.
  5. 5. He was nice. Did he speak kindly? Offer assistance? Praise me? Did he smile?
  6. 6. My room is messy.
  7. 7. Cells are cool.
  8. 8. Multiplying fractions is hard.
  9. 9. Go grab your autobiographical incident or your essay from Comp. Unit 1. Find 1 (just one) lackluster boring sentence you wrote. Using what we learned today, MAKE IT BETTER. Fill out the Google doc to show us your improved sentence.