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2012 2013 classroom rules procedures


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2012 2013 classroom rules procedures

  1. 1. • Respect everyone and everything, for it is a gift from the Lord.• Please answer to adults with “yes ma’am/yes sir, no ma’am/no sir.”• In your seat before the buzzer prepared for with ALL materials. Begin agenda & warm-ups. The buzzer is set to ring at 8:17 am. (**Classroom door will open at 8:10 every morning unless I am in a conference/or on duty.)• Raise your hand in request to speak or to be excused from you set. Please do not call out across the room.• Be a great representative of Christ in and out of the classroom. Matthew 5:16
  2. 2. • 1st offense- Redirection from teacher.• 2nd offense- Turn card to yellow lose GRACE PASS.• 3rd Offense- Lose Recess and turn card to orange.• 4th offense- Loss of 2 recess times. Student will fill out a Refocus form. This is to be signed by a parent and returned the next morning to Ms. Robinson. Card is on RED.
  3. 3. When you earn 3 Grace passes over the course of 3 weeks( earned by staying on green on the behavior chart). You can save them and use them towards an incomplete/missing assignment. This will give you a 24 hour Grace to complete the assignment without a late grade penalty. Lost or missing grace passes are not replaced. Please keep them in a pencil pouch for safe keeping. Game/free time are given to students that are found on task and have completed assignments on time. Free time passes will be given out randomly throughout each week.We have an ice cream chart- for every test and quiz you master- Mastery is 90% or better!! You will fill up your row to earn ice cream at the end of the 9 weeks. For those that exceed 30+ on the 90% or better- will pick an extra treat from Ms. Robinson’s “Mastery Box”.  SO PRACTICE & STUDY FOR MASTERY!!! N memorization.
  4. 4. What’s for LUNCH  The choices can be found on the monthly lunch calendar for planning those special days to buy. Look for the new monthly calendar in the Friday Folders ( At the end of each month). The daily lunch choices will be on a clipboard near the front door. Please put a check mark in the correct row for #1, or #2. This is only if you are buying lunch!!! I will collect the lunch sheet promptly after attendance is taken. **Signing up prior to class is always the best option. Look for the clipboard outside the door on the nice sunny days.
  5. 5. Let’s get going!!! Agenda & warm-up Attendance & lunch count Pledges & PrayerSpeed Drill- immediately follows into math assignment.Reading- Daily Five We will learn these procedures and rules in the next few weeks. 
  6. 6. Entering and Exiting the classroom• Entering Class • Exiting ClassA. After entering the room, A. The teacher will dismiss students may not leave the class Not The Clock. without permission. B. Do not pack books to exitB. Students may not leave class until instructed to books and materials do so by the teacher. outside the classroom for C. Students will be any reason dismissed by groups.C. Upon entering, students D. Students are responsible should go to their assigned for cleaning the area seats and prepare for class. around their desks beforeD. Begin working and using leaving the room. time wisely. • Untidiness will lead to loss of recess time. 
  7. 7. Proper Headings :) Name DUE DATE Date Title of assignment Subject/lesson #
  8. 8. Daily Pocket Folders• There are two blue hanging pocket folders. You have been assigned to one of them. You can locate your folder on the same side of the room you sit(East or West).• When you unpack and check yourself for lunch, please grab your daily folder on the way to your desk. This will be routine EVERYDAY unless daily events change.• Your daily folder will ONLY have you current speed drill and WIP (Works in progress) which can be spelling, English, or Bible.• Completed work is to be turned in on the due date. Please make sure to write the due date down on your papers in RED PEN prior to beginning (this procedure is shown in Proper Headings).
  9. 9. Library & Computer Library is open from 7:30-3:00 o You will not bring drinks or for you to check out or return a food into the computer lab. It is book. not allowed near any of the You will have time to check out equipment. a book during our scheduled o Follow all rules of the classroom Library time. & computer lab. You will speak Otherwise you use your quietly at all times. recess/lunch break to take care o Please listen to Mrs. Dixon or I, of your library needs. when we are giving directions. You will speak quietly and use If you need further assistance, all classroom manners. Please please raise your hand. return all items used to the o There are open lab times that correct location and make sure you can come work during your your CHAIR IS PUSHED IN recess or lunch breaks. Please before you leave. check with Mrs. Dixon prior to going. Also, please let me know your whereabouts as well.
  10. 10. Music & P.E.• Please bring your • Make sure to mark music binder to class, your calendar for PE along with proper days. You need to wear writing utensils. proper footwear to• Walk in a straight line- prevent possible Alphabetically. injury.• Follow classroom rules • Use your manners & & all music rules. have good• Have fun and enjoy  sportsmanship!!! • Be a TEAM!! No arguing!!
  11. 11. CHAPEL• We will walk in a straight line and sit as a class. Please pay attention to rows that are not completely full from the class before us. Continue to fill up the row. No saving seats.• Please be respectful and follow along with all pledges and prayer.• Enjoy your praise and worship songs. We are singing to the Lord. The new songs we learn during music class are what we sing in chapel. 
  12. 12. That about covers it!!! • Parents and students please reread the information in your packet and please sign and return it to me by Thursday, August 16th.• If you would like to see the PowerPoint presentation again, please visit our classroom website at: www.protopage./msrobinsonhcs• This website will be our MAIN COMMUNICAITON SOURCE . It is such a handy tool that we can all benefit from. I will be putting up all presentations on the classroom page for students to review or to catch up on missed work from an absence.• Parents please use the calendar for a quick reference for upcoming dates and events. If you need to schedule a meeting let me know via email. • There will also be more great information from our orientation if you were not able to make it or just want a refresher. 
  13. 13. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Have a wonderful afternoon and I will see you all tomorrow!!! 