Wartime diary


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Wartime diary

  1. 1. 2nd October, 1939 Dear Diary, Today I went to the Nazi’s supply dump to get some food for Ruth and Bronia. When I was going back to the cellar, I saw two Nazis talking in an alley. I hid quickly behind a broken car and I tried to listen to what they were saying, but I couldn’t so I ran quickly to the cellar.
  2. 2. When I got to the cellar, I found out that Bronia had temperature. So I had to go to the Nazi´s supply dump to see if I could find some medicine for her. And luckily, I found it. When I got back to the cellar I gave the medicine to Bronia. After that, she got better and we ate some fruits. Bronia was feelling well, but she was very tired so she went to bed with Ruth.
  3. 3. 15 th November, 1939. Dear Diary, The war goes on and we still think about mum. Every time we remember her, Bronia starts crying, and she CAN´T couldn’t sleep well. Ruth never talks about her because She misses mom too. I can’t even think of that because I am thinking of taking care of the girls.
  4. 4. Today Bronia came with me to look for some curtains because the other ones were torn. ON the way to the supply dump, Bronia started crying again, but it wasn’t because of mum, it was because of all the destroyed buildings and the sadness in Poland. I tried to make Bronia STOP cryING but I couldn’t
  5. 5. We went back to the cellar and Bronia went to sleep. Ruth was very tired , so she went to sleep too. I was very hungry so I ate some sandwiches . After that I went to sleep but it couldn’t because of one woodpecker that was bothering me. But finally he left and I could sleep.
  6. 6. 3 rd January, 1940 DEAR DIARY, Today I went to the Nazi’s supply dump, there was no one there so I could take all the things I wanted. But ON the way home I saw many Nazis looking for someone. I tried to go to the cellar avoiding the Nazis, but I couldn’t, they saw me while I was escaping and they captured me. They put me in a big van with another boy, he was as tall as me and his name was Mike Trully. I told him I was Edek and that I had two sisters. He told me he had a plan to escape. But he needed my help.
  7. 7. When we got to the Nazis jail, we tried to escape by turning off the lights and in that way we could escape without being captured again. We went back to the van and tried to start it and luckily we could. We escaped as fast as we could and we got back to the town. We got to town in twenty minutes. There, I thanked Mike for the help and I went back to the cellar. There I told Ruth and Bronia what HAD happened to me. They showed a very surprised face but I told them that every thing was fine. I was very tired so I went to sleep with my two sisters.
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